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The Indian Motorcycle Company’s web-site in Australia for the latest information on what’s happening at the moment, & all the new 2013 models

Polaris Industries are Indian’s new parent company this is the site for all up-to-date info

M:C Alliance


Gary Stark, has ran Starklite Cycles since taking over from Bob many years ago,Sabrina Cavazos is his long suffering parts dispatcher and will always be pleased to take your order with happy banter


The above link is the source for all Linkert carbs & Schebler with a lot of new spares available

Welcome to Homer’s Indian Motorcycle Page….A home for Springfield, Gilroy and North Carolina (Cleveland) Indians. So begins a very interesting page it is a great website for all Indian owners but particularly Gilroy/Kings Mountain models. One area has all the original suppliers listed with links to there contact details

Chief Overdrive


Ed Glasgow has been the guy who revolutionized the Springfield Indian, selling the 4 speed overdrive gearbox I can personally recommend his after sales service & product as I have 2 of his transmissions & one of those is in a outfit, Ed also has all those hard to get bolts for your Indian click the other site to download his catalogue

Michael Breeding is a great supplier of hard to get spares eg: Siren for your Police model, also sidecar info


Indian Riders M. C. of UK

We met a lot of these guys in 2009 when the International Rally was on in Scotland, they are a great bunch with a lot of good stuff on their site



NZ Indian Motorcycle Club Logo

Our Kiwi friends across “The Ditch” are a keen bunch of Indian Owners

Phil Doland is a renowned expert on all post 1954-71 Indians this website is a must for anyone with one of these models

This is probably one of the best all-round sites on the net for Indians of any era (click on highlight)

Dave Milligan & Maggie have set the standard for moving your motorcycle anywhere overseas for you to holiday on, they have done this for so many years they have written the book on the standards that others fail to successfully follow


J&P Cycles® - Aftermarket Parts & Accessories for your motorcycle!

J&P Cycles are a huge wholesaler in USA, they will supply promptly to Australia a lot of hard to get Gilroy parts at very very cheap prices

Jerry Greers Engineering

Todd is a engineer of some standing, & produces high quality parts for pre-1953 Chiefs and Scouts, the are prompt in despatch and have a great source of product knowledge 

Hi Phil.” Here in the US I like to remain neutral and open to all Indian riders. I don’t like getting wound up in club politics and I soon learned on our 100th celebration ride to Springfields in 2001 that the guys on their non Springfield Indians are our brothers and we all bonded.”Quote Mike Thomas 2010

Mike is a ex-pat New Zealander who has set a very good supply of Springfield Indian spares, so large in fact that he can even build you a brand new model! We support his company & Mike’s loyalty to the marque , their catalogue is a wealth of information & a good tool for the Springfield owner as it has many tips

This is a great site about the 1927 Australian Gypsy tour & also about a famous Indian Racer Ivor Dennis in the twenties


This is a great site for history fanatics about early American Motorcycling

AMA Hall of Fame

This is The American Motorcyclists Association website, the Museum area is fascinating with lots of Indian’s on display

Mark Trethewey Has been a personal help to me for most of my Gilroy Indian spares, his website has lots of bits & what is’nt listed he will scour the USA & find for you

Indian Motorcycle Community

This is a American forum page for all 1999-2011 owners

We all want to tour Europe on a M/Cycle especially on a Indian this site has it all planned, Hotels & routes are sorted for the ultimate Touring holiday

Mountain View Motel

If it wasn’t for Brenda at the Mountain View we would not have the Crazy Horse Rally the Function room was a hit for us & nothing is a trouble , whenever your at Corryong be sure to mention us


Motorcycle Cannonball Run Forums

This is probably the best ever long distance pre-1930 Endurance run in USA if not the world, Chris Knoop has been on it in 2010 (wrenching) so if you want any info ask him

Corbin & Stewart-Warner Speedo’s & parts

This is a similar thing as Ebay but all Indian parts

Mark produces a lot of bits for Springfield models & guarantees all his parts are high quality