Indian Club History in Australia

“When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another….”

So begins the American declaration of Independence. The establishment of the IRON INDIAN RIDERS ASSOCIATION OF AUSTRALIA owes its origins to a chain of events which in their own small way, are similar to the events that caused the English colonists to go their own way. Here follows a brief history of Indian Clubs in the State of Victoria. In the 1920,s a club was incorporated. It was called “The Indian Social and Sports Club of Victoria” It was sponsored by the Indian and Triumph importers of Rhodes Motors in Elizabeth Street and membership was open exclusively to the owners of Triumph and Indian motorcycles. There was a set of stated purposes for the clubs incorporation which included amongst other things the preservation of the history of Indian and Triumph motorcycles. This club seems to have faded away some time around WW2.Other Indian Clubs have existed in various states around Australia, West Australia is the only Indian Club at this this with a direct linage back to the Twenties, the I.M.C.A severed their connection when the basic constitution changed in 2010 (note paragraph below). The Iron Indian Riders Association now use this original form of the Constitution

In the late 1980,s a new generation of Enthusiasts discovered the joys of Indian ownership and regular informal rides were held. It seemed there was enough broad based interest in Indians to support the formation of a new club which was incorporated in.1991 with the title Indian Motocycle Club of Australia(IMCA) . This club adopted the rules of the original club but with all references to Triumph motorcycles deleted. It was at that time the largest Indian club in Australia with a paid-up financial membership in 2010 of 143 and until recently (04/04/10) had a stated purpose of preserving the history of all Indian Motorcycles without exception. In the past few years some members acquired examples of the Gilroy & Kings Mountain built Indians. This triggered a debate within that club which eventuated in a vote by members whereby a new set of rules was adopted limiting the club eligibility of Indian Motorcycles to those manufactured up to 1953

Some years after the IMCA was incorporated one of the founders of the IMCA, for various reasons, severed connections with this club and founded the Indian Motorcycle Club of Victoria. This is the club that promotes the famous “Great Race” an invitation only contest between Indian and Harley-Davidson motorcycles . Whilst this club’s focus is preferably on Indian motorcycles generally membership is by invitation only

As a result of this history there was revealed a need for a new Indian Club for Australia and indeed for all enthusiasts of these great Motorcycles in all their diverse forms and origins. A club that would promote the preservation and use of all Indian Motorcycles from 1901 to the present and to preserve the true history of this immortal brand. So on the 8th of April. 2010 The Iron Indian Riders of Australia is incorporated and the fastest growing (over 100 in 2 years) Indian Club in Australia. All Indian Riders and their machines and all Indian enthusiasts generally, are welcome and of course specifically any motorcycles sold originally with “INDIAN” on the tank have a home here.

Members may ride what ever they choose although this will hopefully be respected to follow our expanded charter,  we have now we have included B.E.A (British,European & American) pre-1975 as well

First Iron Indian Riders Meeting in April 2010
Website Launched 03/08/2010