About the future Members Only area

No this is not for secret men’s/women’s business it will be up & going July it will be a password entry that will be renewed in your monthly posted Smouldering Embers so what will be in it, plenty a lot of Technical details & articles eg: the modification on the Timmerman electric starter with all the sprag & machining details,Twin leading shoe conversion details,articles that we will have first hand information on particularly with Victory-Indian details & personal things that members may not want or like on the public arena, special deals & prices on trips,parts,clothing & possibly motorcycles etc.Importantly the current Smoke Signals (quarterly magazine) will be posted on the web with the previous version put on the public area.Members who are not on the internet will have their magazine posted as usual. Hopefully this will encourage some of the nearly 20,000 people viewing the site in the last 9 months that have been tempted to join our Association to actually put their money down to be in the best Indian Association in Australia covering all models & era’s, & not being humble, possibly the world!

Guy Allens (Guido’s) real job

Guido’s Blogs in Motorcycle Trader ( click on highlight)

For all the members that thought Guido was a male escort, fashion model or a member of the Chippendale’s you were wrong, thought a small reference to his real job maybe in order, so a small plug for him & Motorcycle Trader Magazine they are the people that provide a Link to this site in the Trading Post Area, so thanks again. Guido writes many interesting articles on everything from Tridents, blowing up Sunbeams, & trips to odd parts of the world, click on the link above for some of these, in the meantime I will provide a photo of his Sunbeam (actually a exploded view) he was so depressed with this that he decided to sell the Trident, & buy a Indian, if you see him at the meeting please console him

VicRoads Anomalies & Phillip White’s latest Road-test

Webmaster number 2 (Guido) has been doing some research for the IIRA & I have re-produced the article here for Association Members & others. At this time I would like to thank Guy for his assistance with the website especially seeing in the next month I am unable to do the job. Gentleman you will be in good hands. Phillip Whites latest Road-test has been posted in full on the Tech Articles area about testing 105 cu Bomber from Kings Mountain, enjoy.


Hi Phil

Have been talking to you about the red plate user issue and made a couple of calls to VicRoads…here are some observations.

A few theories have been offered, including: Only the owner can ride it;

You have to be a red plate club member to ride it. I very much doubt either is true.

The problem with both is neither are founded on reliable info – for example a cop who pulls you up and grumbles is as unreliable as you can get in this area. They are far removed from the design of the system and the whole red plate scheme is just a minor blip on their much broader workday radar. Paul of the SR500 Club chased this at VicRoads recently and concluded: “The young lady at VicRoads definitely said that the rider just had to be licensed to use the vehicle, not the owner. She did not mention the bit about being a member.” Again, unreliable, but much closer to the mark. Universally accepted third party insurance rules say the vehicle (bike, car, boat, plane) has to be registered and the user hold the appropriate license.

The key part for red plates is the registration – a club permit is not in effect unless the rider (no matter who) is signed in to the logbook for that day. My own enquiries this afternoon tend to back that up.

So, if you and I share a bike for the day, we both need to be entered into the log book and have signed it. And have the appropriate license. If a cop pulled you up and tried to ticket you for not being the owner, or not having proof of club membership, I’m fairly confident it would fall over, so long as the logbook was in shape.

It’s worth noting that my advice here is not carved in stone, as the situation is still surrounded by confusion, so carrying any paperwork you have, including your club membership card, would nevertheless be wise.

Guy ‘Guido’ Allen






The Scout that got away

It seems every motorcyclist has an Indian story.
Was showing off a recently-acquired 2003 Chief Vintage to a mate today and he related the story of Bob.
A kindly uncle, who owned a bike shop some decades ago, decided to give Bob an old Scout to play with. They were worth nothing at the time and this was a way to keep the young lad busy and maybe get his mind off girls for a few minutes.
Bob reckoned he wasn’t really cut out for bikes and quickly swapped the old motorcycle for a shiny new glowplug engine for his model plane. The tiny machine promptly rewarded him by starting instantly at full noise and trying to take his arm off. All of a sudden, Bob lost interest in planes, too.
Nearly a quarter of a century later, Bob  has that rotten little engine gathering dust in a corner of his shed. We’re told he still dreams of what might have happened if he’d kept his uncle’s present…

Guy ‘Guido’ Allen

Book Format demo on Smouldering Embers area

Just a demo on the Smouldering Embers area of our site under Membership click on this area to see a demo of how this App works, you can flip the page manually by clicking on page corner with your cursor or if not click the forward & backward arrows this is only in trials at the moment but can be used for Smoke Signals in the future.

19,000 hits & more to come, that beats AC-DC & the Beatles

Thats right 19,000 hits to our website in 9 months, or over 2,111 a month I personally believe that it is not only the most up-to-date Indian site in Australia if not the world, very informative, technical, &  catering for your idle moments with the YouTube Area. The whole idea of the formation of the site was so there would be no”secret men’s business” so as a result a Parts & Repairer’s Area was added so all people could benefit rather than have a monopoly system that could crop-up, this seems to have worked with a Links area to promote many major suppliers for all types of Indians the benefit is two-fold for them & us. The next thing we are planning is a Members only Area that will have the current quarterly Association magazine in there & at the same time the previous edition of Smoke Signals will be printed in the public area of the site with other things to follow. Thanks for all your support

More YouTube Links

Looking into the Willy’s Jeep 70th Anniversary Advert ( see link below) brought a very interesting 1943 Jeep autobiography link which I have added to the library in our YouTube area, that got me also searching for what the Germans were doing to the more than 5000 Indians that were captured from the French government after overthrowing their country, the Germans painted them all Wehrmacht Blue & used them throughout the war, interestingly a film was shot of WW11 German Rifleman on maneuvers in France early in 1943 unfortunately all in German but great footage & I would like to think some are C340 Indian Chief’s.  Meanwhile check out the new YouTube links yourself

Who was Chief Rain-in-the Face?


Another member recently asked this as he is the patron of our Association Monthly runs I thought perhaps a history lesson would help, thanks to Wikipedia for the details on the Chief, he was a real person & a fierce warrior not a unusual thing to think that the name is not real.  Click on the highlighted link below for his story

Chief-Rain-in-the-Face link

Have you seen the new Jeep advert?

Just had a  new member mention the 70th Anniversary Jeep advert on TV at the moment (click highlight below), the one where in the beginning the Australian Army is testing the 1942 Army version, then it crosses to the current Chrysler version, the new member mentioned that when the Jeep was first made it was a Willy’s, & Ford made it during the war as well under contract. Got me thinking do old Jeep owners accept the current versions, I bet they do so the relevance to us is the same as Indian & Victory. 1942 was the year Springfield Indians were tested against the the first Willy’s General Purpose (GP) nicknamed Jeep unfortunately  for Indian, but great for the war effort the Jeep was far more practical than a motorcycle or a outfit for that matter, the rest is history we all know how it turned out. A Jeep is a Jeep & a Indian is a Indian no matter what era or year.Motorcycling Australia are starting to send out renewal forms for the Roadside breakdown cover it’s now $29.00 for us as affiliate members to their Association, which is a $10 saving over the normal rate this is excellent value sign up now

Jeep Advert


History of Indian Page is ongoing

The  History of Indian page on this site when first formulated seemed to me as “Well that’s all that will be done here for awhile” how wrong could I have been, in the last number of weeks I have not only added the Indian Dakota 4 but also the Victory takeover, yesterday John Smith(the Prez) sent me a ton of details & photos on the 1991-1998 stuff that I had little knowledge about, in the next number of weeks I will add this in as well, gives you something to do as its cold in the garage. On a similar subject the YouTube page under Image & Video’s is always good for a couple of hours I have put in a few more lately, any that you find that are appropriate please send the link to me.

Chris Horner has sold his 2003 Chief Vintage to new member Guy Allen,I pulled the lowering kit out of it on Guy’s request as he is 6’4″ (no I don’t know what that is in Japanese) I think Chris is hankering for a Victory -Indian version in 12-18 months (like me) meanwhile the 1947 will keep him riding Indians. John Smith is coming down to Melbourne in the next few days to talk to Polaris -Victory about their future plans on Indian in Australia, so hopefully we have more news about this subject from him in the very near future

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