At last 8″ TLS brakes for leaf spring models

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Well it’s here at last as the demand has forced it into production the 1938-45 leaf spring type 8″ twin leading shoe front brake assembly. As you know with over 30 of the 1946-53 type (pictured on right) sold almost immediately it was natural the early version (on left) was requested, the brake plate is CNC machined out of heat-treated billet and the 8″ drum/shoe area is three times the width of the original Indian 7″ single leader version  & with the Twin Leading Shoe action makes this brake safe in todays traffic, the anchor arm will be riveted on the backing plate on production versions and cut from steel. Some people have asked why not hide the arms inside well the reason is I have used one of these versions for 2 years on my 1944 outfit and it is lacking! The secret is synchronizing the shoes which is impossible when the arms are hidden inside and narrower shoes to boot! If you are interested in staying alive ring Phil 03 94996428 (B.H)