3rd Anniversary Ride


Some photos taken during the 1st half of the ride yesterday. The ride was very well managed, hats off to Ian Rhook for planning an excellent ride. Speeds were sensible and I would have to give a 10 out of 10 for corner marking, well done. Chrissy York should be congratulated on here chocolate presentation, nice touch having the names of motorcycles in the chocolate.The 3rd Anniversary Run of our Association commencing was well worth waiting for, last year it was Trout Fishing, next years will be interesting, the Tour of the Master Motorcycle painter Ray Drever’s shed was great but then he took us a little further down the road to his friend Macca, this guy has a amazing collection of everything from cut-throat razors to 1950’s toys, most of the guys were amazed & were then consoled at how moderate there own sheds were  Peter Kime