Harley Owners advice

Chris Horner has sent  this link from YouTube to us, which I have added it to our YouTube Area, its very, very funny.

Harley Owners advice ( Click on highlight)


An Engagement, Corbin & Stewart-Warner speedo supplies & job offers

Congratulations to Vice-President Mark Barthelmie on his engagement to Sandy Ayre the first of such things in our Association, I believe wedding plans are in place for middle of 2012 all the best Mark & we look forward to meeting Sandy next week at the Sunday Monthly Run on 04/12/11

Occasionally I mention the Links area as there are many great suppliers that I and others in our Association have used with good results in the past. I have just added a guy in Canada, Janous Napierala that has in past offered great service, on ebay his tag is “Speedo Rat” the web site is a wealth of hard to get parts i.e. speedo,drives,tags,distributors etc for nearly all model Indians, although most things are listed “ring for a price” it’s worth it. I have had a “Red Bar “Corbin overhauled by a well known local Victorian agent  at vast expense in the past & after 3 times gave up with severe needle flicking between 40-60 MPH which now is repaired properly by Janous  www.speedoshop.net (click on highlight) Just noticed in Saturdays AGE newspaper Victory M/cycles advertising for  marketing, sales reps & potential agents for Indian to contact them anyone need a job, click on link below

Indian Job Advert

Indian, featured at Easter Bonanza & a Dangerous Problem

There is some time to prepare for this event Easter 2012, last year they featured BSA Goldstar, but next year Motorcycling Australia are celebrating 111 years of Indian & as that encompasses our Association perfectly we should start planning it now. I know Easter is a bad time but you will not have to stay 2 days the Saturday will be great for riding (display runs) your machine on the circuit, a swap meet is going to be on with the first 50 sites free, ring 03 96840515 and ask Peter Drakford for more information. Next Sunday is the Christmas Party, with a fantastic ride the week-end after to wind up the year for us don’t forget the Association meeting on 29/11/11. Meanwhile work on my “new” 1948 Chief is continuing rapidly, finished re-bushing the forks, overhauling the gearbox, tyres, & chains fitted with a new front brake plate, speedo & drive, toolbox, repair chain guard, new wiring & cables, horn, and I have replaced the Chummie with a solo seat, don’t ask about the bank balance. This is a all black model with a very average paint job so nobody will realise the 2nd Mortgage that’s gone into it, this is something common to all Indian owners the sheer cost to get the bloody things going, Phillip White I expect will write another article on this someday soon. Getting back to common problems in 1946-52 Chief’s, I have had three with cracked front brake plates around the support mount where it bolts through the fork, Ian Rhook has had one rip out & it was messy I will advise you all to check this if you have one of the models that is around that era, if in doubt re-new, both Starklite & Jerry Greer have them in stock for under $150


New & Old Members with New Indian’s & the Christmas Party

We have just signed up a new member the V-President’s brother Rick, big deal you might say, but Ric came with a 1960 Indian Trailblazer that he just bought from Classic Style & does this look a picture of a happy man or not? Sam Vella just got his 1938 Indian Sport Scout from Ian Pride at the Bendigo Swap meet over the weekend, Sam has been waiting a long time to afford this machine now hopefully he’s saving for the right riding apparel

The other thing is this years Christmas Party to be held on 27/11/11 midday at Antique Motorcycles 1 Grange Rd Cheltenham 3192 details will be posted on the Events page



Creswick Run & Shed Tour (& why Ian was left bee-hind)

Not a bad line-up for a run in the countryside...

The latest monthly run for the Melbourne crew got a good turn-out – maybe it was the promise of a shed tour at the other end.

Read all about it in Section News

Over 50,000 hits!

In August I was pleased to announce 30,000 hits & now in November another 20,000 have been added, thanks again for the support, local people  need to join our section as the website is only a fraction of the benefit of being in the best Indian Association in Australia without doubt. Remember tomorrow is the Monthly Run and the weather is going to be great 32C. We are incorporating the first “Explore a Members Shed” highlight in this one hopefully many more of these in the future, the picture above is another classic shot available from Twin City Indian I have a few more of these to come so anyone wanting to purchase any please look up our previous Post on how to obtain copies

2012 Indian Brochure

Polaris have released a 2012 interim brochure till they produce a all new range hopefully in 2013 (click on links below)

2012 Indian Motorcycles Brochure2011 Indian Motorcycles Brochure2010 Indian Motorcycles Brochure2009 Indian Motorcycles Brochure


2012 Indian Brochure

2011 Indian Brochure 

2010 Indian Brochure 

2009 Indian Brochure 

100 cu Indian Hillclimber for real Men

We have all seen photos of Indian Hillclimbers in the old days yawn, well how about this one for the 21st Century? Ian Rhook posted this on our Facebook page Indian 100cu Powerplus engined hillclimber  the torque must be unbelievable. Don’t forget this Sunday’s Association Monthly Run weather forecast is 33c so no complaints about rain


Plenty to do

Just added a YouTube link on Rodger Donaldson’s documentary on making the Fastest Indian movie all good modern history for the brand. In between working on a 1948 Chief I have just recently bought & am brightening it up for your favourite editor “Guido Allan” for the Great Race in 2012, it is with trepidation  he is using it as much is different than the 2003 Chief Vintage he normally rides, although a professional motorcycle journalist, the boy hasn’t lived having never  ridden a hand change, foot clutch motorcycle with limited braking & suspension travel, 6v electrics, poor fuel consumption & costing more than his annual salary. I have told him the throttle is on the normal side(right) to overcome his worries (this hasn’t helped) ,kickstarters are no problem as he owns a Sunbeam with a rod through the block, which he used to kick before it “lunched” itself, last time I saw him he had the Worry Beads out. Next week-end is the Association Monthly Run check the Events Calendar to know where & when we start.  Member Phillip White is writing a new article on 2003 Spirit (S&S) that member Noel Thornby gave him to ride at  the Crazy Horse Rally recently, Phillip was surprised as after ridden Gilroy Powerplus engined machines & King’s Mountain models that this model was better than previously thought & in his words “Seriously underrated”. Speaking about other Indian’s brings me to the point of V-Prez Mark, his brother Rick just bought a Indian Trail Blazer from Classic Style over the weekend so we have yet another new Member, the machine is pictured below & very nice to I must say

1957 Indian 700 Trail Blazer1957 Indian 700 Trail Blazer

Faster than Burt’s Scout?

Just got this link on Jim Mosher’s double engined Indian Scout at Bonneville , click on the link below, also after much whinging I have sorted out the YouTube Area into Contemporary, Humour, Historical & Technical all 61 entries, the other thing that is coming on is our Forum Area should have this operating next week

Jim Mosher’s Bonneville Indian

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