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The Christmas Party at Llannelly 13/12/ 2020 all details on the calendar

The Chairman

The Crazy Horse Rally 2020 was most memorable at Yackandandah last weekend plenty of people, good meals, excellent accomodation and a fantastic ride on the Saturday although 39C it was good to escape the recent lockdown. Gary Hogg led the ride and nobody broke down or got lost which was remarkable, new member Jon Shea (pictured in the sidecar) had a great time and as a ex-superbike and MX rider was very happy with his recently acquired 1946 Chief and is itching for the next rally in Inverloch come early February, he’s pictured with Club Captain Owen Jones as a passenger in a outfit, so impressed he’s looking for a sidecar chassis to cart his dog around. The only problem with our events is they are not long enough and we eat to much, beside that roll on the Sitting Bull in Feb, our new Clubman of the year was announced Sandy Ayres the first time a woman has won it, congrats Sandy.

Christmas comes but once a year, no it does’nt

Just Hanging out

So after 116 days of living like a hermit and now being let loose after 28 days of triple doughnuts (no deaths, no new cases) we can get back to normal, this weekend is the 10th Crazy Horse rally at a new venue Yackandandah, and although the weather forecast is hot, damn hot but I would ride through the gates of hell just to get out with my mates on a ride. The big 37C on Saturday will sort the 22 riders out the men from the boys but with such a good roll up seems like they are all as keen as me. Gary Hogg is primed to lead us through the Alpine areas and being a local knows it like the back of his hand, normally we are complaining about wet weather but this time I’ve dumped the waterproofs, needless to say the bike has had 116 days of maintenance so hopefully it should perform well. Of course on the 13th December our Christmas Party is on at Llanney and $20 a head BYO the departure time and meeting point is on the calendar please book early with Pete Kime to avoid disappointment people wishing to go up there the day earlier will be welcome to camp overnight.

Even their cans leak

The ring of steel has gone!

The trials of owning a Chief

Another excellent article from Guido

The Black Bastard

What to do if you Indian ends up like this

The first thing is worry about yourself not your bike and if they need or want to cart you off to hospital then do it. After that generally the police will have attended if someone is hurt so a accident report will be done and the person in the wrong will be charged. The next issue is the other person that generally thinks all motorcycles are Harley-Davidson and the riders are bikies, the worst is that they think motorcycles are cheaper than cars and they all cost under $5k. So after your insurance company or assessor has quoted the machine the next thing is he/she were insured and so were you if not you have to take civil action with a lawyer and claim for the bike and all your damaged clothing and m/cycle gear. Problem arises if you personally hav’nt got the money for repairs and there was no insurance it can take months and months for such claims and that can get worse if the person was broke and with zero assets you may get paid $20 a week over years! So unless you are capable of repairing your own bike I suggest Shannon’s who are in our advertisers area, the beauty is that they will fix your machine through a qualified repairer and if the other person is uninsured they will pursue them.

Were back in buisness

As from today your committee has organised a Association run next month to Mansfield on the 15th, also hopefully a meeting at the Pascoe Vale Hotel on 24th and the Crazy Horse Rally Yackandah 27/29 November and finally the Christmas Party at Llannely 13th December, so after all of the lockdowns and your Indian now in perfect condition its time to give the old girl a good kicking and also start your Indian. Keep your eyes peeled on the calendar and get your accomodation organised with Pete Kime.

Is that a real one?

Vulcan Drifter

Guido discusses the meaning of life, or something I have been raving about for years and the very existence of the Iron Indian Riders

While we are kicking you as your down

That’s how it’s done Harley

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