Complacency will get you what you want

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There is a amusing fact that our American cousins get the President they never voted for, it’s kind of right as only 35% of them vote so they all complain about Obama, Bush, Clinton etc, it’s a strange thing that they just can’t be bothered and it’s a threat to the core of the “land of the free”. I thought about this today and the chain reaction this can cause even in a association like ours, complacency that is, not Presidents in USA, a small group of people do a hell of a lot for the majority of the members in there own time and with no profit gained except watching others enjoy themselves, and sometimes at there own cost in family time or money, to have no support is shattering and demoralising I personally have felt it as no support is asked for except to attend a rally or a event in the association year, and very few will attend which slowly erodes your will to organize such things. So when a core run like our Anniversary Run representing our first year is on and been moved to our always noted Sunday ride why is it that only two people reply that there interested in going after being SMS messaged and having it listed on their free 16 month calendar, are the rest of the members to lazy or ill manered  to even answer the text, well yes they are! Little do they realise  that the free food and drink that has to be supplied free of charge will be wasted because maybe on the day they will decide to attend, or in fact they “give a rats”that people have to do all the arrangements and then instead of 20 turning up 2 or 3 arrive. So you hear all the excuses, ” my mother in law is visiting” its my daughters/sons birthday, my bikes not going, it’s going to rain and it might be cold, I didn’t know it was the ride day, it’s to far away, the rides to long or short, none say the truth such as “I’m a selfish bastard and I don’t care what you do, but I will complain at every chance I get” this at least would good to hear as we would not go to any trouble. The “knock on affect” is no Sunday rides then no rallies leading to as we do nothing there is little to write about so less news and no newsletter or website leading to eventual disintegration of your association, it’s that easy to destroy what you have, just keep doing what your doing. Serious thought on all Sunday monthly rides will have to be made it looks like bi-monthly or quarterly rides may have to be considered. The picture above is a previous Anniversary Run a few years ago