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First meeting


Time to reflect, in April 2010 the Iron Indian Riders of Aust had its first meeting, after the start we all agreed a “Indian was an Indian” whatever year which was unlike any other Indian Club in Australia this was our main reason for forming & unknowingly at that time in just 2 years Indian would back in fulltime production. Anyway one of our first motions was we needed to give value to our members & it was imperative that a up-to-date website was put into action your webmaster got the job and have been at it through 3 years and 11 months. At first I never thought half a million hits would be achievable but the secret is keeping it “live” other Clubs suffer with months of nothing happening on their website except a calendar event or a motorcycle for sale, your website has something new 3 or 4 times a week hence it has many views. I mentioned last week 22 reasons to renew your subs that are currently due the website is only a small part of a great Association the members make it, time to open the wallet