Christmas comes but once a year

Is the season to be jolly etc etc as the jingle goes so lets review the past year to see what “presents” you have received, the shake up of committee members was the first thing in July, some stale things dropped and some new things put into action, the much touted and second attempt website is up and going with our administrator remarking Google has indexed the site and we are getting a ton more exposure. The website is remarkably modern now and completely user friendly on every device at this point in time, secondly the much lamented loss of the association magazine has been rectified by our new Smoke Signals e-magazine and with two additions out already I would like to thank our new editor Martyn Goodwyn for such a sterling job. Thirdly the return of the Crazy Horse Rally to Corryong with Gary Hogg was another immediate success next year its on there again, fourthly the association calendar will be back in June the only thing you have to do is pay your subs to receive one free, extras $15.00 ea + post. Personally I reckon thats a hell of a lot more thats happened since 2017 and we had covid in the middle for your $50 I reckon good bang for your buck.