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This page is for all the news on Indian motorcycles from 2009 till 2015  & any Gilroy or Kings Mountain models 1999/2008. All other news will be on Stop Press as usual. Please note: The opinions expressed by the webmaster are not necessarily the view of all in IIRA.

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Possibly a snap of a new Indian on the way
2018 Three new models
Indian today have released officially 3 new variants Roadmaster Elite, Springfield Dark, and the Scout Bobber, the rest of the range continues with colour variations and slight upgrades in features, Although the new models are very nice and if Indian are offering I would have one in a “snap” the problem is that the Thunderstroke engine is now getting  dated it came out in 2013 and although quite a nice powerplant has its limitations. This engine is bulky, heavy and can get very hot also Polaris desperately needs a middleweight bike about the size of the old Kawasaki Drifter, initially when the 2013 range was launched Polaris decided on a design styled on the old 40’s models to re-establish themselves this was successful but now as the Scout has proved they can change as that engine shares no engine visuals with old Springfield models. Polaris needs to introduce a big 4 cylinder to compete against Gold Wings, and Rocket 3″s then build a middle-weight for people that are not big riders (under 6ft”) and with features on the current versions like cruise control, fuel gauge, USB connectors, etc not much to ask and especially lighter in weight, thats my thoughts.
It had to happen a 2016 Scout with a sidecar, obviously in USA but it shows it can be done.
Fournales Rear Suspension the new setting they have gone from 10 Bar to 13.5 Bar this will give a more even ride and better comfort, any need more info please contact Bertrand Cadart 0407 511454

Announcing Indian Motorcycles’ Custom “Black Hills Beast”

Indian Motorcycle revealed the “Black Hills Beast,” built by Doug Siddens and Nick Jaquez of in Sturgis to a strong reception. The Black Hills Beast, based on a new 2015 Indian Scout, was customized to emulate the purpose built nature of historic hill climb motorcycles.

Transforming the look of the Scout started relatively easily with the addition of several new Indian Motorcycle accessories including the 1920 Solo Saddle Seat and a set of the accessory laced wheels. Custom details that set the bike apart include an elongated custom swingarm, custom handlebar, custom radiator shroud and front number plate with an LED headlight. The 100+ horsepower of muscle in the Scout powerplant chewed up the earth via a custom tire chain designed for maximum grip when charging up a hill.

“Building a hill climber seemed easy enough, but it posed some unique challenges,” Says Doug Siddens of “Enthusiasts know what a hill climber looks like – so some of the mods were logical – but scaling them to fit the new Scout was the key and took a lot of work and planning. We are very proud of the result and the reception that the bike got at such an important Sturgis milestone, the 75th anniversary. ”

“We settled in on a design quickly,” adds Nick Jaquez of “But none of it would have worked without the assistance of our suppliers and partners in this build. We cranked on it for a month andtossed out a few bits along the way – I do feel like we delivered one hell of a machine – and it was a blast getting it dirty too!”

Additional support for the Indian Scout Black Hills Beast came from Aeromach (Floorboards and heel shifter), Dobeck Performance (Engine tuning), Fox Shocks (Suspension), RPW USA (Exhaust), Starr Studios (Paint), Ricochet Customs (Powder coating), BTR Moto (Swingarm and tire chain), Zippers performance (Chain Drive Conversion) and Traxxion Dynamics (Front Suspension).

Indian Motorcycle will continue to play with this gritty work of art through upcoming celebrations of custom Scout motorcycles, as part of the Scout Custom Series launched last year with the Wall of Death Scout, and now including the USO Scout and the Black Bullet Scout inspired by land speed racing. For a new video featuring the Black Hills Beast, visit Motorcycle Australia- Scout Black Hills Beast Custom

Image 3Image 1

Zorro’s are pleased to announce their appointment as Ikon Suspension dealer. Of particular note is the availability of a suspension package front and rear to fit the new Indian Scout. This upgrade gives a massive improvement over the standard equipment fitted in terms of performance and durability.

As a special offer both the Ikon front and rear suspension upgrades for the Indian Scout will be available as a package for $799.95 plus $24.95 shipped Australia wide. Until end of Nov 2015  Suggestedretail is $899.95

contact Mark at Zorro’s for further details 0433 106669 or


PO Box 5118

Mordialloc VIC 3195



F: +61 (0) 3 9012 4139

2016 Indian line-up is close

With Sturgis only weeks away 29th June the 2016 Range is due to be announced, the new Scout series will be one of the first on offer with radical changes due to happen as promised this current model is a platform for the new Scout Custom Series. I get the feeling all the current Scout Owners will be slightly annoyed as Polaris Australia release some of the pre-ordered versions next week, nothing like having a new model for less than a month!

2016 Warm-Up promotion video


New 741 is coming

Image Image 2

Our supporter & advertiser All American Motorcycles have been just appointed servicing agents for Indian & Victory good on you Rick

Victory and Indian Motorcycle Australia Press Release – All American Motorcycles


Click on the Image above for the news about Indian’s new on-line shop.

IND_150115_ScoutsFirstRun200(click on this link to see whats on offer in USA)

0 saddlebag02-228x2280 SADDKLEBAG06-500x500

Saddlebag Mounting system for Indian Chief/ Chieftan/Roadmaster 2014 up Scout/ Spirit

A truly removable motorcycle saddlebags system, perfect for installing and removing saddlebags in seconds. They provide safety and security with models for most US and import cruisers. The bracket set is simple to install. Remove the 2 rear fender mounting bolts and replace with the supplied hardware and mounting spools. They do not require the use of saddlebag support brackets. Brackets are all metal construction with black powder coating for strength and durability. All hardware for mounting is provided. Please note, when you purchase a set of our mounting brackets, the kit includes both the left and right side brackets and all required mounting hardware. Any saddlebag can be used by simply bolting to the bracket set with the bolts provided. When the saddlebags are removed all that shows is the mounting spools much like the original Indian system.

We recommend our all American leather saddlebags that have been designed with Indian heritage in mind but modernised for use on later bikes with an aluminium rear panel and a redesign for extra space.

ref 2014 Indian chief please sepcifiy in the notes field on the order is sissy bar is fitted so we can send the correct bolts. $299.95 pr

We can also supply bracket set and saddlebags for the original S and S Gilroy models Chiefs please email

Tell me no promises and I will give you no lies

The site below shows that there will be disappointment from both customers and dealers


So whats a 3 wheel car doing here? 

Good question and one that Polaris is starting to realize, this is supposed to be a motorcycle, except its got the passenger beside the driver and its got a steering wheel it is having problems even in its home country and as far as Aussie it wont pass crash tests as a car which is what it really is. Keep working on the Gold Wing killing Indian 4 chaps and dont waste time on stuff that won”t sell, meanwhile who has so much money after spending $28,500 on a new Chief and stuffing it around like this?

Guido at work

Guido at work

Indian Scout the chief of Indian (click on link)


Member Jim Tierney looking happy

2015 Accessory price list just released 02/12/14

Indian Motorcycle Accessory List Flyer_Australia


A really good article on the Scout from a womens point of view

Womens Riders Now Review

Indian Motorcycle Australia Press Release - Scout First Shipments Sold Out


Attached is the latest review. This one is from Cycle World,  (Click on picture)

Knocking Down the Miles   Another good review of 2015 Scout



The current Lord Mayor of Melbourne Robert Doyle showing his support for the Men’s Prostate Cancer raffle of a new Chief Vintage sponsered by Indian Australia



Scout 2015 production starting



2015  Scout riders Manual 


This is from the National Motorcycle Museum, Anamosa, Iowa, USA
Featured Entrepreneur – Wayne Baughman, Creator of the Century Chief

If you were reading motorcycle magazines back in the 1990?s, before the internet was widespread, you may have read of a couple of efforts to “revive” the Indian motorcycle. In that time-frame, Triumph and Henderson came back as well, though like the Indian revival efforts, there was no relationship to the original owners of the Henderson or Triumph brands. These entrepreneurs felt it better to start a motorcycle company using a known brand name and styling cues, rather than starting from scratch as did Hesketh, Britten, Buell and others.

Wayne Baughman was an industrious guy who, about 1994 decided he should make the next great American motorcycle. He wanted it to look like an Indian, but employ current technology. And he skirted getting rights to the Indian trademark, just made his bikes look like classic Chiefs. As his story developed, Baughman also claimed he would be strong competition for Harley-Davidson, the sole surviving American motorcycle brand, promising to manufacture as many as 100,000 Century Chiefs a year. And this was in a time when even the well established Harley-Davidson was selling only a little over 100,000 units, making $1.1 Billion dollars in motorcycle sales alone, and another $1M in licensed apparel, etc. Baughman was making a very optimistic promise to investors, dealers, and motorcycle enthusiasts.

The industrious Baughman gathered the press, showed his running prototype, and got plenty of ink in magazines world-wide. And his timing was pretty good as baby boomers were nearing 50, had disposable income and were maybe jonesing for something more interesting than a Gold Wing or BMW, and looking for an alternative to Harley-Davidsons. But after about 10 years ownership by Vaughn Beals and Willie G along with other “real” motorcycle guys, Harley-Davidsons were back to being very good motorcycles and would be tough competition for Wayne Baughman’s plan to steal or build market share.

Baughman promised a lot to journalists, readers and motorcycle dealers. But in the end he did not get beyond a couple of prototypes and many would say a lot of smoke and mirrors. While borrowing a lot from the classic 1950?s Chief, the new Century Chiefs had a bright and seriously edgy billet look where smoother classic castings would have been more pleasing. And the bikes lacked the Indian moniker on the fuel tank; Baughman avoided the hassle of getting Indian trademark rights.

In the end Baughman failed to deliver. He was very under-capitalized and had not established a dealer network, also failings of the Hanlon brothers and their new and short lived “Henderson” just a few years later. In the end, one Baughman Century Chief prototype disappeared with the dissolving of the California Motorcycle Company and their liquidation around 2003. The other is in perfect condition and is on display in the National Motorcycle Museum. Rarely has one motorcycle had so much to say!

The next chapter in the Indian story began about 1998 in Gilroy California with the newly formed Indian Motorcycle Company of America. This group was awarded the Indian trademark rights by a Colorado court in 1998. Though several thousand motorcycles were manufactured and sold, technical problems, distribution, the use of a typical S&S engine and the lack of true Indian uniqueness conspired to cause production to end in 2003.
But the power of the Indian trademark, its heritage, the motorcycle styling image it brings up in tens of thousands of people world wide, caused the British firm, Stellican to again work for its revival. Of all the attempts since 1953, Stellican’s was the most impressive and first offered motorcycles in 2006. The designers played the classic Chief styling very well, used their own engine, dressed the machines with plenty of tasteful chrome. Though expensive, they sold fairly well, and were technically very good motorcycles.

Someday we may learn just how long Polaris Industries was interested in the Indian trademark. They began selling Victories in 1998 so must have been watching Baughman, the Gilroy Indian concern and Stellican’s efforts, perhaps waiting for the right moment. Clear ownership of the trademark was a concern. It’s also been noted that each successive owner of the Indian trademark might be subject to liability lawsuits and warranty claims related to motorcycles they had no part in manufacturing! There is no doubt Polaris has worked hard for trademark rights and continues to. Much like Harley-Davidson has been judiciously following mandates of the United States Patent and Trademark Office to protect their marque, we now see Polaris doing the same with Indian. Small concerns that have made a wide range of parts, accessories and apparel over the years are now subject to scrutiny. Some will sign up with Polaris as official licensees, some will stop making product displaying the Indian trademark.

Most agree the Indian trademark is finally in the hands of a company that will continue to make new Indians that pay tribute to the original legendary machines. Some suspect they will also show us what Indians would have looked like had there not been a 50+ year design hiatus; Indian sport bikes, adventure touring machines, a new Scout, three-wheelers, sidecars. What does the future hold for Indian and all of us who revere the brand?

Iron Indian Riders Australia's photo.Iron Indian Riders Australia's photo.Iron Indian Riders Australia's photo.Iron Indian Riders Australia's photo.

thunderstroke riders-crop-u266

A new club for W.Aust 111 Owners (click on image above)



2015 Indian Brochure  (click on image)


Indian Scout Of The Future?

Indian Scout Electric of the future?  (click on link)

Indian remove Brake/Throttle override05/08/14So it’s here at last after 70 years a new Scout080514middle1-730x410

Cycle World Review

New Scout VIDEO Polaris-Indian Parts manual all m/cycle range
ImageImage 1Indian-Scout-9Indian-Scout-6Indian-Scout-8

And at $18,000 rideaway for 1133cc and 100 B.H.P its cheaper than the Sportster 1200 and 30 horsepower more powerful and lighter to boot at 553 kgs. I’m starting to feel sorry for H-D, the Indian 4 will come next year, that will kill the Milwaukee Tractor Co

IMG_0711IMG_0712IMG_0710IMG_0713080614top3IMG_0689 Whats in the box I reckon a 1100cc Scout, good to see the Roadmaster name back after 8 years Review on 2015 Roadmaster2015 Indian Roadmaster TV advert  22/07/14

Indian leather care  ( click on link) Shouldn’t the dealers do this at every service at least, it’s a full days work and lasts 6 months, not good enough Indian,my Gilroy bags looked as good as new after 10 years, for $32,500 I would expect new seat, tank panel cover and bags at the very least, can you imagine a leather interior on a BMW or prestige car having this problem no, I own a 2001 Toyota Avalon Grande with leather & its nearly as good as the day it went in. Problems like this should be addressed immediately and new leather should be replaced under warranty, the leather supplier needs to get this problem delivered back by the truck full! 01/07/14

Leather Care, Accessory Backrests & Passenger Backrest Luggage Racks Update  We have heard from you and your customers that the leather on the 2014 Indian Chief® Vintage bikes has not met expectations and has aged more than anticipated. We are sorry for the frustration this has caused both you and your customers. We have met with our leather supplier and have developed a solution. For current Chief® Vintage owners, we are introducing a Tan Leather Care Kit that will restore the leather to like-new condition and improve its fade resistance by ten times. All Chief Vintage owners will receive this kit free of charge. Regular leather maintenance will still be required, but with the increase in the fade resistance that the kit provides, customers should only need to reapply once per year under normal conditions.
We will be sending instructions on how to obtain the kit to all Chief® Vintage owners in the next few weeks. Kits will be available starting the second half of July and we will continue to fulfill requests throughout the summer. Accessory Backrests & Passenger Backrest Luggage Racks We realize the delay in order fulfillment on select Indian Motorcycle accessories has been an inconvenience to you and your customers. We apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate your continued patience. We are continuing to work with our suppliers to improve on the order fulfillment dates and will provide you with updates via the weekly Dealer Newsletter. Below is the most recent update on Indian Motorcycle Passenger Backrests and Passenger Backrest Luggage Racks. Indian Chief Vintage and Chief Classic Backrests (2879737-156 & 2879725-156) are currently off backorder and available for shipment. Deluxe Quick Release Passenger Backrests for Indian Chieftain (2879541-156 & 2879736-156) are currently shipping to dealers and we will continue to clear backorders as we receive shipments from our supplier. Currently, any Chieftain Passenger Backrest that is ordered today will ship to your dealership within four weeks from the order date. The Deluxe Passenger Backrest Luggage Rack (2879544-156) is currently shipping in limited quantities. We are working with the supplier to get production rates to full capacity as quickly as possible. We will continue to ship product as we receive it. Thank you, The Indian Motorcycle Team
 Does’nt this Chieftan Outfit look great with a traditional sidecar body?

 IMG_0624IMG_0623IMG_0625 30/06/14 Picture of the new Chieftan off-road model! IMG_0612     powercommander_logo Power Commander are the only ones at the moment with a aftermarket kit out for the new 2014 Chiefs they seem to have had good reviews in the States and they are not relying on a noisy $1,800 Stage 1 exhaust which as far as I can see beside making the exhaust louder and increasing fuel consumption gives you little else! The beauty of this kit is landed here in Aussie its under $500, thats a saving of $1,200 and the Dyno charts prove it gives more “Bang for your buck” to boot Powercommander 5 Ignition & fuel modulator (click on link) Powercommander 5 install (click on link)   Cannonball Memorial 2014 Cannonball Baker 19142014 Cannonball2014 Cannonball Mule 100 years seperates these photo’s Cannonball Baker in 1914 & a 2014 works Chief & rider on the recent memorial run

front coversmokesignals1310websmokesignals1303webSmoke Signals, WInter 2012   What’s that you say Free Honorary Membership in the best Indian Association in Aussie well yes for 12 months but only for Indian owners, any model (we may require proof if your interstate) and a Free Indian calendar worth $30(while stocks last) with the quarterly association magazine Smoke Signals chucked in as well.  A couple of conditions, first we need you to return the membership form which is available below so you can receive your Smoke Signals, also you will need to send us a stamped self-addressed large C4 size envelope with postage stamp $2 if you want your calendar. So what don’t you get for nothing, no  free red-plate inspection, no enamel Association badge, no voting privileges, no access to the members area on the website & no Smouldering Embers monthly e-letter, no hard copy magazine only email version, everything else remains the same as a fully paid up member. We would of course enjoy your company at a meeting and an Association Rally or Monthly Run if humanly possible, that’s not much to ask is it, the full membership can be paid to upgrade at any time honorary membership form2       (click to download)

Polaris President Bennett Morgan Talks About the Cult of Indian Motorcycles

Click on header above   Polaris-Indian school now open in U.S.A Wish I could attend one of these schools, hopefully they will start one in Aussie one day IMG_0493IMG_0494IMG_0495

Indian Motorcycles taking a bite out of Harley-Davidson, analyst says


By Rick Barrett of the Journal Sentinel
April 9, 2014
Indian Motorcycles could be taking a little bigger bite out of Harley-Davidson’s market share than you might think, an industry analyst says in a new report.
If Indian’s sales remain on track, the brand could soon capture 5% of the super-heavyweight motorcycle division where Harley dominates with a 75% market share, according to Robin Farley with UBS Investment Research. Harley’s super-heavyweight market share is much higher than the 50% range it has of the broader heavyweight category. But the super-heavyweight category, with engines of 1400 cc or higher – is Harley’s sweet spot and the area where it competes with Indian. Going forward, the growth of Indian will likely be a factor in Harley losing market share in the super-heavyweight category, Farley says in her research note to clients. “It is interesting to look at what impact Indian may have on Harley’s share going forward, as Indian does ramp up,” Farley noted. Indian is a division of Polaris Industries, a manufacturer of Victory motorcycles, snowmobiles, and all-terrain vehicles. Polaris redesigned Indians from a clean sheet of paper after numerous attempts by others to revive the historic brand failed. Late last summer, Indian dealerships received their first 2014 Chief bikes that are aimed squarely at competing with Harley-Davidson’s line of touring motorcycles. Read more from Journal Sentinel:

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Did They Ever Stand A Chance?

Apr 10th, 14 / Comments Off /Edit this Entry

IMG_0460 The ongoing heritage of the Indian, what they havent mentioned is V-Twin engine 1908, Twistgrip & electric start 1915, or aluminium chaincases in 1920, or rear suspension 1915, except for the V-Twin engine and the twistgrip the Milwaukee Tractor Co didn’t get any of this till the mid 1950?s. It’s the same in 2015 new Chief has standard not optional, ABS, cruise control, decent braking system, L.E.D lights, modern  unit construction powerplant with balancer shafts, geared primary drive did they ever really think they were competitive, history proves even if the product is good, management is critical this wont be a problem in this phase of Indian history


Toughen up Princess!

This recently arrived by email below from Don, my thoughts personally is Triumph did the same in 1992 if you insisted on using the Triumph name you got sued! Polaris has the same right and anybody making old Springfield Indian parts dont have to put the Indian name on the product, if you buy from Starklite,Greers you know anyway that it will fit Springfield models not a Yamaha.Indian owes nothing to old owners there is no money in it for them the name would carry on without old owners eg: Crocker for example, if I paid for the Indian trade mark and found people trading off the name and making money from it trust me I would “sue your tits off” thats life. Indian-Polaris is supporting the heritage Indian Motorcycle Museum is a example (there not selling parts for profit) & hopefully looking after their new Indian customers, in twenty years from now people will be riding Springfield Indians very rarely but I guarantee there will be a ton of twenty year old models Spirit Lake models around as per Hinkley Triumphs. Quiet simply dont use the name, LF Harris does’nt use Triumph name or logos and still provides all parts for Meridan Triumph’s & I am the Victorian,South Australia & Tasmania distributor no problemo. People using the name to promote there buisness such as “Barker INDIAN”, Horny Indian, Munroe Indian, Last Indian shop west of Elizabeth st, or whatever need to drop the name or suffer the consequences unless they are a authorized Indian agent by paying the licence fee for the profit there making off it. Don never was going to support the new company so saying you are not going to buy anything to do with Polaris is stupid, now if he had balls he would have cancelled the order on a new Chief  as all others that have deposits paid, then Polaris may take notice, most of these guys are living in 1940-53 so it doesnt matter   (webmasters personal views) Hello ……… I don’t know if you are aware of what the new Indian / Polaris company is doing.  Through their law firm they are going after long established  Indian suppliers that specialize in the vintage Indians built till 1953.  After wasting thousands of dollars on lawyers, some suppliers have already paid for “licensing agreements” that also include a percentage of sales going to I / P (Indian Polaris).  One long time Indian supplier on the east coast has now closed his business because he couldn’t afford this “licensing agreement”. He had a great product that was made in the USA.  The alternate now is an inferior product made in China.   On a recent order of vintage Indian parts I noticed prices on some items had increased 10-20%.  The supplier mentioned because of the I / P agreement, costs have gone up and the only way to recoup his new added expenses is to pass it on to his customers.  The new Indian company have been hyping their new bikes on heritage, using old bikes in ads and even copying the Munro streamliner.  And now they want to screw the owners and riders of the original Indians.  If it wasn’t for us the name would be worthless.  Don’t they realize that we are their best “free” advertising?   I am in contact with a lot of people in the Indian motorcycle community – and they are very upset.  I tried to get in touch with someone at Indian.  Their 800 numbers direct you to Polaris where no one can give you any contact phone or email to anyone at Indian.  Very strange.  I finally found a phone # for their media relations person (Robert) but it was discontinued.  I did email and he did reply.  After a long phone call the bottom line was “they own the Indian name and me and everyone else is going to pay”.  Not a pleasant person to talk to. On a You Tube video I discovered the person in charge of Indian was a Steve Menneto.  I asked to talk with him and he said Steve was a very busy guy.  He would not give me Steve’s # or email.  Very frustrating – like dealing with the government.  I did some checking on Polaris. This is what I found at Bloomberg.  They did nearly $4 billion in sales last year with a net profit of $381 million.  Their CEO Scott Wine had a salary package of $31 million in 2012.  Many other Polaris executives were not far behind.  Scott joined Polaris in 2008 as their new CEO.  He was brought in to do some cost savings.  His main cost saving was closing their Osceola, Wisconsin plant and moving it to Monterrey, Mexico costing 500 people their jobs.  They will be opening a new plant in Poland this year and India soon.  And this is a company portraying an USA image.  While the Fat Cats get richer, Americans lose their jobs to cheap wages in foreign countries.  This seems immoral to me.  One word describes all this – GREED!     Robert at Indian said I’ll have to pay.  He is wrong.  I will never buy any product produced by Polaris. Also any Indian parts that are affected by I / P  I will not buy.  This company will not see one penny of my hard earned money again.  I hope the thousands of Indian riders all over the world do the same.     Don –   Please pass this on.


The New Scout is so close I can smell it billet girdersimage Some time ago I mentioned about the new Scout being released in August at Sturgis, I reckon the above Chief will be similar to the new Scout although with a smaller new engine putting out 100bhp, using the billet Girder Forks & the “tractor seat” should worry the H-D Sportser brigade, see how far out I am out on this speculation & remember you heard it first on the IIRA website



Franc Trento an old mate of mine from Euro-Brit on his new Chieftan (first time I’ve seen him smile)

I find this un-real! It makes the IIRA look great value

13/03/14 New Polaris Rider Group Info (3) New Indian Club rules in USA

4 Feb, 2014
New bikes & new faces at Tooboorac Pub run
Some of the gang take a break in the shade at the Gisborne Sunday market.

Some of the gang take a break in the shade at the Gisborne Sunday market.

There was a solid turn-out for last weekend’s Vic run, organised with the help of new members Richard Onyon and Phil Nuske – both of won have added a fresh Gilroy bike to the fleet.
Also along was Tony ‘Crimmo’ Crimmins on his shiny new 111. He’ll soon be heading up a fresh set of runs on the third Sunday of each month, specifically for the later-generation bikes. So, soon you’ll have the first Sunday of the month for the Springfield bikes (and anyone else who wants to join in) plus the third for the somewhat quicker later-model machinery.
Watch our events calendar for all the detail.
A couple of 111s showed up for the ride.

A couple of 111s showed up for the ride.

Two 'new' Gilroys have joined the fleet, owned by Phil Nuske and Richard Onyon.

Two ‘new’ Gilroys have joined the fleet, owned by Phil Nuske and Richard Onyon.

Ian Rhook and Tony 'Crimmo' Crimmins debate the merits of riding Alvin the Scout.

Ian Rhook and Tony ‘Crimmo’ Crimmins debate the merits of riding Alvin the Scout.

Now you can Hire a new Indian
I was honoured to be the first person to hire the Indian. Rode it two up from Torquay to Apollo Bay and back, as well as riding around solo. What a stunning bike, it the best bike of its type I have ridden. If your looking for a bike in this category go and see Darren, great bloke and very helpful.
2014 straight out1487299_663049807072125_1237254852_n
So you have just got your new Chief and you really love it only problem is it sounds like a stranded whale and the twin pipes look like there off a Electra Glide  the system above could be the answer and will go down well with the “Loud Pipes save Lives” brigade
Dave Morgan our Northern Territory member with his new 111

New Indian Scout Announced


scout tank Hot off the Press a new Indian Scout will be announced on 12-17 August 2014 many people have been waiting for a smaller Indian well it’s happening this will really “rock” the Sportster owners, maybe the Four will be next

Noel Thornby and his new 111 Chief Vintage, he looks a happy chappy does’nt he
imagebillet girders
Indian has just arrived in this country and are now ready to produce different versions I consider this marketing version above the Classic they should have made, with 23″ front wheel & billet girder front end all the details on the link below
No its not the same shot its a new one with Chris Horner’s Chief Vintage that he has kindly left with me to “run-in” thats what you call a mate, it is the first new version I have ridden and I will give you a full report from a motorcyclist’s point of view soon. I can tell you now it is very good, most small things that I personally dont like are insignifigient my thoughts will be lots different to most other tests as I owned a 2003 Gilroy Roadmaster until recently & I also own 1940’s Chiefs, not many journo’s except Guy Allen our estimeed editor can say that.

Pilgrim on the 111

Ape Hangers forever

Ape Hangers forever

Your webmaster sitting on John Gee’s 111 that was picked up last week the first to be delivered to our members and No 3 to be despatched from Indian Australia in theory. If you don’t happen to like Ape Hangers might pay to order the optional Beach bars
All the news about 1% motorcyclists is bad and 99.9% of the time they deserve it, except this group in USA, we need bikies like this here in Australia, not the drug running, voilent, stand-over, fear mongering groups we have at the moment
Guy Allen
Guy Allen the esteemed editor of Smoke Signals goes for a ride on his favorite 2003 Chief Vintage, rumour has it that he has just bought a Triumph T160 Trident. Guy is always into self-flagellation what with a S8 Sunbeam, and old Jap bikes & a H-D Sprint, the Indians are all that are keeping him sane
Why not to buy a Gilroy Powerplus engined model unless it has Crazy Horse or Blackhawk engine mods
Gilroy flywheels
S & S Flywheels, quite a test!
Some Gilroy models are fitted with S & S Motors from 1999- to a few Spirit Models in 2003 Power Plus versions are fitted with either Argentine flywheels or Korean the former are very good, most of the Korean versions shift & fail under 18,000 miles so unless it has a Crazy Horse or BlackHawk engine mod no matter what the milage listed don’t touch it note: picture above!  S & S make replacement flywheel sets & this test for the Harley variants appeared on YouTube (Click on the link below)
Powerplus Bobber
Crazy Horse Motoorcycles is the company that Polaris-Indian are now advising all Gilroy era owners go to for their spares & repairs particulary Powerplus variants 2002-04. I have bought a set of fuel caps off them a couple of years ago when I had my Giroy they were excellent quality, they have a extensive website so it is worth a view click on the link below
Ever wonder why Harley will find opposition like this hard to beat?
Easy to see when you see how big Polaris is and how motorcycles are only a small piece of their profit margine, bet the Harley-Ferguson Motor Co regret selling the profitable golf buggy buisness & the caravan making arm of of their company. Remember Polaris-Indian is about 3 times a larger Company than the Tractor Co



I feel sorry for the sales guys at the Indian Shop

Last time I visited our friends down the Indian shop, you know the last one west of Los Angeles (the real one) in Elizabeth Street I was amazed at the salesman Scotty for being so patient some of the questions he gets asked are ” Where’s the hand shift/foot clutch” this got me thinking about the level of the Neanderthal that asks such a question, do they ask in the Harley-Ferguson shop “when is the new Rigid Pan-Head is coming out”, relevant question since Harley was making tin chaincase, rigid frame, Iron headed, kickstart machines at the time Indian ceased making heavyweight V-Twins I bet they don’t, after riding hand change bikes over 40 years now including H-D’s I find them charming but in modern traffic conditions in the city they are dam-right horrible personally, to ride them with even less brakes & a left throttle positively lethal! Indian is a 21st Century motorcycle which is safe,comfortable,reliable & compliant, the heritage models have a place in the 21st Century with enthusiest’s, but we need the new versions to sell in 2013 and into the future

2014 Indian Motorcycle video review

2014 Indian Motorcycle video review
Indian’s launch range has been tested on video.

Club member Guy ‘Guido’ Allen has done the first local video review of the new Indian range, which you can see at this link. The full report is in the current edition of Motorcycle Trader magazine.

 Good news!We are excited to announce that our first Indian motorcycles have left the factory on their way to Australia and that we are still on track to start delivering Indians from mid- November.As a 111 Original you will be contacted individually to be given an update as your bike delivery gets closer.In the meantime, we would like to share the link to the latest, detailed review of the new Indian Chiefs by Boris Mihailovic on his new blog/website Bike Me!We would also like to take this time to share with you a link to the Indian Motorcycle Accessories Walk Through Video to assist in deciding what accessories are right for you!In addition, we can now announce that Indian Motorcycle Brisbane will be opening its doors in late November. Their details will be as below: Indian Motorcycle Brisbane632 Wickham StFortitude Valley, QLDP: 1300 00 INDIANCongratulations on becoming one of the first to be riding a new Indian Motorcycle on Australian roads!
What’s all this Torque about Horsepower?
The graph from Moto USA .com above is the thing that has been hush,hush from Indian the “secret Horspower” figures of the Thunderstroke 111 engine
From Daily Finance magazine
Fool contributor Dan Caplinger points out that Polaris has been able to diversify away from snowmobiles into motorcycle sales, and these recreational vehicles offer huge growth potential in the near future — provided the economy continues to improve for the American middle class. Polaris acquired Indian Motorcycles, America’s first motorcycle company, in 2011, which put it in direct competition with Harley-Davidson . Polaris recently introduced its 2014 Indian Chief models, which were designed, engineered and manufactured exclusively by Polaris. These new bikes drew rave reviews from Cycle World when they debuted at Sturgis this summer , with many direct favorable comparisons to the legendary Harley cycles: one bike owner’s new Indian “has not only been accepted by the Harley crowd, it’s revered.” That’s great news for Polaris, which went from drawing board to full production in just over two years, but it’s dangerous for the more specialized Harley.
  John Burics
10/10/13  Farewell Old chief

John Burics is the proud owner of my 2002 Gilroy Chief pictured here ready to ride it to his home in Queensland, he got there in a little over 2 days, so I asked him “how is your behind’ the comment was ” A lot better than on the Harley -Ferguson I used to own” good riding mate & I hope it gives you as much pleasure as it gave me when I owned it


Australian Heavy Duty Magazine tests Indian (click link) The HARLEY-Ferguson Boys like our Indians this is a bit of a worry, “Strawberries to Hogs” perhaps

2014 model launch

Looking for serenity - an appreciative onlooker at a coffee stop during the launch, in Byron Bay.
Looking for serenity – an appreciative onlooker at a coffee stop during the launch, in Byron Bay.

Club member Guy ‘Guido’ Allen has just attended the national ride launch for the new-generation Indians and has come back making positive noises. See his initial online report here, and look for more in our upcoming club magazine.



Horse Power vs Torque in the real World

A couple of weeks ago wrote a article on Does Horse Power equal Torque in the Real World? (see below) interestingly the horse power figures have been made available on the new 111 Thunderstroke range 119 ft pounds of torque is very impressive but the horsepower figure is 54.5 kw or 71 bhp  is’nt!  Seeing the Kings Mountain Indian 105 c.u ( the 2009-13 versions made by Polaris) produce 82 bhp, and its a larger engine than the ThunderStroke 111 c.u  it makes one speculate on this new model I”m personally itching to ride one of the new versions could Chuck Bauman’s earlier version above be quicker?



Do we really need another Indian Club? This was a question asked by a H.O.G Owner to me when the IIRA was formed over 3 years ago, I answered this easily as there was not another Indian Club around offering the coverage we do “All Indians 1901-2014”. Well it seems Polaris-Indian has decided we need another Indian Club in Australia that will make seven yes, seven in all I will list them all in chronological order below. From the outside it can be compared to a religious group where Christians are divided into many faiths, Harley owners find it amusing as they really only have the HOG (Harley Owners Group) this makes them strong something that Indian’s need Indian Motorcycle Club of Victoria (1901-53),  Indian Motorcycle Club of Australia (1901-1953), Iron Indian Riders of Australia(1901-2013), Indian-Harley Club of NSW(1901-1958), Indian Motorcycle Club of W.Aust(1901-53) , 111 Indian Club (2013 only) and now finally I.R.G (2014-) or the Indian Riders Group as they are known in the USA



There is a lot of local press today about the “Rebels” 1% outlaw motorcycle club, which are having their annual ride to West Australia, apparently over 120 going, & needless to say the police are making a presence at every border with Roadworthy checks and breathalizer testing. One thing I read in the “AGE” this morning was quite a number of these “Nike” Bikies are trailering  their Harvest Glides, & 1200cc Nightman’s to W.Aust this maybe the reason is that they are getting older, the bikes are  not roadworthy or they are not used to riding motorcycles such long distances that are uncomfortable. Polaris-Indian recently produced a advert that captured the moment perfectly I think

How About A Great Race Next Generation?

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Thought this shot would break the monotony, I recognise Ian Rhook’s Blackhawk forked 344 on the end, and this was probably over 2 years ago at the Sandhurst Rally I would say. This year at the Great Race 2013 I asked organisers Dave Reedy(Harley City) and Peter Arundle about a next generation version that is Indian vs Harley except unlike the current version that stops at 1953 Indian’s and 1958 H-D’s it could start at these dates and finish at 2013 plus, both gentlemen were flabbergasted, not that they were against it but they did not want to organise it, can’t blame them as the original takes a ton of time. This has got me thinking lately with the new Indian and basically there is only a gap between 1973-99 but there is a ton of Indians between 1953-73 then over 300 Gilroy and Kings Mountain versions been imported into Aussie that’s  about 34 years of bike  production all up, potentially you could limit the Harley’s on the number of Indians entered. The Triumph Club in Australia( RAT) run a huge rally once a year surely the HOG owners and the new 111 Indian Club could do the same, this needs our friends at Victory-Indian to think about, how about  it chaps?


The Iron Indian Riders of Australia have always been one of the more progressive clubs & the most progressiveIndian group in Aussie let me reflect a little, the website around 10,000 hits a week catering for new & heritage Indians, our custom made clothing bags,caps, windcheaters, neck scarves,belts etc our 16 month Calendar, (available next week) option of electronically quarterly magazine “Smoke Signals” or hard cover if you desire professionaly edited, electronically monthly magazine “Smouldering Embers” monthly meetings & monthly ride days with 4 rallies a year including 1 x Midnight Express Run, Association discounts, Breakdown assistance ,newIndian & all Indian Riders & enthusiasts welcome in the Association with provision for non- Indian members as Associate Members, change of executive positions of the committee every two years (no stale committee members). So why am I blowing the horn, Paypal we have now set up a account for your conveince most of you have used Ebay to buy your spares  & will embrace this method of payment, we are a 21st Century Association and the world never stopped in 1953 so again we have moved with the times, your membership can now be paid by this method & anything you wish to buy ie: a calendar for example is only a click away.


2009-2013 Kings Mountain Designed Indian Motorcycles

Subject to Rear Rim Safety Recall

Click on the link above & if your machine is in this era please contact your local Indian-Victory dealer  

What’s All This About Then?

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thumbnail Iron Indian page

I recently commented on the fact we were doing a IIRA 16 month calendar, this should “wet your appetite” all professionally photographed from 1908-2013 and all IIRA members machines, on good quality paper for sale I believe for $25.00 + post those members that paid their annual subs before 01/08/13 get one for free. We always give things back many other clubs that I personally am in at the moment don”t, we appreciate our members. You will soon be able to order the calendars next month and pay through our new Paypal facility keep your eyes on the Regalia Area of this site

21/08/13 Guarantees & Warranties

1949 Scout

Checking a 1949 Scout

I have recently commented on Warranties & Guarantees on the Stop Press Area, with the new Indian having a 2 year unlimited manufacturers  is great. When I was the leading hand at the Triumph Agent F J Mussett & co in Victoria years ago we always had odd problems with new models and those days you had a 3 month 2000 mile warranty, the customer usually had most of  the problems if they were going to happen by then, some  examples were 1st version Trident 1968-9 breaking primary chains and going through chaincase’s, smoking, & fuel consumption 18 MPG, in 1971 Bonnevilles had frame problems, and fork seal leaks, and gearbox over shifting complaints, 1972-3 5 speed gearbox failures,1974-75 Tridents with loose conrods, in 1976 750 Bonnevilles had main bearing problems (130) with rear wheel spoke breakages, and rear disc caliper  plate alignment issues,T160 Tridents smoking frame breakages, footrest vibrations, cracked oil tanks etc, in 1979 Amal Mk 2 issues, and  ignition break downs,1983-85 Harris versions with camshaft and rear shocker failures, then 1999 Hinkley Daytona’s with alloy frame failures, then BMW over the years starter issues, rear main bearing leaks, front alloy wheel failures, noisy shifts, bad frames(1971), leaks etc, we won’t mention Yamaha triples, Honda V fours, Kawasaki, handling,or Nortons weaving, with gearbox problems,H-D’s have tons as well with Iron Sportsters, Shovel Heads, Gilroy Indians to name a few. So what’s this got to do with Indians nothing at all  just that all these were handled by service shops and those machines are most sought after today, the other thing is nearly all these problems were found quickly and fixed by manufacturers immediately, most were brand new first models others were improvements that never worked on existing production bike. Indian has quoted millions of miles testing to sort out the current version, this is better than 30 miles on the rolling road at Triumph, the best tester is you, the public find issues in short time that the factory won’t. So would I buy a first model, absolutely, these are the ones that everybody will want(1959 Bonneville’s are a example) so a real investment and they will not get any cheaper, remember you have all that warranty, what a deal you can’t loose.   20/08/13 Phillip White has his say!


Chieftan in clay development area

Phillip White is a member of ours that has written a number of hard hitting articles in the Smoke Signals quarterly magazine, he has today penned a mammoth article on his first impressions of the Polaris-Indian, it is well written and hard hitting with both positives and negatives, interestingly though he also sent the article to head honcho at Polaris-Indian in Australia Peter Harvey. Both Phillip & Peter have had lots of riding experience over the years, Phill probably does more on older Chiefs than Peter but the latter gave a more balanced view from the manufacturers point of view. The article will be produced in the next Smoke Signals magazine next month after this I will reproduce it in the members area as it is about 10 pages, if you would like to read such articles or participate in our Crazy Horse Rally next month then why not consider joining the IIRA members  forms are available online and we have PayPal facility as well as credit card payment available 16/08/13  Melbourne launch for Indian 


John Gee tries out the Classic for size while John Munn and Paul Mercurio (background) look on.


Motorcycle Trader magazine Editor Grant Roff and club President Daryl Colt enjoying the evening.


Indian Marketing Manager Adrian Givoye tackles a presentation on the new toys.

The Melbourne launch for Indian  last Friday evening (August 16, 2013) was fully subscribed with many association members on hand: John Gee, Daryl Colt, Guy Allen, Ian Rhook, Peter Kime, Mark Barthelmie, Steve Higginbotham and Chrissy, plus John Munn, to name most of the crew (apologies if we missed you!). Other familiar faces included collector Peter Arundle and his son plus Lindsay Urquhart. We even got to see couple of famous faces. Actor Paul Mercurio was on hand, as was colleague Shane Jacobson – the latter ended up handing out door prizes. The company was smart enough to have a few bikes down at ground level, encouraging people to poke around, sit on them and try them for size. Many were surprised at how manageable they felt, despite being a big motorcycle. Finish looks very good and the engine has a real presence that isn’t quite conveyed by photos   . Designers and fame

Greg Brew Chief of Design

Greg Brew Chief of Design

We have all heard of great designers in the motorcycle industry Phil Irving, Edward Turner, Harold Willis, Bert Hopwood, Tagloni, Franklin, Honda, Oscar Hedstrom, not to mention Bradshaw, Val Page or George Brough, could Indians new designer follow such great men(Gods) in the industry of the past? Time will tell,talk of other engine designs such as Scouts or Fours, will test this guy to show his talent first design looks great though Cyril Huze road test

Click the image to see the test.

Click the image to see the test.

Blogger Cyril Huze rode examples of the new Indian range – here is the result. New video from

Indications are the new bikes have decent cornering clearance.

Indications are the new bikes have decent cornering clearance.

Aug 13, 2013: has released a very rough and ready video giving a few ride impressions on the new Indians – worth a look.   DOES HORSEPOWER EQUAL TORQUE IN THE REAL WORLD?


Always seems to me a good point campaigning about top speed and horsepower figures, Mike Hailwood MBE  winner of all those Isle of Man TT’s in the 50?s, 60?s, 70?s and 15 world championships quoted you only needed 75 horsepower to achieve victory! These days manufacturer’s quote torque figures which are irrelevant unless you have something to compare them to, eg: is Indians figure of  119 ft lbs of torque seems impressive  but how much is that compared to say a Hybusa or Dodge Viper. Undoubtedly it is miles ahead of my Vindian, and for that matter my 2002 Gilroy, but what about a old fashioned quarter mile figure this gets things into prospective along with fuel consumption figures which are important on a touring bike, weight is a necessary factor these figures are generally always on the spec sheet 835 lbs wet weight with 4.5 gallons of fuel in the new Indian’s case. Capacity figure on the new model at 1811cc is huge so is the “stroker” engine at Bore of 3.96 inch and stroke of a massive 4.449 inch, still in all a top speed figure although generally never quoted or obtained by more mortals like myself certainly help in ascertaining  a purchase. In some areas road tests from a nearby dealer are not possible as literally the closest dealer is thousands of miles away.

Indian’s Have Never Been This Cheap!

Aug 11th, 13 /
1947-2014 Indian Chiefs
1947-2014 Indian Chiefs Many years ago I was reading a book on Indian”s it was giving the prices of what all the models cost in the era they were built, so this was irrelevant on say 1901-02 models but after that the prices for the relevant larger models were compared with H-D. This was a very interesting comparison because Indians were always more expensive on comparable versions, even Scouts were dearer than 45cu H-Ds , now looking back to say 1947 a Chief was as dear as a Chevy! In 2013 things have changed Indian is cheaper than the comparable H-D so nows the time to buy, the picture above was on our Facebook page asking which would you like, hmm let me think, 2 year unlimited klm’s good electrics, belt drive, 6 speed, good brakes with A.B.S , decent suspension, and the 1947 is at least double the price! Don’t get me wrong I have a 47, but man if I was getting into Indians now I could survive with a new version

Indian’s USA Buy-Back Scheme but not in Aussie!

Aug 10th, 13
The  New York Times  earlier this week quoted Gary Grey the product director at  Indian Motorcycles about the new buy-back scheme in USA, beside the 1 year unlimited warranty with the 4 year extended service there will be a 70 percent buy back after the first 2 years & 60 percent after 3 years, this guarantees your investment. Harley did this a number of years ago and this made customers happy except now there “Solid Gold “campaign is worthless with so many under 3000 klm’s two year old versions around that no one wants them “Soild Scrap” more like it. Getting back to Indian the Aussies are paying a third more than the Yanks for the new model I hope that Polaris-Australia  thinks about incorporating this Buy-Back scheme here as well, this will show faith in the product and not cause a problem that Triumph Australia has with relatively new motorcycles a couple of years old worth very little of there original price as a matter of fact 30 year old Triumph Meridan models are worth triple  more than the Triumph Hinkley 20 year old versions. Thirty years ago Jaguar cars were buying there earlier versions back and scrapping them so the underclass would not buy them as “Spiv’s” and pimps used them to make themselves feel classy, this saved the brand from being “dragged down” we all know the Bikie”s ride Motor Co  product hope they stay with the product

From Our Man In America

Aug 6th, 13
Phillip aboard a Chieftain demo. Club member Phillip White is in the USA at the moment and just happened to lob into Sturgis in time for the recent Indian launch. Here’s his report: A big hello to all Indian Buffs where-ever you may be.  I have just returned from Sturgis where I attended the launch of the new Indian motorcycle.  Indian had a display tent running all day which included the “Tribute to Munro” bike which is a huge streamliner with their 111 cubic inch engine in it. I don’t know if they intend to run it on the salt or not. There was also a display of Springfield bikes and engines very professionally presented. The star of American Pickers was doing promos off and on – he is a dyed in the wool enthusiast for the brand and very knowledgeable . There was also the chance to to sign up to win a new Chief, This was being ably run by an attractive young lady who may, by her appearance, may well have been Native American, nice touch.  The big night arrived at 8.00pm Saturday. The street in front of the motorcycle museum was barricaded off and there were two big round structures with the Indian logo up on the roof of this two story building. A swamp rock band whipped the crowd to a frenzy in between speeches by various Indian executives.  Everyone had been given numbered Indian badged bracelets with the chance to win a thousand bucks at an end of evening draw. At around 9.00pm all the bracelets suddenly lit up with flashing lights, the beer can like structures on the roof rolled back revealing not one but two new bikes up there. At the same time the barriers were rolled back and a dozen more new Chiefs roared through the gap. My, my, but they sure are pretty looking scooters.  The next morning saw me and my buddy Rob out at the test ride circuit, located about a mile out of town. Lined up and sparkling in the sun were over sixty new Chiefs. The finish on all is first rate and and the equipment levels are high. All models get ABS and cruise control as standard and that mighty mill puts out 119 ft lbs of torque, considerably more than a 110-inch CVO Harley pumps out.  The electrics are state-of-the-art with keyless ignition and bluetooth compatibility. The bikes range from US$18,900 for the base model up to around US$23,000 for the bagger. This is very reasonable and less than equivalent HDs. The suspension is a brilliant bit of kit, with a very strong swing arm controlled by a single vertical mono shock. I chose the the Chieftain because I had been tooling around on an Electa Glide for the past few weeks and I thought that would make a good direct comparison. After registering, we were given wrist bands with start times and set off in groups of twenty every 15 minutes.Comparing notes with my buddy who rode the standard, we both agreed that these bikes go like hell and handle really well. He liked the Classic and I most definitely did not like the Chieftain. There are some design areas I’d question. To find out what they are,  readers will have to wait for the magazine, which will contain an in-depth analysis of what those  Polaris engineers have been doing for the last two-and-a-half years.

Cheers,Phillip White

The night-time launch featured plenty of hoopla.
The frame uncovered - Indian says it's made of cast aluminium.
The frame uncovered – Indian says it’s made of cast aluminium.
Unsuspecting demo bikes lined up and awaiting their fate.
A wider shot of that demo fleet – quite a sight

Apple & Samsung,Harley & Indian

Aug 5th,
I own a Apple iPhone,a ipad, a Mac as well and I liked Steve Jobs, two years ago Apple was a success story and still is, they are and were leaders in technology then along came Samsung with a Android system, they are currently shaking Apple to the core(pun intended) Samsung sell more smartphones than Apple, Steve Jobs is surely turning in his grave. Henry Ford was until the mid Twenties rolling on the same high with the model T but ignoring his son Edsel about upgrading, nearly broke his own company, this is why GM became the leader in automotive history, then Triumph-BSA thought it was a great idea that the Japs make small motorcycles, that way they could keep turning the same outdated old vertical twin designs, and yes they went broke as well. So what’s this got to do about Indian you say plenty, history is littered with narrow minded, forward thinkers, Harley is maybe one of these I just read about a billion dollar turnover in the last quarter, not counting accessories or clothing, 280,000 units a year sold in motorcycles, and still with basically the same boat anchor range that came out with the model VL in 1939, remember boys history often repeats

2014 Models – All The Details

Aug 5th,
Indian has launched with three models – (from left to right) the Chief Classic, Chieftain and Chief Vintage. Click the image to see the video. (See below for our brief picture gallery.) A fair swag of Iron Indian riders gathered in the Sydney Indian-Victory dealership over the weekend for the launch of the new-generation Polaris Indians, and report there was no shortage of hoopla at the event. While the world launch happened at the Sturgis Rally in South Dakota, USA, the event was ‘mirrored’ in Sydney, where an example of each of the three models was on show. Some, such as club member Robert Gosper (pictured below) even managed to briefly try one out for size. Indian has launched three models at this stage – here are the details, compliments of Motorcycle Trader magazine: Indian Motorcycles has finally unveiled its new generation of motorcycles, the design of which began with a blank sheet of paper after the Polaris take-over a few years ago. Unwrapped at the annual Sturgis Rally in South Dakota, USA, locally at the Sydney dealership, and online, the line-up consists of three variants: the base model Chief Classic, the ‘soft bagger’ Chief Vintage with screen and leather panniers, plus the Chieftain ‘hard bagger’ with fairing and hard luggage. Local pricing is $29,000, $31,500 and $36,000 respectively, on the road. The first 1901 bikes produced worldwide will have special 1901 badging, to recognise the brand’s start date. At the heart of the motorcycle is a Thunder Stroke 111 engine, displacing 1811cc with a 9.5:1 compression ratio. A little bigger than Harley’s equivalent engine, it claims a higher torque figure: 161Nm at 3000rpm. Frustratingly, no horsepower number is revealed. The 49-degree V-twin is fuel-injected with 54mm throttle body, while there are two valves per cylinder, actuated by pushrods. The chassis consists of a cast aluminium frame, matched to a cartridge fork and a single shock rear. Wheels are 60-spoke wire items running 130 and 180 section tyres front and rear. There are two variants on the frame, with a shorter wheelbase and different (quicker) steering geometry on the Chieftain. The Classic and Vintage share a common chassis. Indian is keen to make a strong impression by making sure the bikes are fairly high-spec out of the crate. In addition to the generous application of chrome, they boast anti-lock braking and cruise control. Instrumentation for the Classic and Vintage lives in a single tank-mounted binnacle, which includes analogue speedo and fuel gauge, plus digital tacho. The Chieftain has a more elaborate handlebar-mounted dash, sound system, plus a windscreen with electric height adjustment. Keyless starting is offered, enabled by a remote key fob or a digital code. The bike carries 20.8 litres of fuel and is longer than a Harley-Davidson Road King. Overall length for the Classic is 2628 versus 2465 for the Milwaukee bike, while wheelbase is around 100m longer. (The Chieftain is 61mm shorter in the wheelbase than the Classic and Vintage.) (ED’s note: this makes the new Chief Classic and Vintage about 50mm shorter in the wheelbase than a Gilroy Powerplus Chief, and a Chieftain more like 110mm shorter.) Weight with fuel is high and quoted at 368kg for the Classic, 379kg for the Vintage and 385kg for the Chieftain, while seat height is quoted at a low 660mm. See Cycle World in the USA has ridden a couple of the bikes and has posted this very informative story.
Club member Robert Gosper tries a Classic out for size.
Club member Robert Gosper tries a Classic out for size.
2014 Indian Chief Classic – click image to see the video.
2014 Indian Chieftan – click the image to watch the video
. vintageride
2014 Indian Chief Vintage – click the image to watch the video
. classicdash
Classic and Vintage dash. Indian-Chieftain-Dashboard

Chieftain dash.

It’s Here At Long (60 Years) Last

Aug 5th,
Been nearly 3 years of waiting, probably the most important day since Indian went broke in the fifties, tonight the long road to coming back is happening I can hear the Harley-Ferguson camp groaning the Indian Wars are ready to start. As Indian are saying “From This Day Forward there will be a choice” I will add to this and say “A revolution not a Evolution” the ThunderStroke 111 is not a re-hash of a old shitbox engine that was dead in 1939 this is a serious new design brand new engine built for today’s riders to ride.I have a mate that was employed by H-D to do warranties till recently, I remember asking him how busy he was and he replied “Weekends were a problem as he could not work long enough in the week to process all the claims” General Custer under estimated the Indians at the battle of the Little Big Horn, I hope the Motor Co hav’nt  underestimated, let the war begin.

Indian Pricing Announced

May 14th,
Polaris-owned Indian Motorcycles has released the first solid price for its new range of Chiefs, which will start at $28,995 on the road for the basic model. Several models are expected, but there is no further info, yet, on what will be available. Meanwhile the company says it will deliver the first Australian examples before the end of the year. The company says: “Staying true to its heritage, the revival of the Indian Motorcycle brand will debut with the introduction of the all-new Indian Chief. First introduced in 1922, the legendary Indian Chief is historically the brand’s most popular selling model and is widely recognized by motorcycling enthusiasts around the world as one of the most iconic motorcycles ever produced. The Indian Chief is the flagship of the brand’s 112-year product lineup, and it has come to proudly represent the spirit of the Indian Motorcycle brand. “‘We are thrilled to make today’s important announcements, it is roughly 65 years since Indian Motorcycle was last officially sold in Australia and to physically launch the all-new Indian Chief simultaneously with the USA in Sturgis is truly special,’ said Country Manager for Motorcycles Peter Harvey.” A brief video, showing a little footage of the factory, can be found here. (From Motorcycle Trader magazine)

History Begins

May 6th,
Victory Showrooms were “chocked” on Saturday with people eager to view the only ThunderStroke 111 motor outside American shores, Adrian Givoye (Victory-Indian) gave us some more information, one thing the “lump” weighs 160kgs, the catalytic convertor is clearly on view on this engine but it will have covers in production. The engine is compact compared to a Gilroy/Kings Mountain Powerplus motor as the power plant has the motor unit construction and the gearbox is partially underneath, the barrels are fairly short meaning the liners are probably sunk deep in the mouth’s of the crankcase a-la Vincent, it is a “squat” motor visually as well. I would have loved to see it dismantled but thats the mechanic in me, more information is coming through soon the clothing range is due to be released very soon. Five of our members have already placed deposits and after some of them seeing the 111 they are eager for the remainder of the puzzle to be released

But Is It As Fast As Burt’s?

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Indian Motorcycle, America’s first motorcycle company, continues its trip toward the historic unveiling of the completely new Indian Motorcycle. Burt Munro made history by setting a land speed record on the world’s fastest Indian®, a 1920 Indian® Scout®. To salute his passion for performance, we created The Spirit of Munro, a tribute streamliner powered by the new Thunder Stroke™ 111.Watch The Spirit of Munro turn back the clock and speed into the future of Indian Motorcycle with high-speed runs across a California dry lake bed. Then, take a look at the inspired handcrafting and dedicated teamwork that went into bringing the streamliner to life. We hope this short movie stirs something in you as much as it has us. This one’s for you, Burt.  Play Video: TRIBUTE: THE SPIRIT OF MUNRO AT SPEED
Where have I seen you before?
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Overhead Valve 1946 Indian Chief from Australia. I always look forward to the first Sunday in May. The annual “Great Race” a time trial challenge between Indian and Harley held in Melbourne Australia. This years event has brought out a development project “THE INDIAN TOMAHAWK” from a new source. WIGWAM ENGINEERING. Peter Arundel’s love of the Indian Marquis combined with engineering expertise of well known motor engineer Lindsay Urquhart have release to the public their first prototype ever of a RUNNING Overhead valve modern combustion chamber enclosed rocker box Indian. What they have created is fantastic. Not just a wooden prototype or a S & S replica Harley. I have heard it running and all I can say is WOW where do I place my order. It Revs like a Ducati but sounds like a fire breathing Indian. 90 Hp has been mentioned as not unreasonable. What is standard Indian 1946 Chief from the outside * All the bottom end including Crankcases, Gearbox, Primary * Exhaust system (That’s correct a standard 46 exhaust will plug straight in) What they have added. * Barrels, modern cylindrical design to eliminate traditional side valve distortion problems. * Heads based on a late model combustion chamber design complete with a finned exhaust header to simulate a standard Indian sidevalve barrel exhaust port * Rocker covers designed to simulate the appearance of a standard Indian side valve head. * The Spark plugs are on the opposite side near the 42mm Mikuni carby. * Lower frame tube under the gas tanks has had to be made removable to allow in the frame valve adjustments. * To allow for the extra height of the overhead valves they have had to add one or two fins to the standard Indian configuration but they have maintained the same fin spacing as the original design. (Thanks to Gary Stark from Starklite Cycles)

V12 Indian Gilroy & That Man Phillip White

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This photo is for my mate & our ex Prez John Smith, he loves his Gilroy models(1999-2003) & I reckon this one will “tickle his fancy”. So by now you are all probably asking what has happened to our member & sometime contributor, hard riding “Chip’s” rider Phillip White, some will know Phillip dabbles in other brands ie.: BSA, Ariel etc he has a nice Super Rocket & a Square 4 as we speak, Phillip & his charming wife Dorothy have taken a journey to Scotland & France where he purchased a A10 BSA in UK to enjoy & “keep his hand in” while he is staying in France. Personally I dislike all BSA twins & advised him to buy a Triumph having worked professionally on British m/cycles for 46 years now, but Phillip is a determined gentleman if nothing else. So yesterday a story of woe arrived from Dorothy which I have reproduced in the Victoria Section News if there is anyone in Europe that can help please email me so I can pass the information on. I have posted a old Indian saying above, to this I can say “A word to the wise is sufficient”  & we should have listened to the Indian”s

This Has Been A Reality Since 1999

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But probably a bit closer for some countries now, than only U.S.A. It’s hard to believe that you have been able to buy a new Indian pretty well for over 14 years now. There will be the T-shirt wearing “End of story 1953? group but most of these people are worried about theIr investment being sullied by “cheaper later versions”, sounds like bigotry to me. The next 12 months will soon see a line drawn or bulldozed in the sand, some will buy new Indian’s & bite their  tongue about previous declarations or statements they made in the past, but the fact is brand loyalty  this sells nearly all products today, Ford-Holden,Coke-Pepsi,Hungry Jack’s-McDonalds etc if you were looking at a new cruiser Indian would be on the shopping list.New Indian Owners will be people that enjoy riding & socialising  also not spending hours in the garage restoring or tuning their bike they won’t give a “Rats” about when Indian last raced, what year the Four’s finished, what a 101 is, or that a starter was fitted in 1917, that does’nt make them bad people one might be your son or grandson we are in the 21st Century now “End of Story”

We Are Invited To Breakfast

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So what happened the other night when history was in the making for the IIRA? Plenty, the Polaris-Indian guys were very good,  releasing the absolute minimum of info on their new product Indian, to be fair they are not allowed to say to much at this point in time so we must be patient, 3 deposits were taken from our members on the night & I believe the deposits are strong for the limited edition 111. I know of at least seven Iron Indian owners that have put their money where there mouth is.At this point in time let us formally thank Peter Alexander, Peter Harvey, Glenn Veal, Adrian Giovyne, Scott McConnel,  & Jamie Leonard for attending from Polaris-Indian, Peter A & Peter H, did a good job telling us about the dedication of Polaris to the Indian marque & how Polaris was a guardian of the brand, they also told us of 1000 engineers that are in R&D developing the new range and how even the CEO of Polaris, is a rider, the good thing is the local guys are also riders so they do relate well to us . The only problem the local boys have is they are having a “crash” course in Indian Heritage & 112 years takes a bit of learning but they are getting there. First thing that has happened to effect us is they have a Monthly Breakfast meet at the Victory Showrooms in Elizabeth st the first Saturday of the month & we are all invited they want to see our Indians, lets not disappoint them we had around 40 people at the meeting last Tuesday so it would be good if at least half could attend. At this point in time let me wish everyone a Happy Easter & be careful over the holiday break on the roads from the IIRA

Indian Motorcycles Australia-NZ

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The start of Indian History in Australia & N.Zealand is happening a small link to the start of a long history in the Southern Hemisphere, last time Indian was sold commercially here was in 1939, after that except for the batch that General Douglas Macarthur brought in to fight off the Jap’s invading in WW2, all later were privately imported. I am pleased to announce that Mr Peter Harvey of Indian Australia will be at our meeting next Tuesday to answer any questions that you may have about the new models & how you can get on the list for the 111 special first editions to grace these shores next year or place a deposit to be on the waiting list, if anyone else that is’nt in our Association wants to attend please ring our secretary in the Contacts Area  Indian Motorcycles Aust (link)

Spirit Of Burt

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beauty-shot-10munroe logo

Thanks to our friends at Indian Motorcycle Australia ( click on highlight) for keeping us abreast with all the current information Munroe tribute Indian (click on link) Thunder Stroke 111 Engine Overview Displacement – 111 c.i. (1811 cc) Engine Torque – More than 115 ft-lbs (160 N*m) Engine Type – 49 degree V-Twin Cooling System – Air Cooled with Integrated Oil Cooler Idle Speed +/-50rpm 800 RPM Max Engine Speed 5500 RPM Valvetrain Valves per cylinder – 2 Actuation – Three-Cam, Pushrod, OHV Lifter – Hydraulic Compression Release – Yes Bore – 3.89 in (101 mm) Stroke – 4.45 in (113 mm) Target Compression Ratio – 9.5: 1 Balancer Type – Helical Gear Primary Balancer Drive Train Primary Drive Gear 55/86 ratio 6-speed Overdrive constant mesh Spur/Helical 1st Spur, 2-6 Helical Gear Ratios (overall) 1st 9.403 2nd 6.411 3rd 4.763 4th 3.796 5th 3.243 6th 2.789 Final Drive – Carbon Fiber Reinforced Belt 30/66 ratio Clutch – Multi-plate, Wet clutch, Integral Damper Fuel Induction Throttle actuation – Electronic Throttle Control Throttle Diameter – 2.13 in. / 54 mm Fuel Delivery – Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection Lubrication system Oil Type 20W-40 Sump type Semi-dry

This Is The Day For The True Believers

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thunder-stroke-111-finished-assembly beauty-shot-7 beauty-shot-12beauty-shot-8
Forty-nine degree, 111 cu in,(1800 cc) Single pin crank, side by side conrods,helical cut gearbox pinions,left side intake system 115 LBS of Torque, 3 cam pushrod engine with a balancer shaft. Wow what a specification, this motor will eliminate all Evo Harley-Fergusons in one blow. It oozes heritage, side by side conrods on a single pin plain bearing crank is the same as Ducati, Vincent & J.A.P, to name a few and we all know how fast they are, this means the cylinders will be offset slighty for better cooling & it will not limit revs as with the traditional “knife & fork” conrods as found in the opposition & Gilroy PowerPlus engines. Six speed Helical cut gearbox pinions it will be silent, with a belt drive on the r/hand side and a Morse cam drive chain operating the timing gears, working Hydraulic cam followers, unit construction for strength & alignment as well as lightness, all this & it almost looks like a sidevalve, but don’t let the looks fool you it is a O.H.V fuel injected  engine with full electronic engine management. Yes we all know it would not be hand change three speed,foot clutch, kickstart, carbureted, side valve engine who would buy that in 2013 very very few, this is a engine that will put Indian on the map a serious contendor as a choice in American Motorcycles, makes me salivate about the frame in the next few months, there has been talk of another development in the future by way of a Scout in opposition to the Sportster that will cover all the bases with a entry level machine. Indian have suggested that the price of the new range will be competitive against their opposition, this if it happens may be the first time in history where Indian was cheaper than Harley. I forecasted that this would shake Harley to it’s core & within 5 years they will be running second to Indian mark my words

Indian Heritage  (click on link)  

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Polaris-Indian have released the last batch of Chiefs before the new version of the engine come on line early next year, personally I love this “old School” type with commemorative Worlds Fair paint work what do you think? The early Indian is a chap that is in India & needs spares I have reprinted his letter below if you can help, a few blogs ago I mentioned 15% of the people viewing our site were from India, I would love to know how many machines were exported from Springfield Dear Phil I got your details from the website I am Subodh Nath from India. My son Sankalp Nath lives in Melbourne, will call you as  he is leaving after a week to India. I have 1912-1915 Indian Light V-Twin 5 HP Engine No. 52-G-200 , Gear box is 3 speed housing no.5768 with kick start on right side.Rear axle is rigid and front axle is sprung by half leaf spring. has 21 size wheel rim/tyre and carbide lamp. I have restored it fully and I need these few parts. 1. Kick Return Spring 2. Handle bar grips (short) grey or black   3. Indian Logo Decals to be written on the tank 4. Foot grips with Indian embedded  5. Set of clutch springs 6. grease nipples 7. carburettor repair kits 8. 2 spark plugs I would be grateful if you have or help me find these parts. Also help me determine my correct model. and year of manufracture. As Registration book its 1912 and as per engine no its 1915 what i found on net. But i have not come across 1915 bike with rigid rear axle/carbide lamp and kick start? Thanking you, Subodh Nath+91-9825067272

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For the first time since 1953, Indian Motorcycle has what it’s been missing — the strength of a global $3B motorcycle manufacturer who will steward the Indian Brand with their expertise, infrastructure and financial backing to once again design and build motorcycles that will redefine the industry. Our goal isn’t just about building great motorcycles. It’s to create a premium experience at every touch point, reigniting the pride and passion in riders everywhere for the brand. We are as determined as ever to establish Indian Motorcycle as the premier motorcycle in the industry. We will not rest until we succeed.

A number of weeks ago I said Harley-Ferguson should start be worried, nows the time boys start worrying
Are you ready to hear history in the making?Visit our site and you can listen to the all-new Indian Motorcycle engine.’s to having a new heart, but the same soul.

Indian Press Release

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INDIAN MOTORCYCLE MAKES PLENTY OF NOISE AT 2012 INTERNATIONAL MOTORCYCLE SHOW IN LONG BEACH New ‘Indian Motorcycle Experience’ Includes Custom Sound Booth Where Attendees can, for the First Time, Hear and Feel the Sound of Future, Completely Re-engineered Indian Motorcycle Engine MEDINA, Minnesota. USA. — December 3, 2012 — Indian Motorcycle, the original American motorcycle company, today announced its plans for the International Motorcycle Show in Long Beach, California, which runs December 7-9, 2012 at the Long Beach Convention Center. At the show, the company will make a number of significant announcements. In celebration of the 111-year history of the legendary American brand, Indian Motorcycle has crafted an all-new, specially-themed show presence called the ‘Indian Motorcycle Experience,’ which will debut at Long Beach, and will carry through to additional stops on the tour. The exhibit highlights important milestones, achievements, and historic moments from the past — many of which are considered turning points in motorcycling. It also features a custom-built sound booth where, for the first time ever, attendees can experience firsthand the sound and rumble of the upcoming, completely redesigned, all new Indian Motorcycle engine. Host Mike Wolfe from the HISTORY Channel’s “American Pickers” series will guide attendees via video as they hear and feel the excitement of what’s to come later in 2013 with the highly anticipated reveal of the new Indian Motorcycle Company under Polaris Industries ownership. The Long Beach display will include legendary vintage motorcycles including the original Burt Munro 1920 Indian Scout that broke the under-1000cc land-speed record in 1967 at the Bonneville Salt Flats as famously portrayed in the movie “The World’s Fastest Indian.” A secondary exhibit at the show will also include the fully-restored 1935 Indian Chief featured on the HISTORY Channel’s November 5th broadcast of “American Pickers.” “The Indian Motorcycle brand is steeped in a heritage of industry firsts, awards, and classic models that represent key milestones in the history of motorcycling, and many of those iconic moments and memories will be on display in Long Beach at our new interactive exhibit,” said Steve Menneto, Vice President of Motorcycles, Polaris Industries. “In addition to a retrospective and nostalgic look back, the IMS show marks the date when we’ll start talking about the present and the future of this legendary brand, so we look forward to sharing that information with members of the press and our loyal fans throughout the event.”
ABOUT INDIAN MOTORCYCLE Indian Motorcycle, a wholly-owned division of Polaris Industries Inc. (NYSE: PII), is America’s original motorcycle company. Founded in 1901, Indian Motorcycle has won the hearts of motorcyclists around the world and earned distinction as one of America’s most legendary and iconic brands through unrivaled racing dominance, engineering prowess and countless innovations and industry firsts. Today that heritage and passion is reignited under new brand stewardship. To learn more, please visit

Important News From Polaris-Indian About 2008-2011 Indian’s

Polaris-Indian would like Kings Mountain Indian owners in Australia to contact them regarding outstanding Service Bulletins. This means no Gilroy versions(1999-2004) only 2008-2011 models, email Lance Whitelock or ring 1300 -654-142, they will arrange parts to bring the machines up to the latest specification. These modifications will be carried out at the nearest Victory-Polaris dealership at their discretion. My understanding of the situation is that Polaris Australia will cover the majority of the cost so there should be a minimal cost to the owner if any for this service. Lance will need the V.I.N number of your machine & also needs to know if it has Spotlights as there is a separate modification for this. Personally I would ring for a chat if you have any concerns, it’s not a bad thing to be on the books for any future correspondence as well a security thing if your machine is stolen. It pays to keep an eye on the Stop Press for all important announcements like this from Polaris, they are confident that we are the major source for all Indian news in Australia whatever year

Indian Motorcycle Geared Up To Go Head To Head With Harley

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                                                       Mark Hoffman

Monte Gourley, A Consumer Liaison For Indian Motorcycle Co., Rides A Chief Vintage Model Recently In Osceola. Polaris Industries, Which Bought The Indian Brand In 2011, Hopes To Have New Bikes Ready To Roll In 2013, With Motors Made In Western Wisconsin At Its Plant That Makes Engines For Its Victory Cycles.

Polaris Reviving Brand That Was 1920s Icon

Fans of the legendary Indian Motorcycle Co. – for decades Harley-Davidson Inc.’s biggest rival – have something to hope for as Indian rolls out new bikes with engines made in Osceola.It won’t rekindle the famous “Indian wars” with Harley in the 1920s, but the latest resurrection of the maker of Chief motorcycles has a fighting chance – something not seen in decades.The original Indian went out of business in the 1950s, with its signature Indian-head logos becoming collectors’ items.Numerous attempts to revive the company failed, but Indian has its best chance under Polaris Industries – a $3 billion Medina, Minn., manufacturer that acquired the brand in 2011 and is known for snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles and Victory motorcycles.Polaris now is redesigning Indian bikes from a clean sheet of paper. The goal is to capture the spirit of the Chief and other Indians from a half-century ago, but to use a modern engine and other components to make the bikes rider-friendly.On that level, Indian will go “head-to-head with Harley-Davidson,” said Indian marketing director Darren Bassel, originally from Brookfield.The bikes will appeal to “open-minded Harley riders,” Bassel added.Polaris says it hopes to have the first newly designed Indian motorcycles ready to roll in late 2013, with the engines manufactured in Osceola and the bikes assembled in Spirit Lake, Iowa.The company considered moving the Osceola work to Minnesota, Iowa or Mexico. But, combined with making engines for Victory motorcycles, it says there’s enough work for the plant, which has 130 employees.Polaris has added about 250 jobs in Spirit Lake over the past 18 months and has plans to add jobs at the Osceola plant.”Between Iowa and Wisconsin, these bikes will be made in the heart of America,” said Polaris Chief Executive Officer Scott Wine. A classic lookPolaris says it won’t change Indians to become copies of its Victory motorcycles, which also are heavyweight bikes. Both brands are different enough to have their own identity, according to Polaris, with Indian appealing to riders who want a classic look to their bike.Polaris visited motorcycle museums and talked with longtime Indian enthusiasts to capture the design cues of bikes popular more than a half-century ago.It has been a monumental task,” Wine said.Persuading motorcyclists to give Indian another chance also could take some doing.The current models compete with Harley-Davidson’s most expensive motorcycles, such as the $37,249 CVO Ultra Classic Electra Glide.The brand languished under previous owners and, even in its prime 90 years ago, Indian’s owners were accused of draining the company’s profits to support money-losing businesses.In recent years, the company was dogged by engine problems and a cutback in the number of dealerships. One dealer in Michigan says it still has a brand-new 2003 model-year Indian Scout for sale – priced at $16,000.There isn’t one piece left of the old company from when it closed in the 1950s. But the brand that’s survived in some iteration since 1901 still tugs at the heartstrings of classic motorcycle enthusiasts.”I don’t think it’s too late,” said Aaron Frank, editor at large of Motorcyclist magazine.”There’s a lot of value in the name and its incredible history,” Frank said.

Motorcycle Newcomer

Polaris Is A Relative Newcomer To Motorcycles, Having Entered The Field With Its Victory Bikes 14 Years Ago. Yet It Has Passed Japanese Competitors Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki And Suzuki To Become The No. 2 Seller Of The Biggest Heavyweight Motorcycles (With Engines 1400 Cubic Centimeters And Up) Behind Harley-Davidson, According To The Company.

“The Global Motorcycle Industry Is Incredibly Large, And There Is Certainly Room For More Than One Very Successful Heavyweight Motorcycle Company,” Wine Said. “Indian Is Going To Be A Global Motorcycle.”

In its recent fiscal quarter, Polaris said Victory and Indian motorcycle sales combined were up about 40% from a year earlier. The company’s total sales, including all-terrain vehicles, increased 25% to a record $673.8 million.Last week, Harley-Davidson said it had $1.27 billion in motorcycle segment sales in the recent fiscal quarter, up 20% from the year-ago period, and including $277.5 million in sales of parts, accessories, general merchandise and other products.In 2011, Harley captured 55% of U.S. heavyweight motorcycle sales. Polaris doesn’t reveal its market share, but even with Victory’s success there’s likely a huge gap between it and Harley-Davidson.Still, analysts say Polaris needs only a slice of the global motorcycle business to be successful.The company has the management skills and balance sheet necessary to revive Indian, an iconic brand with untapped potential, said analyst Craig Kennison with Robert W. Baird & Co.”Polaris builds a high-quality bike,” he said. “The Indian brand has been strong in the motorcycle market for a long time, but it has never had a world-class manufacturing effort behind it.”

Hopes For Staying Power

Former Indian Motorcycle Dealerships Say They’re Cautiously Optimistic About The Brand’s Resurrection, Although Some Had Bad Experiences Before And Aren’t Interested In Giving Indian Another Chance.Among The Hopeful Is Puma’s Custom Cycles, A Former Indian Dealership In Racine.It’s A Whole Different Ball Game This Time Out. Polaris Has The Confidence Of Consumers,” Said Owner Jim Puma.He Still Has Indian Posters And Other Items In His Motorcycle Shop, Although He Hasn’t Sold The Bikes In Years. There Are Indian Riders Who Come To Puma’s Custom Cycles From Hundreds Of Miles Away Because It Services Their Bikes.”I Would Love For Indian To Have Some Staying Power,” Puma Said.

Hard Sell For Harley Owners

Longtime Harley-Davidson enthusiasts say they’re committed to Harley and won’t be switching brands, especially if they belong to Harley Owners Group chapters that are a big part of their social life.”As a H.O.G. member, I don’t even consider buying another brand of bike,” said Mike Miller, director of the Kettle Moraine Harley-Davidson Owners Group.The $36,000 price of a 2012 Indian could be a turnoff for motorcyclists unsure of whether the brand has staying power and how well Polaris will develop the dealership network.”It’s a nice bike, and it looks great, but personally I would not be interested,” said Bill Pagelsdorf, assistant director of the Kettle Moraine H.O.G. chapter.Currently, Polaris has more than 400 motorcycle dealerships in North America – most of them for Victory bikes. As of Dec. 31, Harley-Davidson had 635 full-service U.S. dealerships, 69 in Canada, and 1,347 full-service dealerships worldwide.Polaris is creating an Indian dealership plan that could tap its 1,500 dealers for all-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles, Victory motorcycles and other products – but all of those locations won’t necessarily carry Indian bikes.Polaris wants respect in the market even if it doesn’t match Harley-Davidson’s sales.”We see ourselves as another iconic brand hanging out with Harley,” Bassel said. “I think we are going to be another viable heavyweight-motorcycle brand and will be part of that scene for years to come.” (Article from the Journal Sentinel)

Indian-Polaris News: “75% Of H-D Owners Want A Indian”. Gasp!

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2012 Chief Vintage
The Sunday Telegraph recently ran a article 10/06/12 on Indian, it is a well written article by Mark Hinchliffe (click highlight below), he interviewed Peter Harvey (IRRA member) at  Victory Motorcycles a interesting statement was made “Market research says 75% of Harley-Ferguson riders would buy a Indian” can’t say I would blame them asIndian was always a better product although slightly dearer. Many people know that I often ask H-D owners “Are you still saving”, then encourage them to persist as they will eventually be able to have a Indian, but we all know, a H-D is only is poor man’s Indian.

Sunday Telegraph article : “Icon puts on warpaint”

Dark Horse’s Future?

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pouting Indian

Small talk at Victory-Indian & news is scarce all Hush-Hush but a few snippets are 2014 model release will possibly be in 2013 in USA as thats the way industry does it, so hopefully more later next year, there is a lot of talk of a smaller version like a Scout( see 2010 concept above ) this has been speculation since 2010 but personally I believe this is seriously being considered. Victory & Indian in some states will be sold in the same premises although have separate areas & staff, other places may have separate dealers marketing to different customers, Indian will not be using any power plant that they are using derived from the Gilroy era, so the “Bottlecap”motor is on the way out as the new models will be totally redesigned, bit of a shame because the problems were resolved in the King’s Mountain era models. I think new Indian’s need to be physically smaller anyway, as a proud owner of a 2002 Roadmaster it is a very large machine it does ride nicely on the highway but it is huge for a older rider. Indian hopefully may keep the model names & not do stupid things like Triumph did making Trophy’s tourers, T100s”tarted up” Bonneville’s Speed Fours & Speed Triples what’s next a 1600 Thunderbird or a 2100cc Rocket 3,  hang on I see a 3000 litre Tiger Cub next. Back to Indian’s I like the Dark Horse above as much as the old vertical which always seems a mirror image till you read the logo on the tank, Edward Turner (Triumph’s head honcho) in 1949 saw Indian’s attempt at his baby the venerable vertical twin as said at the time this is to lightweight in engine design & remarked the the main bearings were to small history was to prove Turner correct.

Spirit Lake Indian’s Are Being Shipped & Thanks For The Heritage

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  • First 2012 Indian Motorcycle Crated And Shipped
    First Spirit Lake Indian Crated and Shipped
    Polaris Motorcycles marks another milestone as the first dealer production of 2012 Indian Motorcycle are loaded into trucks destined for customers across the US. “It was only a few weeks ago that we tested the production line that had been transplanted into our Spirit Lake operation.” Says Cory Knudtson, Operations Manager, “Every day we work with this brand, we are aware that we are steward of history, and putting the firstIndian Motorcycle destined for customer ownership gives us a great sense of pride.”Inside the customized crate cover is a 2012 Chief Vintage that will soon be making its own history in the hands of a proud new owner. Production Indian Motorcycles will continue to ship to dealers through the end of the year. For more information, stay tuned to
    Some Indian history thanks to Polaris-Indian, they are very proud of their heritage & so are we at IIRA of Aust we all hope this is a successful venture for them. I am personally “itching” to see the new models sold here in Australia, my monies just waiting to purchase one of there own versions hopefully later 2012.  Bound Indian-News & Pow-Wow official Indian newsletters are now available from Century of Motorcycling advertised in our Links Area

2012 Indian Brochure

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Polaris have released a 2012 interim brochure till they produce a all new range hopefully in 2013 (click on links below)
2012 Indian Motorcycles Brochure2011 Indian Motorcycles Brochure2010 Indian Motorcycles Brochure2009 Indian Motorcycles Brochure

100 Cu Indian Hillclimber For Real Men

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We have all seen photos of Indian Hillclimbers in the old days yawn, well how about this one for the 21st Century? Ian Rhook posted this on our Facebook page Indian 100cu Powerplus engined hillclimber  the torque must be unbelievable. Don’t forget this Sunday’s Association Monthly Run weather forecast is 33c so no complaints about rain

Who Said Newer Indians Are Not Appealing?

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From our friends at Twin City Indian & you can purchase the postors  (click on each pin-up for a close-up)


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The Future of Indian Motorcycle Is So Bright, We’ll Have To Wear Shades…AUGUST 1, 2011—Perhaps we owe an apology to Timbuk 3 for borrowing their line, but we’re very pumped up at this moment. Why? We just returned from our first Polaris Indian Dealer meeting in Nashville and great things are in the works for Indian Motorcycle. There is no doubt that Polaris is deeply committed to building the brand and great motorcycles. We are more enthused than ever (if that’s even possible) about the bright future for America’s First Motorcycle.Moving is always a hassle, more so when it’s an entire factory. So don’t expect any quick moves or radical approaches. Changes will be evolutionary, not revolutionary. While many elements are still in development stages, the pricing structure for new Indians will be the same.Indian will remain a limited edition ultra premium motorcycle. It will not compete at the lower end of the market. Consider that Volkswagen also owns Audi, Bentley and Lamborghini and you begin to get a glimpse of the long term strategy.We will not see 2012 model Indian Chiefs until December-January and there will be fewer models and color combinations. (Only three 2-tone paint combos will be available, plus solid black and solid red.) from Mark Moses Indian Charlotte

Indian Wasn’t For Sale

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One of the former owners of Indian Motorcycles, Stephen Heese, has revealed the company wasn’t for sale prior to the Polaris take-over – the latter simply made an offer they could not refuse. I got the chance to interview Heese during a Chris-Craft (boats) 2012 model launch in Sarasota, Florida. He is the CEO and part -owner of the iconic marine brand. Heese (pictured) says Indian was performing well and he and his business partners were happy with the way it was progressing. Nevertheless he sees the Polaris take-over as being good for the brand and inevitably leading to exciting things. Despite the sale, he has retained an interest in the marque as he still owns the premier Indian Motorcycle Charlotte dealership. Meanwhile Heese has kept a few Indians, including an original 1953 model with just 10 miles on the clock, a Gilroy Chief, plus two Kings Mountain bikes. Heese also has an Australian connection. He spent several years working and met his wife here, and remains a regular visitor. (Note: we’ll post a video of the interview in the near future.)
Guy Allen

Indians To India!

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Okay, so it’s not quite ice to eskimos, but Indian’s new parent company – Polaris – is setting up a distribution company in the ever richer sub-continent. Due to open in August/September, the wholly-owned arm will sell ATVs, plus Victory and Indian motorcycles.
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Up on – a quick video review of a 2003 Gilroy Chief Vintage.(click on highlighted area)

Indian Dakota 4

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I dropped in to see Alan Forbes of Indian Motorcycle UK today, a true enthusiest, with a great collection of Springfield Indians & also Edinborough Indians namely the 4 Cylinder model the 2011 model is truely inspiring beautifully finished, fuel injected & Alan has at last eliminated the BMW gearbox on the current version with his own type. He is also making a 2.2 litre version to order not that the old version he made was all that slow, the new rear guard & one-piece fuel tank topped off with a leaner, lower dash consul adds up to a nice package.If you wish to order this model ring Indian Motorcycle Imports (John Smith) will be the guy to ask by the way he is our President. I will put some photo’s up in the next few days
Dakota website

What Polaris Actually Bought

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Dealer News in the USA has published an in-depth feature on what Polaris has bought with its recent take-over of Indian, and where it’s likely to head. Well worth reading at this link.

Keys And Movies

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2003 Indian Chief Vintage Where’s Anthony? I’ve just written a feature on a  2003 Gilroy Chief Vintage, purchased from Chris Horner, for the upcoming edition ofMotorcycle Trader magazine. It’s worth  sharing the intro, which tells a little story… The locksmith in beautiful downtown Oakleigh, just up the street from the palatial Motorcycle Trader offices, looked puzzled as he handled the key he’d been asked to copy. “What’s it for?” he enquired. “An Indian motorcycle.” He looked muggins over and opined, “You don’t look like Anthony Hopkins.” Good spotting. I look about as much like Hopkins as an elephant does a race horse. As for the latest and loudest addition to my shed, it looks more like a mardi gras on wheels than the cobbled-together racer from The World’s Fastest Indian, the movie our key-cutting friend had obliquely referred to. Indian, a small outfit out of North Carolina, must have rubbed their hands with glee when they saw the Hopkins flick. It was marketing you can’t buy, instantly reminding people of the somewhat faded brand and its at times colourful history. And now I’d gone and bought a 332 kilo piece of it. The full story, and the mag, are out June 17. See this link for the mag’s website.
Guy ‘Guido’ Allen

Why Victory Won’t Build Old Type Indians

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  I have loaded a couple of YouTube links about Indian’s new owners Victory Motorcycle’s for your information, one is a Wikipedia history & the other a fast motion of a motorcycle being built in 2 minutes! We need that questioner filling out that can be found on yesterdays blog(closed for now) below from Polaris, this will be relevant to all the whingers that complain eg: doesn’t look like my 1917 model, where’s the 3 speed box, why has it got brakes, or why isn’t it a side-valve with a foot clutch etc,etc. I can partially answer this myself for all you owners with a valve wireless’s, no power steering in your car or airconditioner in your house, simply they could not sell this for compliance or safety reasons, meanwhile how are you enjoying your wooden cabinet 21? PYE  black & white TV?. I hope also you hav’nt a Credit/Debit Card & you still enjoy de-coking your FC  Holden every 50,000 miles “Time waits for no man or machine”

Indian’s View On The Polaris Take-Over

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The Renaissance & Growth of Indian Motorcycle Will Accelerate Under Strong New Ownership
The purchase on April 19 of Indian Motorcycle Company by Polaris Industries Inc. is exciting, positive news for all Indian fans around the world. As the World’s Leading Indian Motorcycle Dealer, we couldn’t be more pleased and enthused about the future of Indian motorcycles. We know great things will happen.If you don’t know, Polaris is a $2 billion publicly-traded company (NYSE: PII) headquartered in Minneapolis. Polaris created and introduced the first Victory® motorcycle on July 4, 1998. Polaris is an enthusiast-focused organization that designs, engineers and manufactures a variety of off-road and on-road vehicles including motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATVs, the Polaris Ranger® and more.What does all this mean for Indian Motorcycle Charlotte? Everything about this acquisition is extremely positive. Financial stability and tremendous resources are just the start. Polaris has impressive engineering and manufacturing experience and expertise. It also means there will be more marketing and promotional power invested to build greater awareness of the legendary Indian brand.While there are very many elements yet to be determined, we do know that Indian will remain a unique and powerful premium brand cruiser. Naturally, there will also be changes. Design, engineering and manufacturing will be moving from Kings Mountain, NC to existing Polaris facilities. Over time, we are certain the Indian dealer network will grow and expand into new markets. Current Indian owners can rest assured that all existing warranty agreements will be honored. Overall, we think it will be a pretty seamless transition. We are thrilled that additional resources are on hand and will work to further strengthen Indian. Indian Motorcycle Charlotte will continue to maintain a huge parts inventory and service all Indian motorcycles. Our customers know our passion and commitment to this wonderful brand and frankly, we couldn’t be happier. We welcome Polaris as the new tribal leader of the Indian nation and look forward to the journey ahead. Ride safely and visit us soon, Mark Moses

 Polaris Buys Indian, Great News!
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This is probably the Best News about Indian yet & another unfolding page in Indian History since they last went broke in 1968 (no they did’nt go broke in 1953) Click on the Highlighted below area for the complete factual News. ForIndian this means production will go from small numbers of motorcycles 1,500 a year to the projected figures of initially 25,000 + Polaris (Victory) make some of the best Cruisers in the world but have unfortunately  no street credthe Victory for me personally is a bit “in your face” as the styling is a lot radical but they are renowned for their reliability, & handling, braking & finish, this means that when the plant is moved from Kings Mountain to Spirit Lake Iowa there will be a lot of  needed development to the Powerplus engine that was developed in 2001 originally. The Powerplus engine has 105 cu but still had no balance shafts & was single cam early 2000 design which when initially designed was very progressive with Harley-Ferguson unfortunately times have moved on, & as a result Indian needs to update, remember this was still a much better power plant than the S&S engines that were fitted 1999-2000.Polaris will obviously look at this seriously in the not to distant future, the worst thing about this is that some if not most of the workforce will be made redundant, these guys were a dedicated bunch that for no lack of enthusiasm will now face a bleak future One thing we can be sure of with Polaris is that copyright infringement will be on the agenda, so a warning to anyone who using the Indian Logo on their website or on printed matter ie: Newsletters etc or such that do not support later Indians &  or even our Association without authority could be legally in trouble. Your Association IIRA is looking into this as we speak, even know we support & encourage all Indian’s & wish the new company well in this yet again unfolding chapter in Indian History. Polaris (Victory Motorcycles) buys Indian