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A new 111 Indian riders group in W.Aust (Click on Image)



Our friend’s & members of our Affiliate Club of the IIRA in W.Aust known as The Indian Club of West Australia have kindly let us reproduce their Indian News. Although the Indian Motorcycle Club of W.A has been around in the past it stopped in the 70’s but recently restarted by a bunch of dedicated enthusiastic Indian owners,we wish them well. Murray Morell (President) has kindly allowed us the add the start of there monthly magazines thank you chaps. Murray has written a little on the history please click on front covers below to read the Indian News please be patient as these are public files & take 3 or 4 minutes to download I advise to use Google Chrome for best results as Safari will not re-produce


The original Indian Motorcycle Club of Western Australia started around 1920 or earlier and ceased in 1959.

A gap of 52 years without a dedicated Indian Club in W.A. has now been rectified by the dedication of enthusiastic Indian riders forming the new club in 2011.
The new Indian Motorcycle Club has access to original Indian Club material and memorabilia and some of the original members are still with us in spirit as their riding days are sadly over.
The Indian club is putting out a monthly magazine with the emphasis on technical information regarding Indian motorcycles.
The Indian Motorcycle Club of Western Australia thanks the Iron Indian Riders of Australia for allowing us to publish our magazine on their web site and we hope you will enjoy reading it and that you will take away a little more knowledge for doing so.
Murray Morell President

Club meetings held at Wireless Hill Clubroom, 6 Hickey street Ardross Meeting held every third Tuesday night of the month at 7:30pm W.A.


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