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Wanted, an Editor for Smoke Signals

smoke_signals_Autumn_2023_FINAL.01 This is a good job for someone in the Association only four times a year and it’s a paid position, most of the articles will be provided and there […]

Yet another Vindian

So now there are four in Victoria and the latest one is your presidents Mark Barthelmie, weirdly the first one I provided all the then known details to Pete Arundel […]

A new, old editor

What’s old is new again, the editors of our newsletter Smoke Signals of the past have been hard working and dedicated and enthusiastic they have covered 13 years of our […]

What a blast, Gypsy Tour of Tassie 2024

How do you write a snapshot of the recent Gypsy Tour if you’re been following the Facebook page of the IIRA you will have seen Gary Hogg’s living maps with […]