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Oscar Hedstrom












I have been loading a few new YouTube links on our site recently one of Mark at Iron Horse Coral’s 1948 Chief Outfit, man what a gem of a chair it has all the bells & whistles, the other is the World’s Fastest Indian as it is today, Burt would’nt recognize it as it is in concours condition far & away from the way it was when it was at Bonneville. The picture above is of Oscar Hedstrom, as a Boardtrack racer he liked the product so much he raced it,George Hendee is a more conservative gentleman on one of his first creations a 1904 Camelback, both of these blokes were the founders of the largest motorcycle firm in the world till 1923 and laid the foundations of all Indian’s up till today. The Milwaukee Tractor Company may have more famous Founders, but I like the Indian name better than a Hendee-Hedstrom

George Hendee 1904