2 years later and were are not back to normal

So a lot of people are still “shell shocked” by the recent pandemic, some are still afraid to travel others are reluctant to gather with friends and of course social distancing and mask rules are still in place but QR codes are now 50% down on what they were a mere month ago. Still having just recently turned 70 I’m out to make up 2 years of life and at this age 2 years is a lot of time, what does one do to make it up well I’m off to Tassie next month with the British Motorcycle Club of Hobart on a 12 day ride which is what happens every 2 years the last one I just got back before lockdown! Then there is the Sitting Bull Rally in two weeks and a run the week after with our new club captain Dave Catteral to the Two Spurs, so plenty on and hopefully with friends coming along as well