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Vic Section IIRA Association General Meetings held last Tuesday of the month (except December- January)  at

Pascoe Vale Hotel

12 Railway Pde Pascoe Vale Victoria 3044

Monthly Association Run

1st Sunday of the month run  check Calendar as these are not on if a rally falls in the same month

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All Events and meetings are subject to Corona Virus regulations, keep viewing the calendar for up to date information.

Old is new again

So a lot of new things happening your New committee has the ever waited for updated website happening very soon by another old friend Richard Monty who created our existing one, we are looking to a new e-magazine for members edited by a current member, the rallies are completely changing and some are being re-introduced again and being rejigged to stop people holding there own rallies within a rally to the detriment of participants, our longer distance Gypsy Tours are also being looked at. An Association 18 month Calendar is being published for financial members only, so pay now. The Christmas in July party that was planned is now cancelled this year, but other types of things like this will be happening keep checking on our website, there are now 3 extra people as Association signatories so it should be easier for our Red Plate members. Finally for now pay your subs as you are all un-financial and for Red Plate owning members you are currently in an illegal position with a potential $800 fine if you continue to ride your machine!

AGM Matters etc

AGM notices are currently being re-sent out to conform with Corporate Affairs regulations this week on Monday 4th announcing our AGM and it is to be held on 8.00pm 27/9/22 (90days away) at the Pascoe Vale Hotel with it will be correct Nomination Forms and Proxy Forms, please read and respond if you decide to nominate. The criteria is by the end of July all Nominations shall close but Proxy votes can be submitted up 24 hours before the AGM, then Sept 8th the secretary will advise no further special resolutions can be submitted for inclusion at AGM. You will notice a reshuffle of your current committee (check contacts page) and some new/old faces appearing, the minutes of the last meeting due to be emailed out.


Tomorrow’s ride is a bit out of the ordinary after our lunch destination at Noojee, Vice President Mark Barthelmie has invited us to Warrigal to view his collection of Indians and a cuppa, so lets hope for a good roll up as the weather forecast is fine!

Chinese copy

And from member Jeremy Furness a good comment

Another lack of creativity shown by a small Chinese company. I really find it difficult to understand why these brands cannot design a motorcycle without resorting to this type of blatant plagiarism. Look at the logo – it unashamedly uses the Indian font.

Here is an interesting fact – the motorcycle is not actually not too bad in terms of manufacturing quality and there are even features that are not found on the Indian Scout. But Indian Scout it is not, and nobody is going to be fooled outside China.

My big question is – why do this? Has China killed off all their creativity and are their no up an coming automotive designers willing to come up with their own unique creations?

What the hell is happening?

Plenty, its just all the personal things keep getting in the way and family things added, in a nutshell the website is in the process of a complete overhaul and I know you will say this has happened before and we reverted to old faithful but this time it is happening and it will be easier on devices such as ipad and iphone etc. One of our ex-members is back on board that set up the original website welcome back Richard Monty so keep watching for changes. Next our new ride Captain Dave Catterill is really going well and plenty of new monthly rides are coming up to look forward to, there are new faces nominating for the next AGM up next month and we welcome regular change for progress. There is an Association ride this Sunday so all info is down in the calendar rides in winter are planned to be shorter and start later finishing earlier of course. Don’t forget the monthly meeting tonight at the Pascoe Vale Hotel.

Don’t forget the meeting on Tuesday

At the Pascoe Vale Hotel 8-00pm start, also the Spurs ride is on this Sunday it’s listed in the calendar and it is the third attempt to do this ride as weather was against us, hopefully it’s on this time

New regulations for importing Classic Indians

Some Permit related changes afoot at VicRoads…from AOMC…

VicRoads club permit forms and VIN stamping

Dear Club representative

Please read on for the following updates :

  • Alignment of VicRoads club permit forms with the Road Safety (Vehicles) Regulations 2021
  • Commonwealth requirement – Classic and collectible vehicles imported from 1 July 2021 will be issued a VIN that must be stamped on the vehicle.
    Alignment of VicRoads club permit forms with the Road Safety (Vehicles) Regulations 2021
    VicRoads has updated a number of Club Permit forms to improve the vehicle data collected by VicRoads, and to ensure that the correct permit types and club permit plates are issued to eligible vehicles.

What do Club Permit Scheme clubs and members need to do?
The updated forms are now available on the VicRoads website at < > for you and your members to use.

  • Club Permit application form
  • Club Permit reassignment form
  • Vehicle eligibility and standards declaration form
  • Approved club office bearers and scrutineers
    Please encourage your members to use these current forms rather than previous versions.

Why have these changes been made?
These forms now have an updated layout and align with the Road Safety (Vehicles) Regulations 2021.

Club Permit application

  • There are only four categories of Club Permit – Veteran, Vintage, Classic and Historic, and Street Rod.
  • Each category now has a sub-category – either Original, Modified or Replica.
  • The documents required for each sub-category are listed at the bottom of the form.
    Vehicle eligibility and standards declaration for Club Permit vehicles
  • Now includes a record of the VASS approval certificate and Vehicle import details, where applicable.

Club permit reassignment and Club permit agreement

  • Re-ordering of the data fields.
    Club Permit logbook
  • The Club Permit logbook has been updated to align with regulation changes.

New requirement – Classic and collectible vehicles imported from 1 July 2021 will be issued a VIN that must be stamped on the vehicle.
With the introduction of the Commonwealth Road Vehicle Standards Act 2018 and Road Vehicle Standards Rules 2019, vehicles imported from 1 July 2021 that do not already have a 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) stamped into the vehicle will be issued a VIN, which needs to be stamped on the vehicle.

Club members who are considering importing these vehicles should familiarise themselves with the new requirements as explained below.

Most classic and collectible vehicles are issued a chassis number by the vehicle manufacturer. Under the Commonwealth Road Vehicle Standards Act 2018 and Road Vehicle Standards Rules 2019, these types of vehicles are now imported under the concessional entry pathway and recorded on the Register of Approved Vehicles (RAV).

As these vehicles do not have a 17-character VIN that meets the ISO standards, the Commonwealth Department of Transport Infrastructure Regional Development and Communications (DITRDC) will issue a VIN with the condition that the VIN must be stamped on the vehicle. It is an offence under the Commonwealth legislation if this condition is not complied with. A plate attached to the vehicle displaying the VIN is not acceptable.

The VIN provided by the Commonwealth via the RAV process is the identifier by which the vehicle must be known throughout Australia for registration and club permit purposes and is how the vehicle’s origin will be determined for the purpose of registration/CPS permit eligibility.

Further information
To find out more about the Club Permit Scheme obligations, search ‘Club Permit Scheme’ at < >.
To find out more about the RVS legislation please visit < >.

Kind regards,
Director, Registration and Licensing

Practice Standards and Solutions

Neither nor Nither

So a few things are happening as our small world slowly returns to normal, last months ride The Two Spurs ride was canceled due to a miscommunication and also because of the foul weather that was forecast. The good news is it is being re-instated for the April first Sunday Ride, other things that happened is the Association Meeting is cancelled this month due to a huge contingency of members attending the Tassie Tour 2022 Rally in obviously Tassie for a 12 day Rally. After this things as far as regular meetings should click back to normal again.

Odd things in the olden days

Message from the President

Hi All
Welcome to 2022, we welcome the easing of restrictions in NSW & Victoria and look forward to a more normal year.
With that in mind, this is a quick note to remind you that our normal monthly meetings resume from Tuesday 22nd at the Pascoevale Hotel from 8pm. Meals are available if you arrive earlier.
Monthly rides on the first Sunday of each month resumed before Xmas thanks to Owen Jones & David Cattrall. Check the website calendar for details.
Also a reminder that the Inverloch ride is on next weekend. Details are on the calendar on the website. We have spread this over 3 days to enable a wider audience of members to come earlier, or after work on Friday to enjoy some magnificent Gippsland countryside.
This is booking out fast, so contact the Inverloch Motel if you’re interested.
Alistair Piercy

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