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New Fitzy Electric starter kit 1942/53

New electric starter kit

George Fitzpatrick has just manufactured his electric starter kit which retains the kickstarter arm as original. contact George on 0411886636 or Mark at Crazy Horse Moto for price and availability 0466229747

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So virtually with the new restrictions being lifted, all being well by 26/11/20 the dates for all rallies are cancelled this year although we may be able to have a few ride days before Christmas hopefully. I have listed from the Age newspaper our current regulations for our interstate members and public interest as I can only assume Victoria members are up to date. At least there will be no excuses to repair the bike when we do start riding again as any repairs should be finished by early next year


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So in Victoria we are all anxiously waiting for the easing of the Covid 19 restrictions to be lifted, hopefully on Sunday we will be told by our illustrious leader Dan what the new ground rules may be. So personally at this point I see little change as the State Emergency Powers were enacted last night for 6 months longer I can only assume that would not have been necessary if we were easing back, thats my opinion though. What’s your favourite Association doing at this time, plenty probably whenever the restrictions are off we will have a day ride planned that very weekend and possibly two ride days in a month to try and catch up on all the missing rides, when the restrictions drop to Stage 2 we will be having to major rallies fairly close together instead of quarterly possibly even bi-monthly because there will be no excuses to fix the bike you have done that over the last 3 months. Immediately the Association meeting nights will be back on with the AGM on that first night, meanwhile we wait patiently

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Our President has a word

Hi Everyone
In these uncertain times I want to take the opportunity to briefly update you on a couple of matters that the club has been working on in the background.

Rally In Yakandandah
With the lockdown in Melbourne and Victoria, the original rally dates set for late September have been changed to the weekend 23rd to 25th October. Given Melbourne is in stage 4 lockdown and the rest of Victoria in Stage 3, there is no practical way that the rally could be held in late September.Even the late October date is a “hopeful guess” as we are all really reliant on being at stage 1 level restrictions, which would allow us to be away overnight and in small groups. The actual date of the Yakandandah rally is therefore fluid. We are in constant contact with the motel in Yakandandah and the calendar in the “events” page of our website is up to date. When the opportunity arises the rally will most definitely be held.
We recognise that some people have already paid their fees for the rally. They will receive priority when the final date emerges, as it will. If you have already paid your fee and would like a refund, please call Peter Kime on 0409 798 641 and provide him with your banking bsb & account number so he can transfer funds back to you.
Please keep an eye on the Events page of the website and the Calendar which is up to date as changes are made.

Red Plates and Vicroads
Previously you were required to go to a Vicroads office in order to pay your permit, complete with paperwork signed off by one of our 3 club officials, Phil Pilgrim, Peter Kime or Mark Barthelmie. There are a series of changes to this process which some of you may not be aware of. Now you can download the form from the Vicroads website, complete your part of the form & scan it to one of the 3 club officials. They will certify the document and onforward it to Vicroads on your behalf. Vicroads will then process the application & post you your permit along with plates & payment method. You can then pay electronically to Vicroads.
If you would like more detail don’t hesitate to contact one of the 3 club officials.
There are other changes being proposed, but these have not been legislated as yet.
Whilst lockdown is restrictive, particularly in Melbourne where we are limited to a 5km radius and daylight hours, many members have taken to completing those long running projects. I heard of one chap who has been building a car for the past 15 years. Over the past 6 months the car has been completed and red plated. Even the shed has been tidied up.
Look after each other, and remember that this pandemic will pass. 
We look forward to resuming weekend rides and club meetings when we are able, but in the meantime stay safe.
Keep an eye of the club website for changes to events. These are updated regularly.

Cheers Alistar

Our last run to Alexandra

Fuel up at Yea

I have just been given this video link of our interview with Glen Ridge for the TV show Garage 41 on 7 Mate that appeared about a month ago click on the link below to download the video, this may not work on some Apple devices, enjoy.

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