Close but no cigar

Indian have just released their new Bobber and its good but in your humble webmasters opinion it’s missed the mark as the Triumph version released earlier hits the image looking more like my idea of a bobber, the exhaust and wheels on the Trumpy are better looking & so is the seat, the headlight cowl on a bobber is a bit like caravan on a Porsche 911, well out of place! Time of course will pass before we see how both marques “stack-up”against each other I will expect the Indian to be priced competitively otherwise it may be sunk before it starts, unfortunately for the Aussie marked the dollar is buoyant but the pound is very favorable for us so Indian will need to sharped their pencils here, meanwhile the Triumph is selling more than they can produce and they come from Thailand so orders are prompt with little if any delay, something that is quite different for Polaris producing mainly for the US market first, then the rest of the world later, as I said time will tell.