Who was Chief Rain-in-the Face?


Another member recently asked this as he is the patron of our Association Monthly runs I thought perhaps a history lesson would help, thanks to Wikipedia for the details on the Chief, he was a real person & a fierce warrior not a unusual thing to think that the name is not real.  Click on the highlighted link below for his story

Chief-Rain-in-the-Face link

Have you seen the new Jeep advert?

Just had a  new member mention the 70th Anniversary Jeep advert on TV at the moment (click highlight below), the one where in the beginning the Australian Army is testing the 1942 Army version, then it crosses to the current Chrysler version, the new member mentioned that when the Jeep was first made it was a Willy’s, & Ford made it during the war as well under contract. Got me thinking do old Jeep owners accept the current versions, I bet they do so the relevance to us is the same as Indian & Victory. 1942 was the year Springfield Indians were tested against the the first Willy’s General Purpose (GP) nicknamed Jeep unfortunately  for Indian, but great for the war effort the Jeep was far more practical than a motorcycle or a outfit for that matter, the rest is history we all know how it turned out. A Jeep is a Jeep & a Indian is a Indian no matter what era or year.Motorcycling Australia are starting to send out renewal forms for the Roadside breakdown cover it’s now $29.00 for us as affiliate members to their Association, which is a $10 saving over the normal rate this is excellent value sign up now

Jeep Advert


History of Indian Page is ongoing

The  History of Indian page on this site when first formulated seemed to me as “Well that’s all that will be done here for awhile” how wrong could I have been, in the last number of weeks I have not only added the Indian Dakota 4 but also the Victory takeover, yesterday John Smith(the Prez) sent me a ton of details & photos on the 1991-1998 stuff that I had little knowledge about, in the next number of weeks I will add this in as well, gives you something to do as its cold in the garage. On a similar subject the YouTube page under Image & Video’s is always good for a couple of hours I have put in a few more lately, any that you find that are appropriate please send the link to me.

Chris Horner has sold his 2003 Chief Vintage to new member Guy Allen,I pulled the lowering kit out of it on Guy’s request as he is 6’4″ (no I don’t know what that is in Japanese) I think Chris is hankering for a Victory -Indian version in 12-18 months (like me) meanwhile the 1947 will keep him riding Indians. John Smith is coming down to Melbourne in the next few days to talk to Polaris -Victory about their future plans on Indian in Australia, so hopefully we have more news about this subject from him in the very near future

Timmerman electric start issues & a visit to Victory showrooms

For all you long suffering Springfield owners with a Timmerman electric starter we have resolved the problems, which are many the see-sawing is a major issue also misalignment of the case which causes the sprag to misalign badly. The sprag was never designed for any of this & was made to be immersed in oil. The Timmerman standard system does none of this it required a complete rethink. Phillip White, Robert Gosper & your Webmaster have hit a solution that requires some re-machining, but then it is rigid & the new sprags do not rely on you using WD-40 for lubricant every couple of months we are currently testing the prototypes but they are good so please contact either Phillip or myself for more details.

Yesterday I visited Victory Motorcycles Melbourne on my 2002 Gilroy  the sales honcho Ant Clark is very enthusiastic about the future of Indian in Australia, but there is about 12-18 months before they will be here do yourself a favour & visit the future home of Indian this showroom is remarkable & would leave a lot of prestige car showrooms gasping, it is really that exceptional & the staff are welcoming & more importantly not pushy. I hope to arrange a group visit in the next few months, this is the first Indian dealership in Elizabeth st Melbourne since the forties,you can be sure the dealerships in Perth & Sydney are equally as impressive so for our interstate members please visit & make yourself known as a IIRA member. Ant was telling me his dream is to eventually ride a handchange Indian so the boy is keen to get right into the whole of it especially linking the old & the new which is what we are all about. Meanwhile 30 brand new 2010-2011 models will be here in September so contact John Smith for details of one of these if you need to purchase this year.

Oliver Godfrey’s 100th Anniversary of 1-2-3 I.O.M Victory

New member Guy Allen recently asked “What are we doing for Oliver Godfrey’s 1911 TT win at the Isle of Man 100 years ago” a good question not many people realize Indian won a TT  more or less 1st, 2nd & 3rd place wins, this is a very historic moment in Indian history, & set the ball rolling for Indian in Europe & colonial countries such as Australia. The TT races were THE race to win & gave Indian a status as being more than a huge American motorcycle than won some unknown cross country events in U.S.A or Board (Motodrome) racing which was virtually unknown in Europe at that time. This put Indian well in front of their opposition in sales which continued for the next decade, a single example was Milledge Bros in Melbourne imported  3 shiploads of Indians in one year alone, we have a lot to thank Oliver Godfrey for. Second place winner was another notable in Indian lore, Charles B Franklin designer of the Indian Scout & also the famous 101 Model, lastly in Third place Arthur Moorehouse

1911 TT winners for Indian (click highlight)

Great Race dates are out

Just received the details of the 20th Anniversary Of the Great Race in  2012 the dates are 10th & 11th March 2012, so put this down as a must do event next year. It will be very close to when we return from N.Z so it might pay to rely on your second Indian in case it has’nt returned in time. I have selected some photo’s on last week-end Run they are listed below on the entry below. There is also another Springfield Parts supplier Ken Wilson, listed in Parts & Repairer’s Area  he has a lot of select N.O.S parts available to Association members, Ken has been selling parts for over 25 years so he knows what you want.

Ist Anniversary Run a great success

Yesterday’s Run was a great day we got mixed weather, a reasonable turn-out & we met the CEO of Victory Motorcycles in Australia Peter Harvey. Peter is dead keen on Indian’s & expressed a lot of enthusiasm upon seeing our range at the lunch stop in Bunnyong, he was interested in the IIRA events & rallies & even joined our Association. The good thing is he wants our input, & we look forward to have him attend our various events in the future. The rest of the run went well Stevie’s raffle was one by Peter Kime, Ian Rook, & the Association donated prize  won by Rod Leaman. The Crown Hotel where we had lunch, had been advertising us for 2 weeks & half of Bunnyong & Ballarat was there to meet us when we rode in, unfortunately the only bike that used the trailer was Peter Kime’s 1936 as in sheared the dynamo drive sprocket rivets, seems funny that Peter’s new trailer that was used by Chrissy on the back-up vehicle had his own Indian on it! The ride back was fine rain getting cold & at 5-00pm also starting to get cold, on the way back at Anakie we were met by Guy Allen on his 2003 Chief Vintage, the ride through the back-way to Baccus Marsh was fast & furious with your webmaster on the 1944 outfit really nailing it to get home before dark. Many thanks to all those involved especially Steve & his partner Chrissy

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YouTube Page is a Hit!

The newly created Image & Videos header that drops down to Youtube Links has been getting plenty of  positive feedback. There has been a fair bit of time spent on this to get a interesting mix of subjects for your leisure or pleasure, please visit & if you see any new one’s yourself send the link in, so we can share it with others in our Association. Remember it is your Webmaster that will decide if it is suitable for our site, so no “naughty” links please. This brings me to another subject, member Daryl Jenkins comment that he was having problems viewing the Just Bike & Bike Point area in Trading Post “a lot of gobbly gook computer jargon with no pictures” I asked him have you updated to Adobe 10 Reader or your Adobe Flash Player? This to your average Joe, or Daryl in our case can seem equivalent to logging in for the space Shuttle co-ordinates to couple with the Space Station, but do not slash the wrists just yet, you can do this from the internet, or get a young relative, friend or geek to help, the beauty of this is you can enjoy your site even more

Webmaster & daughter Bonnie at recent Beechworth Bonanza Rally




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21/04/11 IIRA Stop Press goes to Blogging All the future news will be in a blog format as I have been told this is the way for current updating to be done, by Richard at MontiMedia our dedicated friend who maintaine”s the site on technical matters, they are in our Advertisers area as well as the sidebar.

18/04/11 *NEW PAGE*YouTube Links’ under Image Video Area area for relevant Indian Stuff, this we be added as more comes in

07/04/11 A new provider in the Links Area is Ed Glasgow of 4 Speed Overdrive fame, he will sell you a gearbox to suit your Springfield model .Frank Byford the manufacturer single handedly turned a ancient 3 speed crash box motorcycle into a pleasant highway cruiser, that is capable of todays highway speeds, Ed is the agent for these & will gladly help you with your queries. Stevie Higgonbottom sent a preview of his 1959 Chief , he picks up Saturday from Classic Style. Just noticed 27 Indians currently for sale in theTrading Post area from 1918-2010 as of today in either Just Magazines(15) or Bike Point(12) area not counting the private machines for sale by our Association Members

06/04/11 I like this brochure of the Indian Go-Cart, it was made in 1971- The 1954 Indian Papoose was listed to have a optional sidecar 98cc!

05/04/11 The first Anniversary Run is on 01/05/11, if you click on the highlight above you will see a well planned event thanks to Stevie so we need support on this one there will be prizes presented on the day as well

04/04/11 Bikes by the Bay was a huge success thanks to Chris Knoop for Setting up trestle’s & Association Banner.We also signed up a couple of new members out of the over 800 bikes & over 5,000 people that turned up, so this will be definitely be on next year. A couple of shots are on the Section News

24/03/11 Read all about the Sitting Bull Rally in the Section News & thanks to Phillip White for his splendid article & Peter Kime for the photo’s. We have proved yet again how late & early machines can run together without the doomsayers, critic’s & detractors forecasting bloodshed & mayhem!

Indian Train

21/03/11 Sitting Bull Rally report to follow by Phillip White, meanwhile the photo above shows Ned Kelly’s Indian he came to the Sitting Bull Rally as well, hmm at least the Indian did. Phillip rode a new Indian Bomber & will as promised write a follow up article in your next Smoke Signals Magazine Gilroy vs King’s Mountain. Motorcycling Australia has rectified the problems with the rider break-down cover, so back to normal 24-7 & 365 days a year cover on any motorcycle that you own, Australia wide for $25 annually download the forms from the Links area & pay its a win win situation. We will be offering better deals in the future with breakdown accommodation while your machine is repaired & also a machine to continue your journey with if you bike cannot be fixed in time. No other Club is offering this at the moment the Iron Indian Riders Association gives you more for your $ than any other Club ” This is a Fact not a Slogan” ( took this from a old Vincent -HRD Advertisement)

25/02/11 Just finished a new pillion seat set-up on my C347 I toyed initially with one of the commercial seats that are available but eventually settled on doing 10 hours & $800 worth of hard earned to get a seat with suspension, I’m fairly happy with the result but then my daughter will tell me wheather it is successful or not. My C344 outfit will be my back-up if the seat does’nt meet standards.Keep the entries rolling in for the Sitting Bull rally next month, the riding season is heading the wrong way so in 3 months you will regret not taking advantage of the ” Indian Summer”

14/02/11 Valentines Day this means you have to give your Indian a treat to show her you love her eg: oil change, new plastic float, points,plugs or condensor, or caress the kickstarter with your boot, start her & give her a good hard ride. Might also pay to give the missus some flowers, or a kind word, for tolerating you and your hobby all these years, any of the above advice you used on the Indian that can be given to your partner, well do the same! Entry forms for the Sitting Bull Rally are out this week, please reply ASAP

07/02/11 Harley-Ferguson quote of the day, “If you can’t fix it with a hammer you have a electrical problem” Enough of the jokes, the Association run was again very successful, thanks to Stevie for doing the back-up vehicle which was’nt used fortunately, unusually it never rained so I lost my bet . Phil White is doing a write up on the run & also a “Shoot Out on Roadmaster vs Chief Vintage” after testing both recently. A member has recently brought to light the difficulties on his 344 Outfit as some of you know I have such a model, these as a 74cu struggle pulling up long hills the outfit weighs over 900lbs bang a windscreen or 2 on it & a couple things happen, 1/3 of the power diminishes & fuel consumption will increase at least the same! C344 were woefully undergeared standard for 40mph convoy work, I geared mine up to 23t countershaft sprocket with a 3 speed as a 74cu, now it is 80cu with a 4 speed overdrive box I run 25t this has no trouble maintaining 100- 110 kph fully loaded & thats with a teenager & luggage as well. Check your gearing most Indian’s are undergeared for 21st Century riding solo’s included, most 1936-2011 Indians will maintain highway speed, the brakes are the problem particularly 1936-2003 versions, thats right even 1999-2003 have comparable brakes to the earlier Springfield versions.

30/01/11 Stinking hot today 40-41C but I will take bets gentleman that on next weeks Sunday Monthly ride it will pour rain as usual for our Association. Rumour from a good reliable source that new Indian”s complied for Australia are going down the assembly line in April to be for sale here in September, this is a very historic time for Australia since the last Indians sold here by a dealer was in 1948.Two agents have been appointed, 1 in Sydney & 1 in Bendigo who will obviously be selling in Melbourne, other states will be appointed later in the year. The good thing for us is as we acknowledge all Indian’s we hopefully will have more dealer & factory support eg: demo’s will be at the Crazy Horse Rally for our members to trial. Chris Horner has for sale Indian Saddle bag mount’s that are polished Stainless Steel to mount on the Alloy rack, these stop your bag’s burning on the hot exhaust pipe, price $100 a pair to members & $125 to non-members these a far superior to Starklites version as they are heavier material, Chris is also selling his 2003 Maroon Chief Vintage with 4000 mile on it & every accessory but more importantly full Blackhawk oil pump & flywheel modifications price is $32,000 fully complied rego & R.W.C. Chris is keen to buy a new King’s Mountain version, so we will have Robert Gosper ,John Smith & Chris, on current versions. So much for the scaremongering about being overrun with new versions out of 70 members only 8 x 1999-2011 exist in our association rest are Springfield Indians, out of the 8 late Indian Owners 6 have older models! Remember that over 100 x 1999-2003 models have been already privately imported into Australia till now

15/12/2010 International Gypsy Tour, Perth W.Aust to Birdwood S Aust Sept 2012 For the Men & Women who have hair on their chest, plans are on for the ride of the Century, people on the East Coast will rail their Indian’s to Perth W.Aust having a leisurely journey over 3 days drinking & feasting in the Train all the way with fellow like minded enthusiast’s then spending the day in Perth, Murray Morell will then escort with back-up vehicle(s) all the way to Birdwood S.Aust in time for the largest Vintage/classic rally in Australia some of the N.Zealand & W.Aust Members are joining us. This will take 6-7 days so start preparing your Indian now & we will require Expression’s of Interest from members, we have had over 8 people in the first 3 days wanting to participate in this, more details to follow

20/11/2010 Just Magazines Group has started another website for the IIRA www.justauto.com.au/club/iiraa/membership .We are advertising all the Indian’s for sale in Just Bikes each month on our Trading Post page, just clicking on each machine will link you to their link page, the good thing is this will make us the One Stop Site” for all Indian’s for sale up to the minute in Australia not bikes sold months or sometimes several years ago.

01/11/2010 All the price lists for spare parts that are available from Murray Morell (welcome aboard) on our website check in Trading Post then to Spare Parts for the latest up-to-date lists for your model.

Look up the Tech Article on Piston Ring Gaps on our website it’s very controversial







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