Your Christmas Party this year

Our Christmas Party every year changes venue’s and times, this year we are helping a community namely Heidleberg/West Ivanhoe area the local football/netball/cricket club are trying to get enough funding to finish off the netball courts which the underprivileged could use. Last year they held their first show and shine and it was hoped it helped it did, so this year your Association is supporting them and hopefully you will by attending later next month, there will be a gold coin donation to enter the oval then if your bike is going to be presented for the judging that’s an extra $10 or $15 if it’s a car and the local motoring merchants/ Unique Cars are donating decent prizes for the winning vehicles and motorcycles. So for you no excuses not to come like ” my mother in-laws died” or its to close to Christmas (we moved it into November so that excuse won’t work) “My kids jazz/ballet concert is on” (really I hated going to those and would find any excuse to get out of it) or I wasn’t told this was on ( been on the website for 7 weeks already) for Catholics go to church earlier in the morning. For us an area will be partitioned off we will supply food for financial members and alcohol is available at the West Ivanhoe Roosters clubhouse on the oval also there will be bouncing castles (for kids) other food and entertainment if you have any mates that are into cars/ bikes please tell them all about it and we need your support as a member so bring your Indian.

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