All that’s needed in the little cupboard



Post war Indians are fairly reliable but when you go on a ride some tools are handy I found that the little cupboard (toolbox on the side)is neither to big or small. So what do you carry in there  personally  I carry a shifta, tyre levers, screw drivers, pliers, some harness wire and twitching wire, a small role of insulation tape ,a spare float, points, rotor button ,condenser , and a Indian head tightening socket, and the wheel nut extension bar, a couple of plugs as well , and a 1/2 x  9/16 ring spanner some fuses. If I’m on a rally a spare tube and a miniature tyre compressor but not in the “cupboard” a litre of oil and a small container of petrol in the saddle bags, this doesn’t leave much room  for waterproofs, and spare gloves it’s  always  a problem finding enough room  for your toiletries and underwear, but now the diagram above should save all the problems the cupboard will be bare! A number of years ago I was in the Velocette Club a a member was riding a 1938 MSS  which has a large toolbox fitted standard, anyway this chap “ground to a Halt” the problem being the magneto points had closed, I stopped to help and asked him for pliers etc from his expansive toolbox, he remarked that he never carried any with him and his wife used the area for lunch sandwiches, well at least he never starved to death.