19,000 hits & more to come, that beats AC-DC & the Beatles

Thats right 19,000 hits to our website in 9 months, or over 2,111 a month I personally believe that it is not only the most up-to-date Indian site in Australia if not the world, very informative, technical, &  catering for your idle moments with the YouTube Area. The whole idea of the formation of the site was so there would be no”secret men’s business” so as a result a Parts & Repairer’s Area was added so all people could benefit rather than have a monopoly system that could crop-up, this seems to have worked with a Links area to promote many major suppliers for all types of Indians the benefit is two-fold for them & us. The next thing we are planning is a Members only Area that will have the current quarterly Association magazine in there & at the same time the previous edition of Smoke Signals will be printed in the public area of the site with other things to follow. Thanks for all your support

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