A new toll

CityLink to toll motorcycles

CityLink has advised us that from 1 January 2014 it will begin tolling motorcycles that travel on CityLink; being the South-Eastern and Tullamarine freeways in Melbourne.Under CityLink’s contract with the Victorian Government, it was always expected that motorcycles would be tolled at half the rate for cars.   CityLink has adopted new technology, similar to that used on Eastlink, which includes video imaging (of your rear numberplate) to toll motorcycles accurately. Motorcycles won’t need a tag to use CityLink, and CityLink won’t charge any image processing fees for motorcycle trips. That’s the same as when using a motorcycle on EastLink.If you have a motorcycle and it’s already registered on your Breeze account, from 1 January 2014 each trip on CityLink by that motorcycle will be charged to your Breeze account.   If you have a motorcycle and it’s not yet registered on your Breeze account, CityLink advise that you should consider registering it on your Breeze account by phone on 13 LINK (13 54 65) or login to your Breeze account online.From 1 January 2014, if you ride a motorcycle on CityLink and the motorcycle is not registered on a valid tolling account, CityLink will offer the choice of buying a CityLink Pass or Melbourne Pass, or waiting to receive a late toll invoice.