An article that tells why Harley will fail


It’s good to read Indian sales are up and Harley sales are down  for the much of forseeable future while trading on heritage only for Harley, this could be only the start of things to come what with less sales and less production and as in the past a sell-off, who knows Polaris may buy them out! A number of years ago when Gilroy’s were starting out Dave Reidie of the famous Harley City shop told me he pleaded with Willy G Davidson to buy the Indian brand and moth-ball it forever, Willy laughed and told him “Indian would never be a threat to Harley” I remember going to the IFMA show in Cologne 1991 and seeing the honcho at BMW wishing Triumph all the best on reappearing and hoped they would survive into a profitable future now the biggest threat to them is Triumph with the Tiger outstripping GS sales and the Trophy marketing against there touring range not to mention the sport bike sales. Triumph and BMW are the largest selling European brands in the world and Triumph sells more than the whole of the Italian industry put together!

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