Do we really need another Indian Club?

early Indian club

This was a question asked by a H.O.G Owner to me when the IIRA was formed over 3 years ago, I answered this easily as there was not another Indian Club around offering the coverage we do “All Indians 1901-2014”. Well it seems Polaris-Indian has decided we need another Indian Club in Australia that will make seven yes, seven in all I will list them all in chronological order below. From the outside it can be compared to a religious group where Christians are divided into many faiths, Harley owners find it amusing as they really only have the HOG (Harley Owners Group) this makes them strong something that Indian’s need

Indian Motorcycle Club of Victoria (1901-53),  Indian Motorcycle Club of Australia (1901-1953), Iron Indian Riders of Australia(1901-2013), Indian-Harley Club of NSW(1901-1958), Indian Motorcycle Club of W.Aust(1901-53) , 111 Indian Club (2013 only) and now finally I.R.G (2014-) or the Indian Riders Group as they are known in the USA