Mecum’s Auctions the USA market, has the world gone mad?

The last couple of weeks I repeated my last years “pilgrimage” to Mecums Auctions in Las Vegas and it was interesting to see what is classed as valuable in todays markets with over 1700 bikes up for auction, interestingly Clymer Indian’s a now being appreciated even more than some Springfield models, what with a Indian mini-mini 50cc selling for a staggeringly smart price of $11,000 USD although a Z50 Honda beat it by a margin at $11,250 USD ! Then to ramp it up a Clymer Indian 125cc sold for $7,500 USD a Gilroy or two held up well at $7,245 & $9,500 USD, a 1968 Clymer Indian electracycle seemed reasonable value at $3,000 considering Harley announced yesterday that they are ready to produce an electric bike (as usual Indian beat them again at this) and shut there plants in Adelaide and Kentucky due to falling sales which I have been saying since 2013 will see them bankrupt sooner than you think. Harley prices at the auctions were miserably low, and many “chromo-sexuals” would be stricken with grief with some bikes approaching almost scrap prices after seller premiums were taken from the results, still I digress at Bonham’s a Vincent Black Lightning which I called “Caesars Axe” as it was purporting to be Jack Ehret’s Australian record holder (which part) that sold for $1.2 million or a cyclomotor attachment Vincent Firefly 50cc for $20,000, the world has surely gone mad

Times are a changing

Remember back in the olden days (pre mobile phones) when a ride or a rally was on it was very well attended and people weren’t politically correct  “snowflakes” and they didn’t need a breakdown vehicle following their motorcycle that were usually old and held together with string and tie-wire and camping was de-rigour, haven’t times changed, possibly for the worse. The usually well attended famous Great Race Harley vs Indian is this year down on attendances some 18% I believe this is the first time in years, why a good question, with most clubs struggling to keep subscribtions up and usually poor attendances for aged members in events or even attendances to General Meetings potentially it starts a downhill spiral with less events and I believe uniting some groups ie:  Vincent with Velocette, Triumph, Ariel, BSA combined, Ducati with Moto-Guzzi etc a bit like Christian churches did some years ago and some of those groups are now part of the Uniting Church. This will only stall the inevitability of going the way of the dinosaurs, because basically youths don’t get what it’s all about and if they are riding it’s scooters or a no particular brand as their motorcycle is a “tool” like a two wheeled car, a alternative to go to work sure there are some that are dead keen but they aren’t in the numbers from 30 to 40 years ago. Their other problem is good classic bikes are unaffordable and some manufactures are producing damn good retro bikes that have “gasp” electric start and reliability to boot look at Indian, Triumph, and the new 650 Royal Enfield for a start, a lot of older riders have embraced these retro”s as well. So where is this all leading you a plus 55-70 yo, eventually it’s going to make it harder to sell your old bike as in the next 10 years thousands will hit the market fully restored and the prices will inevitably fall, rallies and rides will get less as people have other commitments and have less time or aged, and that will be the future unless you do something to change it like committing to a couple a times a  year by  going for a ride with your mates, sure that event 3 hours away is a pain but you forget all that when your interacting with like minded people. Also I have a idea with a few other individuals  for a “old fashioned” event in the future which is close to Melbourne and encourages all makes running or not and the owners old or new capable of riding or even incapable from 50cc up, this won’t stall the inevitable but will give some individuals a chance to participate in something that they thought was now gone, stay tuned. The picture above is a WW11 veteran at 97 on his Scout

Anyone for scrap Harley’s?

Things are quite at this time of year but it kicks off with a bang next week starting with the Midnight Express Saturday 20th, then the week after the world famous Great Race 2018 held in Mansfield Victoria on the Australia Day Weekend 27-28th  run by the Indian M/cycle club of Victoria (not to be confused at all with the IMCA) and former Harley City proprietor Dave Readie, then on Tuesday 30th a General Meeting at Pascoe Vale Hotel. February the Sitting Bull Rally at Inverloch will have you primed for the International Gypsy Tour 2018 in March, time to change your oil ready for the year.

There is a lot happening this year so prepare the Indian

Beside the General meetings on the last Tuesday of the month or the 1st Sunday Association rides except when a Rally falls in that month, we have on the 20th of January The Midnight Express Ride, the in February The Sitting Bull Rally at Inverloch, then in March the Bi-Annual International Gypsy Tour up the old Hume hwy and down the Princes Hwy for 10 days ( all booked out now) then the Crazy Horse Rally in September, & the Christmas Party in late November so heaps for your old or new Indian all we ask is a response to the SMS for Expressions of Interest when prompted and for you to turn up and enjoy. This also helps by paying your subscriptions early so some people on the committee can get a easy time and if you can help by standing for a position don’t be shy not much to ask and enjoy the coming year

Indian dealers in Launceston

JS King & Sons in Brisbane st Launceston were a huge franchise selling among cars, and motorcycles Indian’s as well recently I decided to visit the old site and its a massive building and under those “Zap” signs cast in the concrete facia the huge Indian logos are there, although currently covered. I have seen where Rhode’s Motors in Melbourne is and I intend to visit the other main state dealers shops in different I visit, strangely  lots of the old dealership sites are still there

John King and Sons history

Christmas message from the Prez

To all Iron Indian Riders we wish you all a Merry Xmas and a Happy and Safe New Year.
If you do not get one of the above we hope you get something that will give you as much happiness.
Thanks for your participation through the year and let us make next year a year of good company and rides.
If you are riding over Xmas be safe and enjoy the ride.
Anyone who wants to go for a short run and is looking someone to ride with give me a call and I will put out an SMS to all members and help organize it .

Do not forget for next year 2018 –
Next meeting – Tuesday 30 Jan 2018
Next rides –
Midnight Express – 20 Jan. Details to be sent out asking for expressions of interest shortly.
Sitting Bull Rally – Inverloch is on again. If you have not already booked give me a call as soon as possible. We still have some rooms left and need to close of bookings on the to the Motel by 30th of December.

This gives us all hope

Just got this from Facebook with the script below, give us all hope for riding into old age

Went for a motorcycle ride today … 71 here… but the best part was we ran into a guy we met at this same gas station about 6 years ago who rode a Yamaha…. now stay with me …. he now is riding an Indian like mine EXCEPT HES 97 YEARS OLD….. yes…..97!!!!!
He’s a WWII VET ( check out the decal on his windshield ) and will show you his license… he’s sharp… has an IPHONE… and he rides like the wind!
God Bless Kimette!!


At last, Pete’s HR is back on the road again

It’s been almost two years since El Presidenti Peter Kime has had the famous break-down/back-up vehicle 1966 Holden HR on the road, thanks to member Dave Kimpton (Gal Smash) its back in Pete’s hands again, that with Owen Jones having his battery solar system up and going on his house means Santa has come early for some.

You know what, that really sucks

Recently I had to change the oil on the “sealed for life” diff on my son’s BMW car, the Krouts don’t put a drain plug in so the only way is to suck it out with a pump, so I went to Burson’s and they had one at $155 which I purchased but didn’t use, fortunately. As always happens our friends at Crazy Horse Moto sell them for $77 so I took the other back to Burson’s for a full refund,  this thing is a great tool to have in your garage for sucking the oil from the oil tank of your Indian as well give Mark a ring 0433 106669 before he runs out of them

Hav’nt had a good Hog joke for awhile, and sad but so very true

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