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You can advertise all those Indian spares for fellow Indian Owners or perhaps you are looking for that elusive part to finish your Indian project, then give Phil Pilgrim a call 03 94996428 to advertise right here

Indian war bonnet

Please contact our Spares Manager  Phil Pilgrim 03 94996428  or Mark Barthelmie  0433 106 669 for 1901-53,

There is also a complete range of spares offered at a discount for Iron Indian Assoc Members INDIAN Club Spares (double click)

Bill Frogley is the man in NSW for all the hard parts to find & can give sound advise on repairs, or providing parts from his “Aladdin’s Cave” ring Bill for a chat about those elusive parts for V- Twins & Fours: 02 43284643

Ken Wilson Has a selection of N.O.S Indian parts & is always helpful with information, give him a ring 03 52811607 or 0429 131264 or

Terry Kaye “Tin Man” in Qld for all those toolboxes, chainguards,generator belt covers, fork shields, rear stands for most models  ring 07 54822878

Keith Love Tin Man in Victoria ring 03 99740609

Repairer’s & Suppliers

 Brian Dyson (03 93902826) in Sydenham-Melton will re-lace, true, & rebuild your wheels for any m/cycle including Indian’s any era, matter of fact he does everybody’s already as most of the retailers, in Victoria go to him. The most important job is the paintwork you have seen my 344 & 347 Phillip White”s CHiPs Indian, Phil Pilgrim’s machines, these have the best painter in Australia’s work Ray Drever in Drysdale Geelong 0402 988284, a motorcycle painter that has won numerous awards in NSW & VIC also paints all the H-Ferguson’s for Geelong H-D if there is a warranty claim, all work in 2 pack German paint so it won’t chip like other well known painters. Major Look Signs (0407 564820) will also line & pinstrip your machine to perfection as we all know Ian (Reg) Rook in our Association, Ian will even apply Gold leaf if you so desire, he is great for vinyl decals Indian logo’s or war bonnet logo’s a speciality.

CRAZY HORSE MOTO Mark Barthelmie will help with all your Indian spares, needs, he is a keen 1948 Indian Chief owner so he knows what you need (0466229747)

A few people have been asking about repairs to their Indians (Springfield & Gilroy) recently in Victoria, beside the usual mob also remember Antique Motorcycles  John Gee stocks all the parts you need new & old as well as second hand03 95839922 they also employ Steve Hari, & possibly the only  Indian M/cycle trained mechanic in Australia, not someone who has come into the trade as a Car Mechanic,Brick Carter,Plumber, Builder, Carpenter, Chicken Sexer, Nursery Man, but a qualified Motorcycle Mechanic! 

Gilroy Parts (2002-03)  for Sale to suit PP100 engine

94-996 front harness

99-0997 rear harness

33-150 2 x sets fork seals not Paioli

01-319 1 pr exhaust composite rings

3 x 24-334 x hub seals

2 x 01-250 Counter shaft sprocket seal

41-240 2 x rear m/c boots

14 x 96-260 front guard wire zip ties

00-101 Oil pressure switch

20 x 95-165 and 95-164 Special handlebar switch terminals

61-045SS Stainless clutch cable

2x 01-250 Counter shaft seals

S/hand throttle cables

S/hand  rear mudguard eyebrows

41-0210 Clutch lever complete

Handle bar and foot pedal rubber rings

2 x 68-10 front indicators

68-007 indicator lens

4 x 62-308 Saddle bag straps

Saddle bag plates s/hand

51-010 RearMaster cylinder kit

01-254 ignition trigger  gasket

2 x 41-240 rear m/cylinder wiring boots

2 x 900-902 inner headlight retainer rim

900-025 dipstick

Rear rack ass with special grab rail s/hand as new

2003 muffler s/hand

2003 Muffler hanger bracket.

400115 Spyke super torque starter

Aardvark wide tyre rear chain conversion kit  (without RK x ring chain )

S/hand PP100 damaged flywheel  & conrod ass

$2,000 the lot

Chummie seat with overload springs (Harley seat pan) average condition $350  (03) 94996428

Springfield speedo cables $60,  03 94996428

CAMELBACKelectric startScout Engine1947 r:hand


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