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Welcome to our Iron Indian Riders’ Association Blog. Your one stop shop to keep up to date with all the latest goings on!!

Twelve months ago in the Indian world we had four corporate shops in Australia, there was no sign of a ‘Challenger’ model and Harley was complaining about falling sales without admitting meagre Indian Sales comparatively had any affect at all, the rest of the world was thinking of drinking Corona and not dying from it. Locally we were thinking about getting to work and going to ...

How many years have I known John Gee from Antique motorcycles at least thirty, when I first met the guy he was and still is in your face tall and loud he had a cockatoo on his shoulder like a pirate from the old days and drove a rusty Falcon ute, times change but John hasn’t, ok the ute is gone and so has the parrot but beside that the real deal John is still there loving Indian’s as he always has. John has won or at least featured in every Great Race since its inception he was one of the first to push for a Indian agency after Polaris bought the company and is the guy you can personally buy a bike from, try and buy a Harley from one of the Chido’s at Peter Stevens you wont they are tucked away in a office elsewhere, yes he also runs a Gypsy tour to various places interstate and always rides a Indian everywhere and has been in the past pushing the brand on TV with Shane Jacobson (Kenny). So why all the chest thumping for a ex-parrot carrying Indian enthusiast easy he is the only independent dealer in Australia that eats, breathes and lives the marque wheather old or new, he needs your support buy a Indian or get it serviced from him and I’m all for supporting him.

How many times have you been as pleased as punch at a finished project and some P.I.A comes up and tells you you have wrecked that motorcycle and how dare you display it in public. Well personally quite a few times I seem to attract these flea brains when I pull up on a Vindian or a Vincati after you assure them that neither a Vincent, Indian or Ducati was harmed when I built them as the engines are brand new replica”s the Indian engine went back into a engineless frame and wasn’t a matching bike and the Ducati had a blown up donk! The problem these days is that if it’s not factory stock these worms take it personally, most haven’t got a bike some have never owned one, words like F++k off spring to mind although belittling these people is even better if they are boasting to the audience of friends around them, they say “he wrecked a Black Widow” then a subtle mention there was no such model they slink away, good riddance.

First of all what does your association do for you where does that hard earned $50 give you a year well lets list what your getting at the moment:

Four seasonal rallies a year, Sitting Bull, Rain in the Face, Crazy Horse, and Teepee Rally and every couple of years they change in destination so not to get boring

Two Christmas parties (one in winter) for a social outlet to mix in your family to our group

Eleven General meetings a year at the Pascoe Vale Hotel

Eight to Ten first Sunday of the month rides

Every five years a Gypsy Tour over 10 days usually interstate

Every ten years a Anniversary Rally (this year) usually interstate

A website to keep you informed whats happening and a Trading Post Area for you to use free

Discounts on some spares

Red Plate Club with free inspections (pre-1949 only) all paperwork supplied and filled in for you

SMS messages texted to you about events or weather conditions affecting rides etc

Some rallies meals are free and paid for usually breakfasts

Eighteen month Indian Calendar with members bikes

New members get one enamel badge (Indian owners) a cloth patch and a list of what their association is doing and meet a great bunch of fellow Indian Owners all era machines we are unique in Australia for that alone

And behind the scenes a committee working out events for your enjoyment given free four times a year

We appreciate any input or feedback from general members as well and such things are acted on promptly so any input is appreciated, personally I have been in about eight different clubs over the years and not one including any other indian Club offers its members as much for $50

“Ask not what my association can do for me, rather ask what can I do for my Association”

Of course this is not before time, the cost of company owned shops run by company staff who are not “hungry” is much like the Government, it was time to drain the swamp in Australia and Polaris the parent company have done it. Anyway this is good as all the overheads were horrendous in Melbourne alone more or less the other areas, some of the top brass had been condemned of their running of the Australian arm publicaly in the recent times and the company refused to act but now all the “pigeons are home to roost” and I personally can only see a larger network coming in the future. Rumours of having to sell a top range model once a week to just pay the rent for a week in some metropolitan areas is not a fabrication, the prices of the spares here comparatively to the USA even with the dollar taken into account was outrageous, and to make it worse US dealers were blocked selling parts to Aussie! I remember when Indian-Victory started here and at that time and still being in the trade today I forecast this style of dealerships would fail here as in the past it had, guess what I was right again that’s what 50 years in the game gives you, hindsight.

Well this year came and went like a “shot out of a gun” as my Dad would say, speaking of which the past events this year that were fairly busy with runs, rallies and social events. The rallies were as such the Midnight Express in January with Pete Kime and his FOC “Shoo Roo”s for participants, February was a good Sitting Bull rally at Inverloch with Noel Thornby, then came July with our Rain in the Face rally at Beechworth that Gary Hogg ran superbly and we never got wet, October came and went with the Crazy Horse rally totally booked out at Dunkeld thanks to Pete Kime. The social events were well catered for as well with Christmas in July and the Christmas Party (November) both at the Old England Hotel In Heidelberg. Then of course our fearless Club Captain Owen Jones handled the first Sunday of the month rides (unless a rally was in that month) in his own unique manner. The Association meetings were on the last Tuesday of the month at the Pascoe Vale Hotel, plenty happened a new President and Secretary and treasurer, also new Own Rules were voted in and as usual a new Clubman of the Year was awarded at the AGM.
So 2020 the “Roaring Twenties” are upon us with our 10 year anniversary this year it is a virtual repeat except that in October we replace the Crazy Horse with a 10 day tour to Handorf in S.Aust (9-19 Oct) and back and that will be limited to 20 only individuals the first priority will be to old Indians then newer versions and then other red plate suitable bikes, I would suggest you get the old girl out and give her a good kicking and I don’t mean your missus.

Iron Indian Riders Association

“Indian Motorcycles, powering out of the past, cruising into the future”