This gives us all hope

Just got this from Facebook with the script below, give us all hope for riding into old age

Went for a motorcycle ride today … 71 here… but the best part was we ran into a guy we met at this same gas station about 6 years ago who rode a Yamaha…. now stay with me …. he now is riding an Indian like mine EXCEPT HES 97 YEARS OLD….. yes…..97!!!!!
He’s a WWII VET ( check out the decal on his windshield ) and will show you his license… he’s sharp… has an IPHONE… and he rides like the wind!
God Bless Kimette!!


At last, Pete’s HR is back on the road again

It’s been almost two years since El Presidenti Peter Kime has had the famous break-down/back-up vehicle 1966 Holden HR on the road, thanks to member Dave Kimpton (Gal Smash) its back in Pete’s hands again, that with Owen Jones having his battery solar system up and going on his house means Santa has come early for some.

You know what, that really sucks

Recently I had to change the oil on the “sealed for life” diff on my son’s BMW car, the Krouts don’t put a drain plug in so the only way is to suck it out with a pump, so I went to Burson’s and they had one at $155 which I purchased but didn’t use, fortunately. As always happens our friends at Crazy Horse Moto sell them for $77 so I took the other back to Burson’s for a full refund,  this thing is a great tool to have in your garage for sucking the oil from the oil tank of your Indian as well give Mark a ring 0433 106669 before he runs out of them

Hav’nt had a good Hog joke for awhile, and sad but so very true

Robert Hall, a winner & congrats to Owen and Linda

Robert Hall on his new bike 2007 Triumph Bonneville came second at the judging at the Christmas party on Sunday, Ken Hager won the raffle prize of a Indian carry bag donated by Polaris, it was “patchy rain” on Sunday and only small numbers resulted unfortunately, still those who went enjoyed watching Chris Knopp fall from his Scout demonstrating fine oval racing style at the time. The big excuse that Owen Jones was giving about “a prior appointment” on the Christmas Party weekend was in fact he was getting married to Linda, congratulations to you both and it’s a feeble excuse Owen, but better than the 12 other people who said they were coming but didn’t. We went all out this year with moving the event from December offered more food, and a different venue and entertainment  as well but had very little support, your committee will be reviewing whether it is cancelled next year like the Rain in the Face Rally because if you don’t turn up it means you don’t want to have these Events if they are supported then the few people who do things in the Association don’t mind continuing. A full report below by Pete Kime

IIRA Xmas Party 26 Nov 17

Fournales Report, its shocking

Guy Allan’s report in Motorcycle Trader (thanks for that) on the shocks on my Scout

So your not big enough?

You have just bought a new Thunderstroke 2017 Chief and your disappointed that you can not only blitz any standard Harley on the road as well as any cruiser under a Scout, V-Rod or a Rocket 3 then your  not only at the top of the totem pole but you want even more like Oliver Twist, your wish has just been granted this new kit must be fitted by your Indian dealer and should have Stage 1 exhaust system it will only fit current 2017-2018 Chiefs so for early 111 owners it wont work, this combined with the airfilter kit should have you at the top of your game 1901 cc is a iconic number for Indian as we all know

Vale Dick Grylls

Dick was one of our NT members, and I know Pete Kime and Daryl Colt visited him, Dick had old Chief’s, Gilroys and a Polaris Indian and lost his life on the 1947 Chief he loved as much as his 344, I believe he was a great bloke and always welcomed anyone from down South and last year a competitor in the Great Race, he had already booked the 2018 event already unfortunately he will not be there. I never met him personally but I have had many conversations on the phone as has Mark Barthelmie. A real genuine guy who will be sadly missed


Vale Ian and Jan Kennedy

Ian organised the Harold Parsons rally for the IIRA about 4 or 5 years ago at Stratford near Maffra, a great man and usually rode a Honda GoldWing outfit everywhere he was also a life member and a ex President of the Maffra-Sale motorcycle Club. Ian would do anything for motorcycling or motorcyclist in need and never once hesitated if asked for help, unfortunately Ian died in a accident on Sunday and his lovely wife Jan airlifted to the Alfred Hospital passed away a few hours later. This is devastating news and many people in our Association and other clubs and we will sadly miss them both, a tragedy for all, our sympathies to their close friends and relatives from us all

I’m off to NZ for prices like these

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