160,000+ Hits & are you still legal?

160,000+ Hits is another milestone, for the IIRA website, since the last review 10,000 ago the Americans 19% have overtaken India 16%, in viewing our website, the rest of the worlds countries (150) about take up the balance. Christmas is fast approaching, if you were alive 80 years ago you would probably be thinking of a ideal gift for the kids, the brochure above from the Indian Company might just be the answer to have sitting in the garage next to your Hedstrom or Powerplus by the way these Indian’s & the bicycle range are welcome in the IIRA if you are lucky enough to still have yours from when Santa dropped it down the chimney. The burning question of non-financial members, those who hav’nt paid their annual subs,are they are riding un-registered motorcycles? YES  if they are Red Plate Permit Machines with our Association! Please contact Peter Kime immediately  to renew or join another Club so you will then at least be legal.