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Invitation to join Iron Indian Riders Association of Australia.

Machine examinations for Red Plate in Victoria are F.O.C  (up to 1948) saving up to $150 for a Roadworthy Certificate, this combined with regular monthly Meetings & Rides makes excellent value you won’t find elsewhere! We no longer charge a new member fee only a annual subscription of $60

We also now have included BEA (British, European & American) up to 1976 membership not only all Indian of any era. Other advantages are that under certain conditions you can red plate a car,ute or van as well.  These conditions are listed:

1 You must have a red plate motorcycle already with our Association

2 You must have a current RWC for the vehicle at the time of presentation for your application

3 You must have been a continuous member for at least the last 5 years

4 You are only allowed ONE vehicle only, either a car/ute or van on this scheme 

MEMBERSHIP form below:

Application Form 

You can pay your membership online  Bank Transfer send payment to:

Iron Indian Riders of Australia

BSB 063141

Acc 10396730

Once payment has been made please complete the membership form and return it to:

The Membership Secretary P/o Box 1064 Ivanhoe 3079 For any membership questions ask Andrew Ellis check the contact page for details


As from 31st January massive changes were set in place by VicRoads about new Red Plate Permit Scheme revisions, if you are joining the IIRA and want to Red Plate your motorcycle, the details below will need to accompany your membership application as well. If you are in another club at the moment and want to transfer your machine over to us it will require 6 photos mentioned  & details of requirments below

Transfer a club permit – Transferring club permit vehicles between approved vehicle clubs

If you wish to transfer your club permit vehicle to another approved car club you must provide to VicRoads:

  • a signed letter from you (the club permit holder), advising of the change and list any club permit vehicles that you want to link to the new club.
  • a Vehicle Eligibility and Standards Declaration for each vehicle from the new nominated club
  • a letter from the Club President, Treasurer, Secretary or Permit Scheme Officer at the new club confirming that the applicant is a current member.

Transferring club permits between individuals or companies or associations.

  • Club permits are not transferrable.
  • If the vehicle is given or sold to another person, the current club permit must be cancelled and a new club permit application is required.
  • Pre 1949 machines can be inspected by the IIRA Machine Examiner (03 94996428) as in the past except 6 date stamped photos of the machine must be presented to the IIRA for records in the case of VicRoads asking them to be presented. These photos must be clear shots of one each side, one front & rear, one of the engine number & lastly one of the frame or VIN plate number, there will be no exceptions to this requirement.
  • Post 1949 Machines with a registration history will have a current RWC accompanying the Membership form to processed as well as photos described above.
  • Post 30/06/1975 Machines that have a registration history same as above, vehicles that don’t have to also have a VASS (Vehicle Assessment Signatory Scheme) certificate basically a Engineers certificate to prove it must comply to all Australian Standards in place in the period of time it was built as well as a current RWC  & the 6 photos as above

Various forms below will assist – please click on the links.

  1. Vic Roads Permit
  2. Vic Roads Club Permit scheme information
  3. Vass Approval requirements
  4. VSI4 Motorcycle Standards
  5. Guideline Vehicle Safety Inspection Checklist
  6. Club Permit Agreement