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As I said before going to the “Old Dart” that the Members Only area would open in July, this is password protected so as a preview I have copied the Technical Articles from the Tech articles area, which is now deleted.That area has now become  “News & Reviews” & will feature articles from members willing to share their experiences, the Members Only are will feature articles that are more cutting edge such as the modifications to make the Timmerman Electric starter function and the parts & machining to eliminate the built in problems I will put that in next month, Meanwhile as a preview, the password is for this month only  scout ,after this month it will not be open to the public & the new password will be in place hopefully this may encourage more members to join our Association. A new Flag Counter is also due to come on line & also a bit more organisation to the YouTube Area with each view set into categories, the new format for the “Flipping Book” in the on-line Smoke Signals is being set up as well, so plenty happening to your web-site, we have just clocked over 25,000 hits on May 24th we were at 19,000 this means 41 days= 6,000 hits, thanks for the support.

We are also requesting your Annual Subs to be paid, as well as deposits for those thinking of going to New Zealand $1,000 deposit to be sent to the Treasurer please chaps. People paying by BSB direct deposit please give your name as reference we have had 2 people pay their annual subs into the account with no reference to who they are if you have done this please contact Peter Kime. Peter has also updated the membership form & it is now on our site thats all for today

You also know your in England when

Is this where they all come from?

Our President's own drop

Call the R.S.P.C.A!

How Do You Know Your In England?

A  fairly reasonable question beside petrol costing $2.06 a litre, weather being fine but raining & cold in just hours, (although nice today), farmers complaining about drought & water restrictions is some areas. But the most telling answer is where else can a man get a good ‘Spotted Dick’ these days? Before all the ladies in the Association have a fainting turn, it’s not at all what you think, its a dessert, a small pudding served with custard! My daughter Bonnie is still laughing about me ordering it in the Pub last night with a very quiet voice, just in case the gay guy from Little Britain (TV Series) was in the area.


Clubman of the Year Awarded (Rewarded)



We only have one award in the IIRA, The Clubman of the Year, it was presented last night to Ian (Reg) Rhook. Ian deserves this highly regarded award for all the effort in attending nearly all our Association Runs & organizing some of them as well as marshalling quite a few, congratulations Ian & thanks for your effort

Indian restorer profile – USA

A bit of interesting reading from the Durango Herald, Colorado, in the USA.

“Nestled in the Pine River Valley north of Bayfield, Jeff Grigsby bends metal and sculpts frames, restoring historic Indian motorcycles to their original condition.

“From the outside, this 9,500-square-foot red barn is an unassuming place to find a full-fledged machine shop dedicated exclusively to the restoration and refurbishment of Indian motorcycles. No signs advertise the business, and Grigsby does little to draw attention to his unique craft – relying instead on word of mouth.”

See this link

The Froggies are mad!

Not much about Indians in Paris but very few H-Ferguson’s to be seen, so the French are known for their taste, meanwhile they are in love with Stupid (Smart)cars which they park in-between normal cars rear bumper into the gutter & partially onto the footpath or 1/2″ between each other so I fail to see how you can get out. Scooter riders are everywhere particularly the new 3 wheel types that are appearing at home by Piaggeo, no one wears any form of protective clothing, & pedestrians take there luck at crossing the road as there are very few crossings. I reckon the hospitals are full with people hit by scooter riders riding occasionally down footpaths, seems to be no by-laws officers booking any illegally parked vehicles anywhere. Anyway off to Hong Kong today & Bonnie and I are not looking forward to the plane flight

Indian Dakota 4

I dropped in to see Alan Forbes of Indian Motorcycle UK today, a true enthusiest, with a great collection of Springfield Indians & also Edinborough Indians namely the 4 Cylinder model the 2011 model is truely inspiring beautifully finished, fuel injected & Alan has at last eliminated the BMW gearbox on the current version with his own type. He is also making a 2.2 litre version to order not that the old version he made was all that slow, the new rear guard & one-piece fuel tank topped off with a leaner, lower dash consul adds up to a nice package.If you wish to order this model ring Indian Motorcycle Imports (John Smith) will be the guy to ask by the way he is our President. I will put some photo’s up in the next few days



Dakota website


1959 Indian-Enfield at N.M.C.M

The National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham U.K is well worth a visit with many hundreds of British motorcycles on display. But one well worth looking at is the N.Y.P.D Police Chief. This machine is very unique and I have taken many pictures that show the differences from a standard civilian model. This will help Stevie Higginbottom with his seat problems. I have also taken quite a few photos for Associate member Paul Taylor in his pursuit to build a works replica Daytona Triumph.

Indians on iTunes

The World’s Fastest Indian is available on iTunes at around $17, which makes it one of the more expensive old movie releases. Still, it’s a great feel-good flick that’s rare in being fun for motorcyclists and non-riders alike. A great thing to have on your laptop and iPod.

Click here for the IMDb summary.

Anglo Indians

The Indian name has spawned a range of bikes over the years, not least of which is the Enfield-derived series. The history of these machines is fascinating and members of the Iron Indian group are starting to pay attention to these important models.

Here is a little story that’s worth a read…

The UK’s wet & cold in summer

I can only hope the Association Run Sunday was not as wet or cold as it is here in summer, strange as yesterday was 26c that didn’t really matter as after the A380 Quantas Airbus having a fuel pump failure in Singapore and waiting 3 hours for the continuation of the journey that added up to over 26 hours Bonnie & I were “stuffed”.I remember thinking I wish I was on the Run on my Indian, tommorow looks like rain again there is a saving grace to all of this as I’m in a Vauxhall with A.I.F rear doors, anybody remember what that was, Arse-in-first I thought they were banned in old Morris’s years ago but this is a brand new vehicle, gutless litle car it is as well, thats all from the Old Dart

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