Define Real Men.



Real men, know the firing order on four, six and V8 engines and time a magneto with a old spoke and a cigarette paper, these individuals can measure in thous’s, inches, feet, yards, furlongs and acres, these he-men know imperial gallons are different to “Yank” gallons they also refer to MPG not litres per hundred Yak, put PSI in their tyres and also can use a micrometer with one hand and shun digital verniers. These warriors are bemused by the body waxing and half shaved morons the X & Y generation with no shed or backyard to rebuild everything from a a dishwasher to a 351 Clevland, real men have hobbies that involve years of good accumulated hand tools (sometimes passed down) and strive to ultimately posess a lathe and a mill or more, these objects are revered and conversations range from cutting speeds to ceramic tip tools, Qualos,Churchill, Moore and Wright etc, the difference between CEI and BSF and what BA threads & are, of course these such people are attracted to each other for exchange of knowledge in the hope to hand down to a younger generation that don’t care! So what have these dinosaurs got left except to wait for the next meteorite to wipe them out, not much except watch old John Wayne movies and to restore that old bike in the shed, fix the oil leaks and rewire the beast and paint, clean and spend thousands of dollars on it & cold nights in winter waiting for the first warm breeze of summer to try to feel young again and remember when the good old days when “Men were Men”