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Chief Rain in the Face Rally

It’s Harley Friday

What a drag

Just found this on the net a Hog with a original Briggs & Stratton engine, self starter personally I like the rope start version

New Indian?

A picture of a heavily disguised Indian with a new engine 120 cu liquid cooled on test, maybe a size between a Scout and and the lumbering Chiefs they make, if so I’m up for one chaps

The addendum for 741 B MANUAL

Transylvania CAV

Mark Barthelmie has just got his bobber from Romania with my old CAV engine

Get them while you can!

Many years ago Indian’s were worth nothing, I saw a Scout advertised recently at over $30,000 and a couple in bits for $10,000 to $12,000 each hard to believe they were once this cheap. By the way it looks like UK is the place to buy if the time machine is working!

Why your committee thinks of you

Its the first Sunday of the month, and your Association has a run on right? Wrong it was vetoed last night by text to your phone (love modern tech) and for two reasons one its hot and two its the airshow weekend, we also cancel ride events if its below zero or pissing rain for obvious reasons safety first. The good thing is next months ride is to the same place for those wishing to attend unless nature has other things in mind

Sitting Bull 2019

Saturday line-up
On the road at Loch
Philip Island lunch stop

It was a fantastic weekend good weather, great rides, nice food and happy participants, what more could you ask for, thanks to Noel Thornby for making such a fine rally. Report will follow in Section News

February ride Report

The good thing about this ride was our Club Captan was out on his C347 after 3 years of excuses. The ride report is in the Section News area

Owen Jones is at last on the road

Not good for H-D

Not good for H-D all the info is that Indian is killing them!

The Underestimated Scout

I remember years ago asking my father about Indian’s (he was a Triumph man) beside all the comments about heavy, agricultural, and cheap at $5 down the Army Disposals, he was adamant they were gutless as well! Fair enough the bike he was talking about was the Scout and he had never heard of Burt Munro or his famous Scout so he was probably right except the new modern Scouts now are the fastest Indian’s but the old one’s can be made to go quicker by boring and stroking, seriously the old 741 is probably the bike for the 21st Century being much lighter and easier to handle than a 1948 Chief and quite fixable and plenty of spares as well. I can hear Sports Scout owners raving about how quick their bike is (pre-1940) and they were but like a Vincent Comet they were never a Rapide or Shadow then the Scout is’nt a small Chief it should be taken on its on merits, around the city or a short ride they are quite charming but long distance high speed riding is not their forte probably the reason that Indian made them in the first place.

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