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OHV Conversions

Quite a range everybody is aware of the Apache top-end conversion done by Lindsey Urquart over ten years ago (pictured ) and it wasn’t a straight fit as the strengthening bar has to be cut-out and welded a bit higher up similar to the Vindian a great conversion though.

The other variant spotted on Facebook recently has a pair of early BMW top-ends fitted a bit of a”lash-up” but quite a bit of work in the conversion, so the reason this is a talking point is that 99% of these conversions are on Chief’s not on Scouts, unbelievably though I believe member Sam Vella is attempting such a modification on his 1939 Sports Scout quite a amazing feat but he recently converted it to Bently-Draper rear suspension as on a Brough Superior I’m hoping he can pull this off as it will be a very rare conversion.

Ride Etiquette

Your new committee is starting to put into place “Ride Etiquette ” rules based on feedback in the recent rider survey which you should soon have a copy of in the latest Smouldering Embers next week. So what’s with the vest above, well some people already wear hi-viz vests and are easily confused with the lead rider or tail end Charlie positions, a compromise was needed so a multi-colour hi-viz vest was thought to suit (good idea Mark)our situation, the first time you will see these in action will be at the Crazy Horse rally in a couple of weeks, which reminds me enteries close next Friday so better do that I believe all the rooms are booked at the motel so sharing maybe a option or sometimes there is a cancellation please check, and don’t forget to fill out and pay your entry which is on the website

Iron Indian Riders Association

“Indian Motorcycles, powering out of the past, cruising into the future”