Crazy Horse 2022 review

A cracking Rally well supported by members who were elated with the ride to Jindabyne on Saturday. Yes the old rally was back with a bang Gary Hogg a native of the area who knows the Alpine areas like the back of his hand with the weather which  was reasonable except on the way back from Mnt Threadbo it was wet, damn wet for 80 klms, our meal that evening at Riley’s Restaurant in Coroyong that evening was 5 Star we planned the rally dates on a booking at it, so that worked out well. The short Sunday morning ride to Khancoban for coffee had exceptional weather and the misery of the day before was soon forgotten. My Vindian dumped a saddle bag at 100kph and Franco Trento narrowly evaded it on the Indian Velo which went extremely well after a airfilter modification. So to those who missed it and it was planned for over 4 months, STIFF we had a beautiful weekend to remember with mates away and now its another year till this Crazy Horse Rally comes up again it would be advisable to mark the calendar for next year.  Thanks to Indian Motorcycles for the raffle prize drawn on Saturday night and won by member Jon Munn.