East link woes

Heath Pilgrim

Recently Associate member Heath received a fine in the mail for not paying his East-Link toll of 0.87cents, apparently he was riding his 1968 Bonneville in June and never paid! The truth is he has’nt rode it since the Sitting Bull rally in February and prefers not to ride it at all in the city which he was supposed to be in Abbotsford, anyway after ringing them they remarked after checking “the number was similar to somebody else’s” REALLY surely they have to be kidding do they just randomly send out fines that had compounded to $27 at this time in the hope that the some other poor suckers will pay? Well obviously they do, so just check because sometimes they who are experts at reading number plates can’t read and you will pay someone else’s fine for nothing.

Postscript: today 30/07/20 another fine $14.50 same problem as above