Franc Trento”s new Indian

1917 PowerPlus

Member Franc Trento just bought this gem and it’s soon to be here, of course Jon Munn has a 1916 unrestored version in our Association already to keep it company, this Army model has electric lights and is bike that spent all of its life in Sydney until it holiday for a short time in Europe, thankfully it’s come home now.

Indian 1917 NE-17 “PowerPlus” 998 cc side valve V-twin frame & engine # 80J133

1917 was the second year the PowerPlus was offered and the most important change for that model year was the fitting of more substantial front forks.
The earlier Indian forks were of the single-stem type, this was now changed to a triple stem system.
This meant that the handlebars now got a double anchorage and were adjustable: “The rider is permitted to adjust the handlebars to whatever angle or degree he may desire, a safety and convenience feature found only on this new type of fork” the 1917 catalogue explained.
Other new features were the two-compartment petrol tank that had a capacity of 3¾ gallons (14 litres) and the new direct-action gear shifter that worked in a vertical plane. 1917 would be the last year of the distinctive but complex and expensive control rod system with bell cranks and universal joints, from 1918 on wire control would be utilized.
In the fall of 1916 the factory had contracted to supply an initial order of 20,000 PowerPlus machines for the army.
These were finished in olive drab and that’s probably why this colour was listed, together with blue, as an option in the 1917 catalogue.
This remarkable survivor spend much of its life in Australia, hence the crossover kickstart position.
Electrically-equipped early PowerPlusses are not often encountered: the company charged an extra $40 for this above the $275 standard price.
This machine is fitted with a rare Splitdorf magneto-dynamo combination, front and rear lights with Indian head logo, tanktop mounted light switch and ammeter and electrical horn on the handlebars.
The carefully preserved patina gives this outstanding machine a very authentic charm. She in good technical condition and has a current registration.

At Last

VicRoads is launching new digital functionality that will enable Club Permits to be renewed online from 31 July 2020.

How to renew a Club permit online

You can renew a Club Permit online with a myVicRoads account. If you don’t have a myVicRoads account, go to to find out more.

Simply upload the signed renewal and make the payment. This new online service removes the need for Club Permit holders to visit a Customer Service Centre or to renew via mail.

Important information:

Requirements to renew a Club Permit remains the same

The renewal must be signed by an authorised officer of the club/association to declare that the permit holder is a current member of that particular club/association. The Club Permit renewal must also be signed by the Club Permit holder.

Proof of payment

When a Club Permit is renewed online, the receipt must be printed and kept with the log book they received with renewal. The receipt may need to be produced as proof of payment.

Changing period of use

If the Club Permit holder wishes to change the period of use from 45 days to 90 days or 90 days to 45 days, the renewal cannot be processed online.

George, king of the kids

Show & Shine

It was a nice sunny day and as I had a few extras in the garage doing repairs got them all out on the street. Kids loved it and the mums & dads gathered and had lots of questions and took photos. I even started most up (the Indian sent the kids running for cover)

Great day had by all

George Fitzpatrick

East link woes

Heath Pilgrim

Recently Associate member Heath received a fine in the mail for not paying his East-Link toll of 0.87cents, apparently he was riding his 1968 Bonneville in June and never paid! The truth is he has’nt rode it since the Sitting Bull rally in February and prefers not to ride it at all in the city which he was supposed to be in Abbotsford, anyway after ringing them they remarked after checking “the number was similar to somebody else’s” REALLY surely they have to be kidding do they just randomly send out fines that had compounded to $27 at this time in the hope that the some other poor suckers will pay? Well obviously they do, so just check because sometimes they who are experts at reading number plates can’t read and you will pay someone else’s fine for nothing.

Postscript: today 30/07/20 another fine $14.50 same problem as above

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A Good story from your Treasurer

I always enjoy a good read from a fellow Clubman, especially when its about an admired member and what they did many years ago before you knew them Pete Kime just sent me this gem, enjoy

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