A new, old editor

What’s old is new again, the editors of our newsletter Smoke Signals of the past have been hard working and dedicated and enthusiastic they have covered 13 years of our history and changes in tabled written form both hard copy in the past and now electronic media. Martyn Goldwyn is stepping down and was one of our editors most familiar to our members he has decided to step down as his interest in motorcycles has waned so at this point I must thank him for he’s hard work over the last 10 copies, our previous editor Guy Allan has put his hand up and volunteered to take on the job again, Guy writes professionally for Unique Cars, the now defunct M/cycle Trader and many other mast heads so we’re  grateful he’s coming back to his old job and he still owns a Indian as well as Ducati and a Triumph also a shed full of classic cars and Japanese bikes. As you know we are reliant on articles and info from you so you don’t say “Not another article from/about Phil Pilgrim” Anything will do, maybe your other hobbies or how you ended up with you bike/car or you last trip were all ears.