Odd things in the olden days

Message from the President

Hi All
Welcome to 2022, we welcome the easing of restrictions in NSW & Victoria and look forward to a more normal year.
With that in mind, this is a quick note to remind you that our normal monthly meetings resume from Tuesday 22nd at the Pascoevale Hotel from 8pm. Meals are available if you arrive earlier.
Monthly rides on the first Sunday of each month resumed before Xmas thanks to Owen Jones & David Cattrall. Check the website calendar for details.
Also a reminder that the Inverloch ride is on next weekend. Details are on the calendar on the website. We have spread this over 3 days to enable a wider audience of members to come earlier, or after work on Friday to enjoy some magnificent Gippsland countryside.
This is booking out fast, so contact the Inverloch Motel if you’re interested.
Alistair Piercy

2 years later and were are not back to normal

So a lot of people are still “shell shocked” by the recent pandemic, some are still afraid to travel others are reluctant to gather with friends and of course social distancing and mask rules are still in place but QR codes are now 50% down on what they were a mere month ago. Still having just recently turned 70 I’m out to make up 2 years of life and at this age 2 years is a lot of time, what does one do to make it up well I’m off to Tassie next month with the British Motorcycle Club of Hobart on a 12 day ride which is what happens every 2 years the last one I just got back before lockdown! Then there is the Sitting Bull Rally in two weeks and a run the week after with our new club captain Dave Catteral to the Two Spurs, so plenty on and hopefully with friends coming along as well

Members under the weather

1908 Indian

At this point I must wish some of our members all the best as they are not well at this point in time Linda Jones, Pete Kime & Ian Rhook if you are personal friends why not give them a ring and give them a get well message

Its not just us

Recently I was asked about other club’s policies on Covid -19 the Williamstown Motorcycle Club have a similar policy to us

Fully Vaccinated Requirement for WMCC Events

With the roll out across Victoria of proof of COVID-19 vaccination status as a condition of entry into ven- ues or events, the committee has decided to make being fully vaccinated a condition of entry for all WMCC events. This will apply to all attendees, including members and invitees.

This will come into effect from 5 November (the Victorian 80% double vaccination target date) when ca- fés, pubs and restaurants etc. will re-open for indoor service for patrons who can prove vaccination sta- tus. Should the Government move this date, WMCC will move ours accordingly.

Proof of full vaccination status can best be done by uploading your vaccination certificate to the ‘Victoria Service App’, or having a hard copy of your certificate from your Medicare records.

At Café Cirino, the Customs House Hotel, or a ride lunch venue evidence of your vaccination status will of course be the responsibility for the venue – not WMCC.

Our club has an older demographic, some of whom do have underlying medical conditions, which alt- hough double-vaccinated, would suffer unnecessarily should they be exposed to the virus and suffer even mild symptoms. Therefore the committee believes we have a responsibility to ensure the club pro- vides a safe environment for all its members.

With any change in Government Directions we will review this requirement.

The WMCC Committee

Famous Indian

Few people know her and yet, this 1200 Chief of 1948 was probably one of the most media-related Indians in the world. In front of 30 million spectators, she indeed opened the marriage procession of Prince Rainier III of Monaco and Grace Kelly on April 19, 1956, to find her place more recently in the Principality.

Three years after the launch of the Indian brand in 1901, law enforcement is among the first important customers to recognize the potential of Springfield motorcycles. On December 10, 1904, the New York Police Department issued an inaugural order of Indian motorcycles to the Hendee Manufacturing Company. Given their great efficiency, a second batch of these monocylinders was purchased on April 22, 1905. In France, we have to wait for the end of World War I for Georges Clemenceau, then the President of the Council, to give the Gendarmerie of a long-term motorcycles, left in place by Uncle Sam’s armed forces. Also, 64% of these m Achilles used by American allies are Indian, more precisely 1000cc Powerplus models. At this time, and until his death in 1922, Prince Albert 1st of Monaco has been riding the handlebar of a British Humber-branded motorcycle for more than twenty years. He even has a number of road trivia that led him from Monte-Carlo to Paris. So it’s no surprise that early 1951, the young Prince Rainier III decides to complete his Carabiniers Corps of a future motorcycle escort squadron.
Contrary to his illustrious great-grandfather Albert 1st, he does not choose this squadron’s motorcycles over English builders, but opts for American beautiful ones. As much as on March 10, 1951, the French Army Regional Parc of the Paris Materials offered the Carabiniers eleven Harley 750 WLC 1943, rescued from the Second War. They are quickly “civilized”, fitted and painted in navy blue. However, Prince Rainier III reserves a much more prestigious model for his peloton leader, Deputy Lieutenant François Delaye. On June 10, 1951, he personally purchased an Indian 1200 Chief 1948 carrying the CDH 6420 serial number. She is also entitled to a new painting and is wearing the Prince’s crowned monogram on the tip of her front guard. All bikes are also equipped with electric sirens installed on the top of the fork, as well as elegant white flanking tires. In 1953, the Fanion of the motorcyclist Peloton was restored by Prince Rainier III and will be installed on a support arch fitted by collars at the Chief’s handlebar. In addition to the ceremonies and official escorts, the Carabiniers bikers participate in the procession of the now mythical marriage principle on April 19, 1956.

The Indian opens the march with a lot of elegance, with its generous body being seen by 30 million viewers around the world. This remarkable motorcycle, followed by the smallest 750 cc, is also featured in countless official photos, sometimes published in the past press.
But a wind of change is blowing on the Peloton from March 10, 1962, with the purchase of eight 500 cc BMW motorcycles. Little by little, these Germans are going to replace the American ones. According to the Carabiniers Register, August 16, 1966, the registered Indian “611” was sold with a major stock of spare parts to M. Marchisio, who holds a butcher shop in the city of Menton. Due to lack of space, he ended up separating from the lot in the late 60s, to give it to Edmond Joly, Nicois motorcyclist. The latter let this Chief rustle and skate for thirty years in his shop, provoking the lust of many local amateurs of fine mechanics. Despite his pitiful condition, this Chief remains incredibly attached: his chromos are stung, oxidized aluminum, his night blue paint, and cracked. As for the leather of its large double saddle, it is as dry as the GoodYear tire rubber.
Despite all the buying offers submitted to him, Mr. Joly stubbornly refuses to part ways with this Indian, on which he ended up undergoing in the early 1990s a somewhat “fantasy” first restaurant. With a bicolored beige-gold paint and a few other minor taste or anachronisms, this Chief will long be displayed in the showroom of a Jolly family Japanese motorcycle dealership. Even after Edmond passed away in 2009 Three years later, she still returns to Monaco, where she is loaned to the Carabiniers Barracks on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the motorcyclist Peloton celebrated in 2012. She will be exposed for a year.

Prince Albert II wanting to redeem the Indian acquired Jadis by his father, the heirs of Edmond Joly agree to sell it to the Palais Princier. It was restored for a second time, by Gilles Lumes, a motorcycle technician at the Carabiniers workshop. However, appearing very dark on the archives photos, it will be painted black by the body of the Palais, instead of its dark blue of the time. It is in this delivery that the former motorcycle of the head of Peloton integrates the museum that brings together the collection of cars from S.A.S. Prince of Monaco. Little bit of appreciation, she rests on her side cradle, stuck between an Imperial Chrysler and a 1950’s Cadillac. With great regret of the Carabiniers, she left their barracks that hosted her for a year and would have had a place of honor in their “Museum of Princes of Monaco and their Guards”.
In the absence of the real Indian Chief 1948 of the former motorcyclist Peloton, a model reduced to 1:10y is displayed under the window, this time around the authentic blue night of the Carabiniers!

Happy New Year

Midnight Express

Good riddance 2021 I’m glad to see the back of you especially after vaccine shots, lockdowns, and for me personally no Christmas because of a close contact situation although fortunately I proved Covid free and 30,000 were in the same situation at the same time. This year hopefully may see the end of these problems and all being well 2023 we may be back to normal again personally I would recommend get your booster shot when you can and follow social distancing, mask rules where applicable

So The Midnight Express is on again on 15/01/22 at 6-30 for a 7.00 pm start at the Ampol Mill Park servo and hopefully a nice night as well to finish around Midnight make sure your lights are working and some “Shoo Roo”s can be bought from Supercheap Auto’s for large hopping Skippies, we usually get a good turn up for this event so start planning now. details are on the calendar.

A Christmas message from the Prez

Dear Members
On behalf of the Iron Indian Riders Club committee, I wish you and your families the very best Xmas and a wonderful New Year. 2021 was another interrupted year, with highlights being the Echuca rally and part of the Inverloch rally, where we were able to enjoy the Victorian countryside, before our enforced hibernation. Our monthly rides also ran where possible and thanks to Owen, Phil, Gary & Noel for arranging some wonderful locations.
We look forward to a fuller calendar for 2022, and encourage you to join us on rides where possible. We are the custodians of some historic & beautifully made machines, and the sight of them on the country roads gives cheer to many travellers as we pass. It is a privilege to be able to show these machines in the way they were designed and bring joy to people who thought they had disappeared into history.
Welcome to our new member Tristan Northmore and we look forward to travelling with you on many rides.
Our Midnight Express run will be on 15th January and our first monthly meeting will be on February 22nd and we look forward to seeing you all then. In the meantime, enjoy your family and many great rides.
Merry Xmas
Alistair Piercy President Iron Indian Riders

It’s that time of year

Although in the depths of lockdowns and despair Christmas seemed almost years away we were very limited, hardly any rides no meetings and virtually no rallies, and monthly rides were a dream so you would expect members to be “chomping at the bit” for activities but surprisingly no! The Christmas Party was cancelled due to no interest, the monthly ride to Thornton attracted 7 people and six bikes, and the monthly meeting was fairly average in attendance, excuses range from “this time of year is difficult” thats the reason the Christmas party that used to be in December is now in November and if we cant get a commitment for meals etc then its cancelled. The Monthly run was a completely new venue at Thornton in good weather and after a drought of such activities, no interest, some people say they don”t know things are happening well its posted on the website, you also get text messages to your phone weeks before etc. Lots of our rallies have been the same times for over 10 yes 10 years surely that would help plan your yearly calendar but guess what it seems not, you cannot expect all the organisation with no commitment to either to your Association or fellow members to just ring up on the day before a event and go, thats not how it works Clive.

Another thing thats ruins our rallies is that the listed official weekend 2 day events that some people that work will take a Friday off to have a enjoyable 2 days riding, this is being ruined by a handful of selfish members that go to the rally 2 days before the event and then go home Sunday morning, (packing up Saturday night) after they have had 3 or 4 days riding, this has the consequence of not enough riders for the Sunday Morning Ride which is then usually cancelled. Not good to arrive at a rally event 300 klms away and find one days of riding then the same distance to travel home, makes you really think about attending at all, personally to these people I say don’t come to the rally and run you own itinerary rather than wrecking the listed association event, is that blunt enough either that or stay for the final mornings listed ride. In the past this was’nt a problem and everybody enjoyed the planned two day Rally some staunch fellow clubman are rapidly loosing interest, myself included, if that happens there will be even less events as people will loose interest & not attend.


So the meeting is on tonight at the Pascoe V

Pascoe Vale Hotel TONIGHT for the meeting, then the ride on Sunday to Thornton, the Midnight Express is being planned for January and the rest of next year is being organised for your favourite rallies. All we require from you is commitments as thats the thing that gets us to do this organising, complacency is without doubt the most annoying thing about our Association the only way we know who’s going to a rally is by ringing the listed Motel, not good enough chaps this is going to change as we cant book anything until we have deposits for accomodation or meals. the alternative is your turned away at the event you have just randomly turned up at and not given a flying f**k about anyone else or the hard working organisers. A simple phone call is all it takes to be a responsible clubman.

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