2018 Indians and some ideas on the range

Indian today have released officially 3 new variants Roadmaster Elite, Springfield Dark, and the Scout Bobber, the rest of the range continues with colour variations and slight upgrades in features, Although the new models are all very nice and if Indian are offering by the way, I would have one in a “snap” the problem is that the Thunderstroke engine is now getting  dated it came out in 2013 and although quite a nice powerplant has its limitations. This engine is bulky, heavy and can get very hot also Polaris desperately needs a middleweight bike about the size of the old Kawasaki Drifter (pictured below), initially when the 2013 range was launched Polaris decided on a design styled of the old 40’s models to re-establish themselves this was successful but now as the Scout has proved they can change as that engine shares no engine visuals with old Springfield models. Polaris needs to introduce a big 4 cylinder to compete against Gold Wings, and Rocket 3?s then build a middle-weight for people that are not big riders (under 6ft”) and with features on the current versions like cruise control, fuel gauge, USB connectors, etc not much to ask and especially lighter in weight, and placed between the smaller Scout and the Chief, thats my thoughts.