700,000 hits and more to come


So 700,000 hits in just over four years, 1 million is the goal so what do I find to write about Indians, I ask that every time that a blog is written. The best is when a new owner has a bike he”s just bought like Owen Jones did last week-end a 1947 Chief or it may be an existing owner excited about the paint job on his restored Indian 4 as John Munn is here, new Scout Owners that are lucky to have received their machine are another enthusiastic bunch, but unfortunately these people don’t turn up everyday so that s when I rely on members sending in photos ie: the two Scouts pictured. So you know what I like reading whats happening as much as you do and so does the rest of the world (over 169 countries) so it seems, it is an enviable Association to be a member of we want your ideas, thoughts and restoration pains and pleasures or perhaps a review on your new or old model I”m all ears! If you say I hav”nt got any time, well mate I have not had a weekend or even Easter off in six weeks fixing 9 Triumph Twin motors beat that, and I still write something at least weekly.