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Seems only 6 months ago since Christmas was here, strange as when I was a kid it took two years to come around. Seriously though things go fast these days the year included, in this past 12 months we did the Midnight Express in January (and its up again on 11th of Jan 2020) followed by the Sitting Bull Rally at Inverloch in February, then the Rain in the face Rally in June, the Crazy Horse in October thats not counting monthly meetings (none on this month) 1st Sunday of the month rides and Christmas in July as well as the Christmas Party last week! Next years starts with a bang with all of the above except the Crazy Horse in October which is replaced with the 10 day Anniversary ride to Harndorf S.Aust. So that means plenty of fun and over the Christmas break get your Indian in tip-top riding condition as they still require maintenance.

Yes after 12 months demand another limited batch on TLS Indian brakes are available, the one pictured above is girder or Tele fork type and of course the earlier leaf spring fork type is available. Either contact Mark at Crazy Horse Moto or Phil at UnionJack motorcycles 0394996428, a special discounted price is available only for current IIRA members only. There are now over 80 of these out around the world and they have proven safe and successful order now to procure yours as I’m thinking of discontinuing the early leaf variation to concentrate on only post war types

It’s on again on 28th Feb all booking through Pete Kime, rally is fully booked alternative accommodation is available on request. 


Lots of media attention to Indian’s new bike and especially the new engine due to be released near the end of this month, the new donk is supposedly a old Victory engine that never made it to production, it has similar looks to a current Scout or Victory Octane engine. So will it “cut the mustard” time will tell of course the existing chief Thunderstroke engines are reliable and trouble free and now upgraded to 116 cu, they had few problems maybe “runs very hot” being the main problem it never helped leaving off the oil cooler I expect. This new engine is oil & liquid cooled and 108 cu in capacity (1770cc) so that will help but I worry that the main problem is that the baby boomers this does appeal to are fast approaching 70 or well over it and I can tell you for a fact bikes tipping the scales at 800 lbs are not really on the shopping list, this Challenger will be Challenging more like it. So Indian please listen, your new model should the distinctly Indian, be manufactured for LAMS (under 670cc) for lots of new riders, be light and clean, not cluttered and be cheap to service $600 is to dear to service a motorcycle $200 is just tolerable, parts should be cheap not $1200 for a rear guard or $2000 for a fuel tank for example! I do admire the fact Polaris has in fact made the Thunderstroke and the Scout engine from scratch since 2014 (5 years ago) and now they are out with another engine, the Motor Co has’t really developed a radical new engine since the model U Knucklehead in 1938 just re-engineered the same old same old so in that respect Indian have a Challenger

The changes on motorcycles parking on the footpath seem doomed, the old story of the few ruining it for all will come to pass, a bit like the rorting of our Red Plate scheme

Indian Woodsman

I reckon this Indian is one of the rarest in Australia, owned by fellow Association member Jon Munn, its the only one I have ever seen outside of a bookcover, they were built in 1955/56 to compete against BSA Goldstar 500cc. That motor has a unique large alloy head and a Amal GP 1.1/2 carb fitted and to complete the package special ratio Albion gearbox and factory race cams, the seat is about all I personally don’t like, the rest has got my juices flowing!

27th Great-Race 2020. Bathurst NSW. Thursday 19th, Friday 20th and Saturday 21st March 2020.

The 2020 Great-Race will be held for the first time in the Bathurst area and surrounds.  The Event will be centred at the Mount Panorama race track, the Home of the Bathurst 1000. The area is central to some of NSW’s most interesting roads and picturesque scenery. Great for riding our classic motorcycles.

The Bathurst area has many accommodation options and we suggest our host hotel, Rydges, 1 Conrod Straight, Mount Panorama be your first choice. Other accommodation is available close by in City of Bathurst, only 5 minutes and a few kilometres away. 

Registrations will be from 3.00 pm on Thursday 19th March at Rydges Mount Panorama with barbecue starting at 6.00 pm at Rydges. 

The Ride will start at on Friday morning 20th March.  The evening functions will be held at Rydges on Friday and Saturday evenings.
The final presentations will be at dinner on Saturday evening allowing plenty of time Sunday to return home.

We advise prompt return of your Entry Form below and booking of accommodation at preferred rates.

Click here for Great race entry registration

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