A Mixed Bag

Indian Fire DeptIndian BeerCigar cuttercigar cutter 1_

I’m back from holidays so a few things Indian “stolen from the Facebook page, the first one, This customized Indian appeared in the February 1947  issue of Popular Science. It was used by the Douglas Aircraft Company at their facility in El Segundo, CA. A motorcycle was chosen over a standard  firetruck because it could fit down the narrow aisles and into other confined spaces of the large aircraft manufacturing plant. It was outfitted with two 30 lbs Du-gas extinguishers, two 15 lbs carbon-dioxide extinguishers and two 2 lbs carbon-dioxide extinguishers. The platform for this vehicle was a standard Indian Dispatch Tow, which used a 45″ Scout side valve V-twin motor.This confuses me in the way it mentions narrow aisles, I wonder what the equivalent is for the modern Firefighters is, do they use Polaris 4 wheel all terrain vehicles, I think not. The second photo is one that Indian could sell today with no compliance issues you could market it world-wide, does the Milwaukee Tractor Company sell beer, probably Vodka I think (potato,potato,potato) which is what they reckon the exhaust note sounds like, personally I say it sounds like a 750 GT Ducati with a stuffed big-end running on full retard. The last two photos could help to cause a fire, a Cigar Cutter, after putting it out then drink a Indian Motorcycle Beer