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I always get amazed at various customs around, some are well thought out using powerplants from other bikes eg: Triton (Triumph in a Norton frame) Tri-Bsa (Triumph in a BSA frame), Vincati (Vincent in a Ducati frame) etc, etc but what annoys me are people that get a Kawasaki Drifter and put Indian decals on it or as the picture above a horrible 3 wheeled TATRA better known as a Ural outfit piece of shite with Indian decals on the tank. Seriously chaps telling everybody its better than the original will only have you believing it, if you want a Indian then put a Indian engine in it and call it a URADIAN enough said

Now I know what it means


Lake Goldsmith traction rally is one of the biggest in the world, well worth a look, read the full report here, should interest some of the Harley followers amongst us.

Indian wins again

Its now winter but we are not hibernating

Always the same statement at this time of year “its cold, so I’m putting the bike away for a few months”, well fair enough but now is the time for the top-end rebuild, new tyres and chain, check the generator and heaps of other things, your Association is still running short monthly runs and even social events for you and your family to participate in. Next month is the Kinglake ride and on the 20th & the Christmas in July dinner which is now booked out. Some of your committee members are planning a run for next years Gypsy Tour, and of course The Crazy Horse Rally is on in October this year at Dunkeld, naturally your monthly meetings can keep you up with whats happening for you and your mates, in all this only works if you don’t hibernate please participate when you can, next month is the AGM possibly the most important meeting of the year and with a guest speaker as well, so plenty to do. Most importantly pay your subs NOW , especially if you have a red plate machine with us as after 2 weeks we have to inform Vic Roads you are unfinancial and therefore your bike cannot be ridden on the road the penalty for doing so is currently $900!

It’s Harley Friday

The good news on the net is (no there not going broke just yet) is that the Motor Co are setting up a new plant in China, wow thats really smart now when that gets out everybody is not going to think that the 45% of the bike that is already made in USA (the rest is sourced around the globe) will think its all Chinese! That should help lads, meanwhile Indian just keeps gaining sales.

Rain in the Face rally report

Another excellent Rally and the report is in section news by Pete Kime

So whats a good Indian worth next to a H-Ferguson?

Currently prices for a good Indian Mini-Mini is $16,000 and the X-90 “Shortster”Ferguson is about a quarter of that if your lucky and because they are little they don’t even make a good boat anchor like their bigger brothers, seriously though this seems to match both brands larger versions with a Indian always out pricing a H-D

The ultimate Indian/Triumph?

Some people in our Association love Triumphs beside myself ,Garry Hogg, Chris Horner, & Pete Kime to name a few, so lads how about this the ultimate Indian or ultimate Triumph depends on how you think this little beauty has been converted to hand shift as well to make it even better.

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