CRAZY HORSE 2017 rally review


Your President Pete has done another marvelous review on the recent Crazy Horse Rally held at Coroyong  held last month (click on link below) in which he mentions Steve’s Chief pictured above the original engine from infamous Chief as the Black Bastard its pictured beside of its frame which is now the Vindian, funny how wrecking a bike can produce two.

Crazy Horse Rally

It’s Harley Friday, again

Gypsy Tour 2018 dates and itineray

Chris Horner has announced the Gypsy Tour 2018 dates, so up the old Hume Highway and back down the Princes Hwy from the 17/03/18 till 25/03/18  (a week before Easter) all details are either on the calendar page or above in the Stop Press area or below on the links, there is a limit of 20 people and all deposits to be paid for by the end of this month. This event is only open to current financial members, and the entries will be taken thus, Springfield models first, then all other Indians of any era, followed by only Red Plate eligible machines and lastly if there is any space the rest, do not book unless you fall in this criteria you will not be welcome with your new Harvest Glide. I paid my deposit in March when the Expression of Interest forms came out so those of you that never looked at this really are not interested in going! After the rooms are booked there will be no refunds, so make a certain decision not to loose your money.

2018 Gypsy Tour Itinerary Sheet1

2018 IIRA Gypsy Tour #1


October ride to Tallarook

Interesting line up of machines one Springfield one Gilroy and the rest Sprit Lake with a Small Heath, Milwaukee and a “Grifter” yesterday and with 14 people in all, a great ride and lunch venue Richard Onyon and Captan Slow (Owen) would have to call it a success, a full report from your President Pete below.

Iron Indian Riders Monthly Ride 1 Oct 2017




Indian Production in India

In the last week Polaris-Indian have announced building bikes in India (see link below), the motorcycle industry today is very incestuous with VW owning Ducati & selling it to Eicher (Royal Enfield) Triumph twins built-in Taiwan, Harley 500-750 in India, AJS and Zundapp in China, its understandable new growth markets not relying or ageing baby boomers and millions of bike orientated people ready to exploit, its got to work with the added advantage of the bikes get cheaper, the new Bonneville Triumph is a absolute bargain at $18,000. The picture above shows how it was when labour rates were cheaper in USA and manufacturers could turn a profit and sell everything they could make with a waiting list of a couple of years, hard to imagine now isnt it?

Indian up 17% Harley down 7%

Where a man belongs, on his Indian not on a Camel

I don’t know how an advert like this would go today but for all our 741 Scout owners out there the only drag your likely to get into is the back-end of a Camel or riding this week-end at the Crazy Horse Rally, Phillip White has got the new Falcon Ute all organised with an electric winch for the loading of his bikes and I have seen it in action it works a treat and reasonably easy to “lash up” for those that are going this weekend ask him for a demo. There is now two bobbers in the Association, I quite like this one especially the paint work

I’m ready, only a week to go

The Crazy Horse Rally is only a week to and Gary Hogg has assured me the good weather is all ordered and that its T-shirt time, hmm well maybe he is stretching that a bit but it’s not all about the weather it’s also the camaraderie that is almost as good as riding your Indian on some of the most pleasant roads in Victoria & NSW, but that is also a moot point is your machine ready and reliable for the upcoming riding season, there is a lot on the horizon with the Crazy Horse, Midnight Express, Sitting Bull, and the extended Gypsy Tour to name a few, so for your own enjoyment and safety, reliability in mind not to mention other people’s inconvenience get your bike in order.

Love this T Shirt

This has to be one of the great T shirts of all time available from Mark Barthelmie at Zorro’s

Time for a fueling system upgrade

Recently I visited my favourite shop All American Motorcycles in Ringwood (03 98793322) and the proprietor Ric Thomas encouraged me to bring my 2015 Scout in for a FREE fueling system upgrade to the latest spec from Polaris, now really my only “beef” beside the original seat, tyres and rear shocks has been the Scout’s finicky fuel program eg: doesn’t immediately shut down when the throttle closes for a corner or when stopping for a corner/intersection and a “hunting” on tick-over, the rest of the time through the range it was fine anyway with this new “patch” its unbelievable even on idle and shut off when the throttle is backed off fantastic its like a normal bike now and even better to ride, my suggestion is rip down to your Indian dealer and get this done pronto.

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