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This page for all our members in different States of Australia & N.Z , it contains all state & local events that are relevant to each section.Double click highlighted headers to read articles. (Note: to Section contributors if supplying photos please provide in small text files or Articles as a Word Document)


Dave & his new 111 Chief


1924 Indian Chout









Morgans Northern Territory Report 2010

Unconfirmed report that Dick Grills endo’ed his WLA Harley when the front wheel hit a pot-hole then collapsed! Dick was gravel- rashed and also on the feet because of wearing non-conforming footwear, this would never happened on a Indian, anyway he & the H-D  are on the mend apparently, all the best mate . Dick is making noises about coming to N.Z with the IIRA it will be great to catch up with fellow members from up North.

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