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Vic Section IIRA Association General Meetings held last Tuesday of the month (except December- January)  at

Pascoe Vale Hotel

12 Railway Pde Pascoe Vale Victoria 3044

Monthly Association Run

1st Sunday of the month run  check Calendar as these are not on if a rally falls in the same month

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All Events and meetings are subject to change till Corona Virus restrictions are lifted, keep viewing the calendar for up to date information.

Chief Crazy Horse

Crazy Horse Rally Yackandandah 2020

All details in the calendar 25-27-September 2020. Book now to avoid disappointment

A great ride along time ago

Guido with a good article from the early days of the Association


So not to be greedy like some other clubs your Association has reviewed your subscription for renewals only, new members are still on the same old rates. Your committee recognises the hardship the Corona virus has placed on some of our members and have reacted immediately we only expect one thing now please pay your subs quickly and remember red plate members who hav’nt renewed by 1st July have a unregistered vehicle and the current fine is 3 demerit points and $1,600 fine.

Numquam transeat a esca tincidunt

Owen Jones’s new 80 cu outfit
VRV riders practicing self distancing

Well last weeks ride to Daylesford was a huge success with a few VRV (Vincent Riders Victoria) joining us Pete Kime has written a good report above on the event. With Stage 2 restrictions on at 31/5/20 we can have up to 20 staying overnight at a venue theoretically we will be organising our Crazy Horse Rally either late Sept or early October keep your eye on the calendar. So what does the Latin mean above, its our new association logo that translates to “Never pass a fuel stop”

Who is this famous Indian CEO?

Floyd Clymer, factory rider,publisher, and CEO of Indian

The easing of restrictions and a ride is planned already

Victorians shouldn’t be taking holidays currently, even within Victoria. You can go for a drive (Ride), but you are encouraged to stay local, and only go to places where you can drive there and back within one day. You can still book accommodation if there is an essential need.

Chairman Dan Andrews has loosened the grip, according to the Department of Health & Human Resources Victoria citation above we can go on day rides again in groups of 10, so you can have two or even three seperate groups, obviously social distancing is required we can’t go on rallies yet as you can’t stay overnight, and you can’t cross any borders ( I don’t want to anyway). So keep you eye on the calendar on this site or your texts as I’m getting an Association run going this Saturday to Daylesford

The old and the new

Guido and Spannerman test old and new

Guy Allan has kindly allowed this reprint of Motorcycle Trader magazine

Another good article from our editor


Challenging a Challenger

The new Indian Challenger is not everyone’s cup of tea but you have to hand it to Polaris-Indian that’s really only produced for six years from the ground up built 3 engine platforms and kickstarted the brand back after a few splutters since 1953. Seriously though the Californian Motorcycle Co started in 1999 and brought the name back after Clymer’s attempts in 1968-72 Indian’s went through the Gilroy, Kings Mountain, and Polaris -Victory periods before we have ended up to the contemporary versions, that’s 21 years we have had Indians on the market in some form or other and bit like that other brand Hinkley Triumph starting in 1991 ready to turn 30 next year.

I have a dream

Yes and in normal times it would be not a dream and I’d be preparing for the ride tomorrow, unfortunately though it’s a dream and I’m having a nightmare instead staying home fixing my Indian in the garage. Weirdly though it’s going to be cold a wet on Sunday but even that wouldn’t deter me if the restrictions were lifted, I’m desperate as a golfer and a football supporter at the moment sitting on my bikes and making brmm brmm noises and imagining I’m off riding to a destination.

Two new shops to buy an Indian

With the Elizabeth st store now shut and the era of corporate stores in the Polaris empire shut with it, we have an announcement that two new stores in Melbourne are open for business which will be the start of many franchises happening around Australia. The good thing is at the moment they are running out the 2019/20 models cheaply as the new 2021 versions are announced in August. Unfortunately no news about loyal Indian dealer John Gee at Antique Motorcycles yet.

Indian Motorcycles Keilor

2/16A Keilor Park Dr Keilor East 3033

Indian Motorcycles Dandenong

121 Frankston-Dandenong Rd Dandenong 3175

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