Different than usual

Usually I use Friday to “bag” Harley’s and have done over a couple of years, this time we are getting it back, but after this amount of time we can handle it.

More on the Indian Trial

Martyn Goodwyn has provided a bit more on Indian’s 5,000 mile roadtest

Says it all.

Yes it was brisk, in case you wondered!

Sundays Cafe run to “The Flying Tart’s” cafe in Kinglake was chilly about -2 when the 9 of us got there after 2.1/2 hrs of warmth, cakes and drinks the ride home made it all worth while.

Great Race 2018 details

Firstly the organisers would like to thank everybody who participated in the 2017 Great-Race. The Indian Team have cemented themselves with a clear break in overall wins from Harley something no doubt the HD team will be attempting to rectify over the next couple of years. Next years details are not finalized but at this time it is intended to return to the Mansfield area on Australia weekend. It is proposed to release details at the inaugural Australian AMCA meet at Bulli an event I am sure many Great-Racers will be attending . www.amcaaustralia.org Invitations will be emailed on September 1st.The Great-Race organisers


Harley factory service tool

Just quote service tool part number WTF-OMG-0001 description TWMYBast  (short for, This Will Move You bastard) at your favorite Motor Co store.

A new idea for winter


Lately in case you havnt noticed its colder and wetter of course that’s winter and now with under 6 months away from Christmas it slowly gets better. A new idea was suggested last year and we are trying it out this weekend, there will be no formal Association Ride as such and we will be meeting at The Flying Tarts 888 Whittlesea -Kinglake Rd Kinglake West   by 11.00 am for a social get together and a tea or coffee (depending on cafe’s/bakeries that are open), you can ride or drive to this if you want to go on a further ride the club captain will discuss this with the group and make a decision on the day. Some other clubs do similar things to this and there has been some support for this type of ride in our group, so hopefully it will be succesful for us. Don’t forget your annual subscriptions are due and also the meeting on tomorrow night a good time to pay

Speedo drive woes, and small balls

Stewart Warner speedo drives fitted on 741 Scouts and 1948/ Chiefs my one was new and presumably pre-packed at $300+ I fitted it and after 4,000 miles it decided on the last Association ride to not work. It is a pain to dismantle  as you have to remove the wheel to un-bolt the small fibre drive gear then I find the fitted Zerk grease nipple has no little ball in it to stop the ingress of water or dirt, check your Zerk. The gears unlike the earlier Corbin rear drive versions are not easy to find and are $200USD a pair plus post so I ordered a new drive, expensive lesson learned.

Shell oil for your indians

Is 80 KPH fast enough, no its not

Back in the days of yor when meeting another vehicle on the road was a big deal and the chances of that vehicle being horse drawn were 50-50 are well gone, these days such speeds of 80kph are posted on freeways under repair and that can cause huge “tailbacks” on those roads during peak hours, if you don’t believe me its time for you to drive down the Tullmarine freeway soon at those peak times. Recently we tried this 80kph on the Calder Freeway and in some areas this can be 110 kph and riding 30kph under the posted limit is dangerous, causing mayhem and many irate motorists, I made a executive decision that for safety reasons we would sit 10 kph under the posted limit which made everybody on this ride happy. So why did we try this in the first place, mainly because of members at the last meeting complaining that the rides were to fast and that limited the older Springfield models, strangely the people that commented were not on the ride anyway, I rode my Vindian and until Daylesford was the oldest bike on the ride till a new member on a 1944 Chief joined us, the other old bike was a 1949 Ariel 350cc which was comfortable at between 90-100 kph. So whats this all mean to you on a old PowerPlus, Prince, 741 Scout or 1944 Chief with sidecar, lots the first two machines in 2017 are probably more at home with Vintage Club rallies or parades as they have little or no brakes and can be dangerous in some circumstances, the others are capable of being ridden up to 100 kph’s if not geared for convoy use I know having ridden a 1944 Chief outfit to Sydney and back fully loaded with my 12 yo daughter in the chair, I follow Ric at the Crazy Horse Rally every year on his stock 741 at 90-100 kph so they can do it. The thing that is limiting is riding an old machine with inferior brakes ok in the country but scary in the city, if you intend to ride a really old Indian to a rally that cant keep around 10kph of the posted speed limit it might pay to take your later model.

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