It’s his heritage

New member Don McDonald sent a photo of his great grandfather William John Spencer on his PowerPlus model, I wonder how many other members could have a link to Indian like this

Your never to old

Its not often you see another brand of machine on this site but this picture deserves a mention, the old gentleman in the picture is 92 and he bought the Triumph in 1958, it’s a heartwarming and inspiring shot of how most of us would see ourselves when we hopefully reach a great age, still riding and enjoying our motorcycles.

time to STOP!

Just got in new lot of brakes from the machinist and after assembly they are ready to sell, time to get in as the last lot never lasted to long ring Phil 03 94996428 or Mark 0433106669 remember Association members get discount on either the 1946-53 version or the earlier 1939/45 type

Crazy Horse details

I am pleased to announce the Crazy Horse Rally in Sept 15-17 is going well with all rooms at the Mountain View Motel filled, as you all know the entries close this month on 15th (less than 10 days away) so if you still want to participate in one of the best and friendliest rallies in Australia combined with outstanding rides in the high country don’t hesitate book today, alternative accommodation at either the pub or the local caravan park is an option if you don’t want to share with somebody else as some rooms have extra beds. Remember this is a closed rally so only open to current members of IIRA and you may invite a guest but this is a committee decision a month before the event so if your going, pay your deposit now! Lead rider Garry Hogg tells me the ride will be 275-300 klms depending on the weather and that isnt a problem as he is organising it now, there is also the annual Coroyong Machinery show on the same weekend so plenty to do and see beside our rally and the local museum is also good to fill in for a couple of hours. Tomorrows ride will start at the Todd Rd Shell service station ( Westgate Bridge) outbound meet at 9.30 for a 10.00 start then go to Crazy Horse Moto 55 Governors rd Mordialloc 3195 for a BBQ put on for the Association or just find your way there, even by car if you want, and buy something from Mark as he is doing this for the Club and we need to support him, our new range of caps & beanies as requested by members will be for sale tomorrow in limited numbers so be a fashion statement and support your Association by purchasing the latest design.

Two dealerships of old

With Indian announcing a new dealer in Hobart last week it seemed relevent for them to reproduce a picture of the old Hobart dealer Absolom Motorcycles with group of riders from the Indian Motorcycle Club of Victoria on tour in the twenties (defunct in the forties & no relation to IMCA). The one thing that is amazing is Rhodes Motors that sold Cadillac/Oldsmobile/Chev/Pontiac as well as a number of motorcycle brands as they were the importers for the whole of Australia their building still exists in Melbourne not more than a block from the new Polaris/Indian dealership today, although they don’t sell cars and Indians only these days it seems ironic that Indian’s main dealership is located where it all started

2018 Indians and some ideas on the range

Indian today have released officially 3 new variants Roadmaster Elite, Springfield Dark, and the Scout Bobber, the rest of the range continues with colour variations and slight upgrades in features, Although the new models are all very nice and if Indian are offering by the way, I would have one in a “snap” the problem is that the Thunderstroke engine is now getting  dated it came out in 2013 and although quite a nice powerplant has its limitations. This engine is bulky, heavy and can get very hot also Polaris desperately needs a middleweight bike about the size of the old Kawasaki Drifter (pictured below), initially when the 2013 range was launched Polaris decided on a design styled of the old 40’s models to re-establish themselves this was successful but now as the Scout has proved they can change as that engine shares no engine visuals with old Springfield models. Polaris needs to introduce a big 4 cylinder to compete against Gold Wings, and Rocket 3?s then build a middle-weight for people that are not big riders (under 6ft”) and with features on the current versions like cruise control, fuel gauge, USB connectors, etc not much to ask and especially lighter in weight, and placed between the smaller Scout and the Chief, thats my thoughts.

Well deserved Mark, Clubman of the year

Mark Barthelmie is the recipient of the 2017/18 Clubman of the year award and he well deserves it, Mark is a man who has never been called an introvert nor has he been accused of “hiding his light under a bushel” but he is the guy you can rely on when you want the job done which he has done many times in the past, well done mate. While we are on the subject your new committee is now “itching” to hear from you about any concerns or advise you may have, to familiarize yourself go to the Contacts page

HRD-Vincent Indian

We have all heard of the Vindian, and some the Indian-Vincent but how about a pre WWII HRD(Vincent) Indian Scout, I bet hardly anyone. People seem to think that Vincent started an agreement in 1948 with Ralph Rodgers head honcho at Indian after the war and most of you have seen the Vindian replica’s and my genuine Indian -Vincent in Australia but the pre war version was thought about in 1930-31 while Vincent were using proprietary engines such as Rudge or JAP even a Villiers but after the debacle of all the HRD’S not finishing with JAP engines in 1931 Vincent looked elsewhere and with Indian’s Scout being a fantastic reliable engine plans were looked at. Unfortunately it never came to fruition and Phil Irving developed the famous hi-cam engine that eventually was made into a world famous line of “the Worlds Fastest Standard Motorcycles” from 1938 till 1975 some 37 years later when Laverda Jota took that title.

Indian calibration update

Polaris has released a Service advisory for all Indians from 2014 to 2017 with Stage 2 cams fitted.
SUBJECT: 2014-17 Indian Motorcycles (111ci) – Stage 2 Calibration Update
Indian Motorcycle has determined that some 2014-2017 111ci motorcycles equipped with Stage 2 Performance Cams, Part Number 2881676, may experience intermittent drivability issues. An updated ECM calibration has been developed to improve the following Stage 2 drivability concerns:
1. Cold Start / Cold Drive-Away.
2. Engine Stumble / Hunting Idle.
3. Delayed Throttle Response.
Rick Thomas

Nick Xenophon, the lunatic in charge of the asylum !

I’m not a very political person never have been since voting Labour as the Whitlam Government were abolishing National Service for Vietnam, but when it affects my hobby then that’s fighting words. That f*****g idiot (pictured above) that brought this scare in because of the Chinese building products is about to destroy our hobby with this move that’s currently in place and most people in the industry have had the Nazi’s in the Australian Customs/Border Protection implementing these procedures already. Personally I have been stopped and checked for importing bolts, nuts and motorcycle wheel rims, what this has to do with asbestos has me bewildered, and I don’t import from China. The thing is that nobody in the brake industry that I know have never died of any asbestos related disease, yes I know people in the building industry and the mining industry have suffered, but if there is a problem thousands or millions should be dead in Australia alone as the braking of trams, trains, trucks and cars in Melbourne City alone from brake dust should have had our hospitals full by now. The reason this hasn’t happened is most braking material was bonded or exposed the extremely high temperatures and the fine fibers were cooked into a solid mass so no issue, the problem is the building industry as standards have “slipped” allowing the Chinese developers to import asbestos materials into Australia and with little or no checks now we have problems, all to late “shutting the barn door after the horse has bolted”. This is having a huge effect on our local industry now geared to imports as the Governments “level playing field” policy on tariffs have been whittled away and we import everything or worse still sell what we have to overseas buyers, the only way to fix it is, adopt a Australia First policy which is what Trump is trying in America, meanwhile I wouldn’t think of importing an old vehicle into Australia unless this policy changes, the idiots don’t realize that most of the imports into Australia are packed in s/hand cardboard boxes from China and they are made of reconstituted cardboard the have had asbestos product mixed in, the day they find that out  90% of all things come here will stop.

Australia, Asbestos and Collector Cars

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