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PRICE $550.00 inc GST

Rack extra $150.00
Tan Backrest pad extra $100.00
Simple, robust and functional, this Made in Australia low profile sissy bar is the perfect accessory to your Indian Motorcycle. A simple spring loaded latch mechanism allows swift removal from the standard spool mountings with additional holes if you need to bolt it on top prevent theft. The main side plates and latch are made from stainless steel and either show polished or finished in powder coated black. An optional rack can also be supplied which is fitted using the existing 4 bolts. We can also supply a tan backrest pad at an additional cost to match the tan seat of the vintages if required.
Contact Crazyhorse Moto on 0433 106669 for more details or to place your order.



Zorro’s has “Donkey Dicks” handlebar grips

ImageImage 1

Zorro’s Australia are pleased to advise availability of the 2 part handlebar grip to fit 1920 -1927 Indian Chief and Scout. Part Number 20B385 These parts have been difficult to find and expensive to buy. They are available from stock in Australia at $99.95 per pair (all 4 parts) plus postage. wholesale trade enquiries are welcome.

Zorro’s of Melbourne carry a full line of Vintage Indian handlebar grips in stock in Australia

1920-1927 Indian Chief & Scout 2 peice handlebar grip Black 20B385 $99.95 pair

1928-1934 Indian Chief & Scout handlebar grip Black 28B102 $74.95 pair

1935-1937 Indian Chief 41290 White $75.00 pair

1935-1937 Indian Scout 41290 Black $50.00 pair

1938-1939 Indian Chief 41290 Grey $75.00 pair

1938-1939 Indian Scout 41290 Black $50.00 pair

1939-1941 Indian Chief 41290 Black $50.00 pair

1942-1953 Indian Chief & Scout Black 43086 $34.95 pair

contact mark from Zorro’s on 0433 106669 or email to

Image 3Image 1

Zorro’s are pleased to announce their appointment as Ikon Suspension dealer. Of particular note is the availability of a suspension package front and rear to fit the new Indian Scout. This upgrade gives a massive improvement over the standard equipment fitted in terms of performance and durability.

As a special offer both the Ikon front and rear suspension upgrades for the Indian Scout will be available as a package for $799.95 plus $24.95 shipped Australia wide. Until end of Nov 2015  Suggestedretail is $899.95

contact Mark at Zorro’s for further details 0433 106669 or


PO Box 5118

Mordialloc VIC 3195



F: +61 (0) 3 9012 4139


So you want a front brake that will Stop on your 1946-53 model? Well now you can have one. ( Click on images to enlarge)

.   IMG_0206imageImage 2IMG_0242IMG_0385IMG_0384IMG_0383

 Now at last a quality Twin leading shoe front brake plate assembly to suit all Springfield Indian Chief’s from 1946/53  girder or Tele fork with or without speedo drive. This brake plate uses all modern components, heat-treated & C.N.C machined and is made in Australia, with no “growth expansion” or flexing that plagues the standard brake plate. The conversion has been throughly tested on my Vindian and over 30 other satisified customers and increases the standard brake stopping well over 100% .The now new Australian Brake drum is a quality cast-iron component machined from solid (grade 2P)with over double friction area  fit  your standard bearing & if needed speedo drive gear this modification, this a must for hard riders or sidecar outfit owners or for general riding in todays traffic conditions. Fitting is a matter of placing your pilot axle in the drum and assemble as standard with a few minor checks, adjustments and “bedding-in”. Your machine can be returned to standard within minutes if necessary  price of $2,200 AUSD contact Phil 03 94996428 or   or Mark at Zorro’s 0433 106669

Indian Front Brake  Testmonial by Jon Munn


We are pleased to announce the 8″ Twin Leader brake for all 1941-45 Chief’s this is a very high quality brake plate machined from a solid heat treated billet 6061 for a more substantial brake & a machined from solid cast iron brake drum grade 2p, a revolution in Indian braking

New 8″Front Twin Leader for Leaf Spring models now available $2450


0 SADDKLEBAG06-500x500


Saddlebag Mounting system for Indian Chief/ Chieftan/Roadmaster 2014 up Scout/ Spirit

A truly removable motorcycle saddlebags system, perfect for installing and removing saddlebags in seconds. They provide safety and security with models for most US and import cruisers. The bracket set is simple to install. Remove the 2 rear fender mounting bolts and replace with the supplied hardware and mounting spools. They do not require the use of saddlebag support brackets. Brackets are all metal construction with black powder coating for strength and durability. All hardware for mounting is provided. Please note, when you purchase a set of our mounting brackets, the kit includes both the left and right side brackets and all required mounting hardware. Any saddlebag can be used by simply bolting to the bracket set with the bolts provided. When the saddlebags are removed all that shows is the mounting spools much like the original Indian system.

We recommend our all American leather saddlebags that have been designed with Indian heritage in mind but modernised for use on later bikes with an aluminium rear panel and a redesign for extra space.

ref 2014 Indian chief please sepcifiy in the notes field on the order is sissy bar is fitted so we can send the correct bolts. $299.95 pr

We can also supply bracket set and saddlebags for the original S and S Gilroy models Chiefs please email


New longer (6 inch longer) 30/40’s style King Bee mirror in left and right hand now ex stock at $125.00

We can also supply just the longer mirror stem at $66.00

we also have just the king Bee Mirror head on its own at $39.95

Just in stock a clear timing plug for the Chief crankcase. makes setting the timing up easy. $24.95

Mark at Zorro’s 0433 106669

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Zorro’s has just taken into stock the complete range of Indian chief handlebars from Mark’s Indian. These large items attarct a high freight cost from the US and using Zorros regular freight contractor and spreading the cost over a number of items has resulted in a price very similar to that which you would pay if you purchased 1 pair direct from the USA

Stock lines now comprise

Handlebars from 1931 -1953 Chief

Crashbars front

Crashbars rear

All from Stock in Australia


PO Box 5118

Mordialloc VIC 3195



F: +61 (0) 3 9012 4139





Lots of new stuff from Zorro’s including a Timing cover badge for the 111 engine, new badges,buckles & decals

Image 1Image 2Image

New from Zorro’s this month

Cykel Electric 12v Scout anti-clockwise generator $695.00

Jerry Greer oil filter conversion kit, cartridge  $12.95

Oil tank magnetic drain plug $9.95


0 damper chief47 front crash-500x5000 breather tubegasket

New stock this month from Zorro’s



Ignition kit includes the tools and parts needed to service your distributor by the side of the road. Presented in a handy quality black box that fits inside the standard Chief toolbox with specification references for the points plug gap etc inside the lid, it also includes a set of points, a condenser, a Rotor arm, also provided is a mini screwdriver, 0.5mm feeler gauge, 7/32″, 1/4″ and a 3/8″ magneto spanner. All tools are tastefully laser etched with the Indian Script logo (so they can’t get mixed up)

Everything you need all packed neatly together, a must for all serious rally goers and the perfect present for the Indian enthusiast in your life.

front crashbars 1946-1947 Chief $399.95

front crashbars 1948-1951 Chief $399.95

Steering damper Chief 380001 $99.95

Engine Breather tube Chief 42843 $84.95

4.50×18 Firestone classic tyre pattern for Sports Scouts and Military Chiefs $279.95

The Australian made cast Aluminium racks are now available to fit pre 1945 bikes and also post 1945 bikes with the pressed alloy rack mounting holes. Price to club members is $199.95

  overdrive gearbox thumb

4 speed Overdrive gearbox this months special for IIRA Members at Zorro’s $4500.00 cash or bank transfer

This transmission has three gears with similar ratios as the OEM trans and a fourth gear that enables the bike to go 72 mph with the engine at 2950 rpm using a large drive sprocket and a standard high-profile tire. The Chief-Overdrive aftermarket 4-speed transmission was designed to enhance the rideability of Indian Chief motorcycles.  The transmission is the perfect solution for anyone wanting to take longer cruises at higher speeds or just have a more reliable transmission than the stock or 3-speed rebuild for their classic ride.This transmission has three gears with similar ratios as the OEM trans and a fourth gear that enables the bike to go 72 mph with the engine at 2950 rpm using a large drive sprocket and a standard high-profile tire. The 356-T6 gearbox case design is externally the same as the original case with the interior beefed up to accept larger bearings. The top cover has a thicker flange to incorporate the new gear change mechanism. The detent mechanism uses a roller to eliminate friction. The transmission is self-contained and sealed. A new clutch basket is included allowing the clutch to be shimmed without opening the trans case. Smooth shifting up or down. No more jamming it into gear and breaking parts. Solid detents for all four gears and neutral.Shift pattern unchanged.Replaced the taper and woodruff key on the clutch input shaft with an involute spline.Replaced the old style sprocket six lobe spline with a larger involute spline.Output sprocket our stock gearboxes are fitted with 24 teeth but 19,21,23,24,25 or 26 teeth can also be provided with the transmission at an extra cost.The oil fill and vent plug is on the case cover, and a magnetic drain plug-in the bottom with an oil level check plug on the lower right front of the case.The Transmission is isolated from clutch assembly so each can use different lubricants,eg: 85-90W synthetic gear oil in the trans and HD clutch oil in the clutch ass.

Special offer :Chief Overdrive Gearbox

Hi Overdrive gearbox with 24 tooth sprockets

Special Offer only 3 available,   

Offer is valid until end of July only.  $4199.00 bank transfer only

 Zorro’s Contact Mark 0433 106669     Fax 03 9012 4139 E:  W:

2002 Gilroy

Gilroy Parts (2002-03)  for Sale to suit PP100 engine

Front Brembo caliper

94-996 front harness

99-0997 rear harness

33-150 2 x sets fork seals not Paioli

01-213 manifold rubber seals

01-319 1 pr exhaust composite rings

3 x 24-334 x hub seals

2 x 01-250 Counter shaft sprocket seal

00130R ignition trigger

1. X pr  s/hand wheels

41-240 2 x rear m/c boots

1 x pr 5500148 footboard rubbers

14 x 96-260 front guard wire zip ties

00-101 Oil pressure switch

20 x 95-165 and 95-164 Special handlebar switch terminals

61-045SS Stainless clutch cable

2x 01-250 Counter shaft seals

S/hand throttle cables

Plastic Dash panel for fuel tank

S/hand  rear mudguard eyebrows

56-028 New chrome dash panel with LED lights

68-004 Tailight lens

41-0210 Clutch lever complete

Handle bar and foot pedal rubber rings

2 x 68-10 front indicators

Pr fuel caps & keys

68-007 indicator lens

4 x 62-308 Saddle bag straps

Saddle bag plates s/hand

Throttle jockey cruise control kit

51-010 RearMaster cylinder kit

01-254 ignition trigger  gasket

2 x 41-240 rear m/cylinder wiring boots

31-000 triple tree set Chief VIntage

front axle $52

820-860 Rev-Tec chrome trans cover

2 x 900-902 inner headlight retainer rim

900-025 dipstick

2 x 990-147 intake valve

2 x 990-145 exhaust valve

990-158 compensating sprocket ass

Rear rack ass with special grab rail s/hand as new

S/hand Lowering bracket suspension

side stand

and rear shocker

2003 muffler s/hand

2003 Muffler hanger bracket

2 x s/hand disc rotors.

400115 Spyke super torque starter

Heat Demons heated grips

Aardvark wide tyre rear chain conversion kit  (without RK x ring chain )

S/hand PP100 damaged flywheel  & conrod ass

$5,000 the lot

Zorro’s (Mark 0433 106669)


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