Cheap Roadside Breakdown Cover

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Ever had that sinking feeling when there is a run and no back-up vehicle, personally I havent as I have confidence in my motorcycles but even I worry about a flat tyre. The Motorcycle Australia Cover we had in the past was great as one of our members found out when his Indian & and sidecar stopped and while others there were willing to leave him stranded (not our Association), a simple phone call had him picked-up & delivered to a place of repair.This was exceptional service seeing he was in another State and at that time on a holiday, unfortunately Motorcycling Australia has stopped this cover but another National company NSW Motorcycle Alliance has taken it up & will even cover your car for a little extra, your Association is committed to helping all our members & we are encouraging you to join especially those who have multiple machines and are going on our Rallies, we have sometimes a back-up vehicle but do not use this to encourage you to go rallies, your machine should be capable of your full confidence as it is inconvenient  for your mates who have to fix your machine on the side of the road for you (click on logos above)