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Vic Section IIRA Association General Meetings held last Tuesday of the month (except December- January)  at

Pascoe Vale Hotel

12 Railway Pde Pascoe Vale Victoria 3044

Monthly Association Run

1st Sunday of the month run  check Calendar as these are not on if a rally falls in the same month

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IIRA Rally Account

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All Events and meetings are subject to Corona Virus regulations, keep viewing the calendar for up to date information.

Crazy Horse Rally 2021 October 22-24 Yakandah

Entry forms to be announced closer to event, rural members only

Our New Covid-19 Policy

“ Iron Indian Riders Australia Covid Policy

As Australia reopens from lockdown following the Covid Pandemic, the club recognises that we are responsible for the health of our members as we move about the community on rallies, meetings and rides. In order to minimise the impact on our members, the club requires all members attending a venue, ride or rally, to be fully vaccinated and up to date with future vaccinations as recommended by health authorities.”

The reasoning behind this is outlined in my comments above, we have several members, including myself, who are immunosuppressed and we have a responsibility to them & their families to ensure we move about as safely as possible. We also have a duty of care to our unvaccinated members, who will face greater exposure in the coming months as Covid moves about the community.

On this basis as such the policy above is now in place and I will draft a personal communication to the general membership so that all members are aware of the club policy & reasoning behind it. 

Alistar Piercy (President)

The long road out

Yes folks its happening but a few things that aren’t going to happen for us living in the city, The Crazy Horse Rally will be on for rural members only that are not in restriction areas and are capable of complying with all Covid-19 regulations. For us suckers in the city we will be organising the Teepee Rally at Llanelly in mid November after the critical 80% mark is reached. This will be fully run as per Government regulations at that period which should mean some form of vaccination QR code for each individual and will be checked before admission to the grounds at Llanelly, keep your eyes peeled for rally forms to be downloaded and submitted before entry, those who don’t do this will told regrettably not to attend.

Just when you thought it was safe the game could change.

I’m suffering with this ailment

Vic Roads drops the 30 year limit, unfortunately

It’s going to happen

Forty years ago I used to be a young guy in the Classic Club of Vic (come to think of it I still am but older) anyway all those old tossers in that club would talk of “the good old days” of buying motorcycles for under 5 quid and Saturdays morning AGE newspaper would be full of such treasures for the taking, unfortunately such things had altered in the late sixties and the early seventies and I must have lived in “the bad old days” as the prices had risen sharply. These were the guys that had the shed full of bits that stopped me building my bike and one day they were “Gunner” (marine term) fix them, I could still name these blokes but I won’t, some has long since died others are in no shape to repair their zimmer frame more or less a motorcycle frame. Some of their “treasures” have been scrapped, crushed, or split family’s in two fighting over the estate and even in some cases the offspring of these old guys have no interest in their “treasures” and are just itching to get rid of it, to buy a Fondue bowl or something else you would abhor. Daniel Craig (007) mentioned last week he was leaving nothing of his fortune to his offspring, seems fair they are apparently well heeled, success he says is to die and leave with nothing left in the bank!

So what do you do, easy start culling down the bikes you are no longer riding and give a new younger person the opportunity to buy your bike NOW, if you are generous give the money to your offspring or donate it to some needy cause and only that way you can be happy you know where your bike has gone

Lockdown Dan

Yes folks the 3 day circuit breaker is now a month old and another 3 weeks to go, you know I hate this guy worse than Harley’s as they share a same problem, they are both unreliable! So no ride this weekend and as you know no meeting last night but in 5 weeks or so the Crazy Horse Rally may be on so its something to savour, I am starting to wear down as there is no plan for the future just a unrelenting lockdown a little glimmer is keeping me looking forward, roll on lockdown,

A good tech article on chain wear

Know what your screwing

Its starting to get to me.

At my time in life important things are family, enjoying myself, and riding motorbikes, and you know what I cant do any of these as a matter of fact neither can you and double donut days are fantastic until the very next day your in lockdown! I am still lucky to be able to work after 18 months of no annual leave, not being able to see my son, and looking forward to a planned event, rally or ride seems a dream, initially it was no big deal my entertainment was limited to going to Bunnings or the supermarket but seriously like you this lockdown with no end in sight has got to me we have no idea when if ever things will return to normal no carrots with Dan the Despot only a “whack” every time. I have never been a law breaker intentionally but as of late I’m feeling like “stuff wearing the mask” and I’m going over 5 klm’s up yours Dan. Have I got the jab? well yes fully vaccinated and beside my 5G mobile improving and the CIA contacting me every night the second head is quite handsome! Seriously though the most difficult thing was ripping off the Band-Aid off my hairy arm the next morning I can only ask you to consider getting a jab if you have a un-compromised immune system get it done its the only way we are ever going to get out of this to ride our Indians or see our loved ones. The Yackandandah Crazy Horse Rally is still on my calendar for October my fingers are crossed.

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