A new Southern Grampians Rally 2017


Chris Horner is well renowned for running our Gypsy Tours with the fabulous one held earlier this year in Tasmania, combining the famous annual Harley vs Indian Great Race run by the Indian Motorcycle Club of Victoria and Dave Reidie at Harley City, the problem Chris faced and the logistics were staggering but the man has run previous versions, The Run of the Murray and the Gypsy to Perth and back were a couple a his previous rides. The problem now is everyone in asking when’s the next, well its in 2018 The Old Hume Highway and back down the Princes Hwy in the meantime Chris has decided a “hub” rally is needed in-between as usual its limited to 19 people and I can tell you now about ten places will be gone straight up myself included, it will only be open to fully paid up financial members and first preference to Indian Riders as that’s what we are all about. The beauty of these rallies is that you don’t have to attend the whole event and can join in or leave at any point or time, very convenient for those of us that are not retired. There is a plan provided of the units and all the heavy snorers will be allocated in one unit as not to cause inconvenience to other rally entrants we are not kidding on this point, act quickly on this event as after the cut off date 26/11/16 that’s another rally you have missed.