1946 was a Good Year, how times have changed

its here 1946IMG_0374

No I can’t remember it as I never clocked in till 1952, but I reckon Indian thought so, after unloading all the excess parts they had accumulated for the war effort, it was full-bore into production with the girder forked Chief, (forks from the 841) the short top links on these early versions were not great for handling on solo’s but inadvertently proved an asset for sidecar machines so if you have a set sell them on eBay for this purpose. The next 2 years for Indian were going to be the last good ones until recently when Polaris will eventually overtake the old companies production figures in months not years, the difference now is people ride motorcycles because they want to, in the early years economics played a huge factor in a motorcycle purchase & they were much cheaper to run, repair & purchase, none of these are even thought about in 2013