And Another lot of brakes

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So whats new in braking, plenty another batch of post 1946 to 1952 version of heat-treated brake plates are ready to be CNC machined and I’ve also finished a batch of all Aussie brake drums unlike the previously German inferior cast iron brake drums with r/hand tread lockrings these are machined from a solid billet the advantage here outweighs the extra cost because they are dimensioned correctly and not adapted as they were previously with as original l/hand lockrings. Of course they are much stronger with less grain structure in the material, I decided that it was better in the long run to ensure a more satisfactory product and without worrying about fluctuating currency prices in currency exchanges and although dearer a better product for the consumer. All the brake components are LF Harris (UK) as I am the Victoria,S.Aust and Tasmania distributor for Triumph pre 1988 these parts I can buy in bulk to ensure a top quality components at reasonable cost I have both early and late types 1941/45 & 1946/52 ready for immediate delivery. The cartoon above shows a typical Indian rider pictured as a Veteran the braking is only insignificant and your kidding yourself if you think “My bike stops alright” it doesn’t and it will kill you!  You can buy direct from me 03 94996428 or from Mark at Zorro’s 0433106669 and if you need it fitted as you can’t fit it yourself then contact John at Antique Motorcycles 03 5839922