The Week-End & That Timmerman Article

Your V.P (President of Vice) or Vice-president in our case sent a list of Indian Regalia which is highlighted in the Advertiser’ & Regalia area under Zorro’s Advert, Indian Products plenty to buy from the man.

The Vice President’s 12v conversion

The most important article to be printed on Springfield Indian’s since the Old Factory went Bust has to be the Electric Moccasin by Phillip White, we are releasing it first in Smoke Signals magazine October for all our paid-up members then it will be going on our Technical Article’s Area on this web-site in November for the public this is our gift to the Indian community in good faith, so no unscrupulous people can exploit the non-mechanical owner.There are a few YouTube posting’s on Timmerman starters on our Images & Video’s Area but this latest one I have posted here about a unsatisfied customer click on this highlight Electric no-Start

If it’s all out there then anyone can upgrade their own starter with some help, initially this was going in our Member’s Only Area but this was not fair, we believe in sharing all upgrades or information whether it be on Springfield,Gilroy or Kings Mountain Indians as they say “A Indian is a Indian End of Story”

General News (all good)

Just got off the phone from Cam Cuthill from Indian’s parent company Victory Motorcycles, they are keen to support us as a advertiser on our web-site & sponsor a $200 gift voucher for the Crazy Horse Rally which is only a mere 15 days off. Thanks Victory for the kind donation,all advertisers that need paraphernalia included in our Rally packs please send now so it can be included A.S.A.P.

We are going full bore on the International Gypsie Tour 2012 it was decided to have 2 events one group now flying to Perth & your machine sent by container, we entertained a rail trip but RailAust do not send bikes unless on a trailer with a vehicle attached! At the last meeting a lot of people voted to have another group ride from Melbourne -Adelaide with a stopover on the way there & back so Chris Horner or Murray Morell are the men to contact for the Perth-Birdwood & Phil Pilgrim will do the Melbourne-Adelaide part. This is on in Sept 2012 so organise what you are doing now Expression of Interest Forms will be out in late November with a deposit form.

For the people that ordered Franklin’s Indian’s by Tim Pickering we have negotiated a price of $70 which is $14 off retail price for Association Members only from Pitstop Books thanks Andrew,they are available next week contact Phil Pilgrim, and lastly Happy 60th Stevie Higginbotham for Sunday

Tim Pickering’s New Book

 Just had a call from Tim Pickering about his new book on Charles B Franklin designer of early Indians, which is available from Pitstop Bookshop in Perth, next day delivery ring Andrew or Bob on 1800 622422, Also another Tin Basher who will make anything from a tank to a chainguard for any model Indian provided you have a sample Keith Love 03 99740609 Keith is now listed in our Parts & Repairer’s Area this & the Links area have had a lot of extras added recently


Franklin's Indians

Some history on an infamous Gypsy Tour 1947

Recently I was prompted into doing research on the generic name Gypsy Tour since 1916 & was very surprised how many Clubs & Associations have used this name in the past at the moment there are 70 pages listed on Google alone, the most infamous was the Hollister Gypsy Tour of 1947, Marlon Brando played the lead roll in the movie depiction “The Wild One”. This group were The Booze fighters a group of bikers from L.A I have added a couple of links below. There have been remarks that our proposed International Gypsy Tour in 2012 from W.Aust to Birdwood S.Aust that we have been organising over the last 8 months has a similar name to a Gypsy Tour to Sydney that was run in 2008 by the IMCA, possibly, therefore we will change the name to International Gypsie Tour 2012 spelt as it was  on the original in 1917 so now everyone will be happy. The Brass Monkey Rally has been run by 3 major clubs in Victoria, Vintage Motorcycle Club of Vic, Classic Motorcycle Club of VictoriaIMCA, and again last year Vintage Motorcycle Club of Vic, as far as I know none of the other Clubs have ever asked the Vintage Motorcycle Club if they could use this name,in 2010 there were 2 Rallies run by to separate Motorcycle Clubs using the same name not counting various Automobile Clubs! The IIRA  originally asked the Vintage Club if we could use the Boat Anchor Run a name they had used in the past, before we changed it to the Crazy Horse Rally, someday some one else may have a Crazy Horse Rally ,Sitting Bull Rally, or a Midnight Express Run, Father’s Day Run etc so be it.

History of Gypsy Tours


1947 Hollister Invasion


More Event’s in 2012 for your Calendar

Ex-Chairman Lindsay Urquhart recently mentioned the Broadford Bonanza held on the Easter week-end’s featured bike will be Indian so plans are afoot to beat BSA GoldStar numbers that turned out this year. The other is 25th March we are considering moving the Sitting Bull Rally to this week-end to mark Burt Munroe’s (as in The Worlds Fastest Indian) 111th birthday, this Rally will heavily be advertised for Scout Owners, it does not mean Chief Owners will be turned away, but if you are fortunate to own a Scout & Chief it would be great to see you on the “Little Chief”. Scouts from the early 20’s are very unique, your webmaster started on a 1921 Indian Scout in 1986 which is now the machine owned by Greg Hutchisin, I have many fond memories of it including a valve cover cap blowing out of the one-piece cylinder head on the road to Templestowe much to my wife’s dismay who was pillion at the time, the already mediocre performance dropped to zero, stopping at traffic lights with all the choof-choof noises didn’t help with the image I suppose. The cap was launched into the surrounding countryside as is probably still there to this day!

A Great Link

Just been reading through a really good link which I have loaded on the Links Area its called Motorcycle Forum, probably one of the best around with a good spread of Indians of all era’s, check it out.

A45-12 Indian OHV Hillclimber

A45 Details (Click on highlighted link)

John MacDonald’s  final chapter on the A-45 Hillclimber, a very interesting read

30,000 Hits & more to come

On 03/08/10 exactly 1 year ago we took the then nervous look at firing up our web-site, some members of other clubs said it would be a “Dead Horse” as no one would be bothered to look at it after the first time! History has proved this was not a fact, I would thank you all for your support at keeping me & others inspired to keep it up to date, also for all the members that either sell,advertise, or view our Youtube area, maybe even checking in on the Parts & Repairers area for  who we support in our Association as well as all our Advertisers, this is all only possible with feed-back from you all, so keep anything that might be significant that you might want to send in (Indian orientated of course) a we will put it on the site for others to enjoy. Meanwhile the site is constantly improving with quite a few changes in the pipeline so as they say in the classic’s “Tune in for the next exciting instalment”

1912 Indian Board Tracker & Red Plate Scheme


Dick Grylls our N.T section organiser is having a few medical procedures  & is temporarily little worse for wear just like to wish him all the best & get well soon from his fellow IIRA members

VicRoads Red Plate Permit updates (Click on highlight ) New Red Plate Scheme

The second one of John McDonald’s collection it’s the Indian I want in my collection

1912 Indian Board track Racer No 78D070 (Click on highlight to read article or pictures to get a larger view)

New review in members-only area









Our Members-Only area has a new review: Guy Allen’s story on his Chief Vintage, from Motorcycle Trader magazine. The download is about 1.6 meg for the full-colour magazine article linked to the accompanying video. Grab your password in your latest Smoldering Embers and have a look…

1920s Hillclimber

As promised for you Springfield lads this is the 1920’s Hillclimber that’s owned by NSW’s John McDonald, John has provided some information & I will be placing a few more of his Indian’s  on our site soon so click on the highlighted area & enjoy. I need similar articles to keep a balanced view on all Indian’s, whatever the era, even your Papoose, Indian Go-kart, OutBoard Motor or Indian Suspension units that are fitted to your old car will do. If you would like see some other period Indian advertisements like the Outboard one here check the bottom of the Contacts Area. Don’t forget this Tuesday’s Association Meeting at Highway 31 Cafe  1920’s Hillclimber-2









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