And Still they don’t believe, just keep reading


Bart Simpson is right, out of the major players in the USA that have survived Indian’s were there 2 years before & the first with a V-Twin seven years later. As the Vincent -HRD Co said ” This is a Fact not a Slogan” although they were using the rest of the statement “The Worlds Fastest Standard Motorcycle is the Worlds Fastest Standard Motorcycle”. There are a lot of bruised ego’s out there at the moment, I notice Tim Aston’s latest review of the 2014 Indian Chief in H-D Heavy Duty Magazine is positive test on a 10,000 klm road test, seems the H-D folk are reeling on a machine that is the first real threat to the Tractor Co since 1953, the term “Metric Cruiser” has always used a cast-off line as somehow not being a problem or real opposition now this is changing, the great thing is that we have journalists that write factual reviews on products, unfortunately in the not to distant past this was’nt always true. Your editor Guy Allen producing your Smoke Signals is an experienced professional motorcycle journalist and always produces a great column in Motorcycle Trader Magazine and after reading his work over the years is always spot-on and not influenced by large corporates, so you get factual reviews, keep up the good work